Women’s Day Newsletter

Women’s Day Newsletter

International Women’s Day is officially celebrated on March 8; however, some countries have it on other March days. Whatever your traditional date, the marketing preparation for email campaigns should start way before: you don’t want to end up with a standard template, a couple of stock images and borrowed quotes.

But a well-thought design isn’t the only thing you should care about. A good catchy subject line is equally important. With that in mind, I’ve come up with the list of great Women’s Day email subject lines for your awesome campaigns. Choose the one (or whatever you need) that resonates with your message and make this Women’s Day truly happy.

And once you’ve set your mind upon the perfect line, check some content ideas and email examples to get your creative juices flowing this March.

Offer Gifts & Treats

  • $5k in Prizes to Celebrate International Women’s Day;
  • You Go Girl! 20% Off Final Hours;
  • FREE SHIPPING for International Women’s Day!
  • Our Biggest Giveaway Yet;
  • A thought for you on this special day ! ? Today only : free shipping + 20% off dresses;
  • LAST CHANCE! 40% off sitewide | Be your own kind of beautiful;
  • EMAIL EXCLUSIVE | Save 20% Today! ?
  • Great News! Women’s Day Sale Is Now Extended!
  • THE FUTURE IS FEMALE. Up To 50% Off;
  • INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY SALE is still ON. Don’t miss it!
  • 25% off: Make it a girls’ day and SHOP;
  • Ultimas Horas: 25% OFF (International Women’s Day SALE);
  • ✨✨Weekend Treats to Celebrate International Women’s Day ??
  • Get Extra 25% Off Sale Prices;
  • Celebrate women with 20% off – ends tonight!
  • Last day – 15% OFF to continue Celebrating International Women’s Day;
  • International Women’s Day: Last Chance for €50 off;
  • 15% Off! Happy International Women’s Day!!
  • You Go Girl! 30% off for next 48 hours!
  • ENDS TOMORROW: Save 15% Storewide As We Celebrate International Women’s Day;
  • 10% Off Women’s Sock of the Month – Happy Women’s Day!
  • Celebrate International Women’s Day with free shipping;
  • ?it’s IWD and we’re giving you 25% off! ?
  • [WOMEN ONLY] – Get 17% OFF Store Wide!
  • Meet Our Amazing Swoozie’s Women | 20% off their FAVORITES with code BIRTHYAY;
  • Because you’re a boss. Up to 65% off for International Women’s Day;
  • Weekend treats to celebrate International Women’s Day;
  • A Day for You, Styles for You;
  • March 8th Day Sale – 20% OFF Storewide – One Day Only;
  • International Women’s Day! + WIN 1 of 15 Sunuva vouchers!
  • Be bold + March special just for you✨
  • 15% OFF | Code: BOSSBABE.
Women's Day email example
Women’s Day email with a promo code

Send an Empowering Message

  • Who was Wonder Woman’s Role Model?
  • Ladies who launch ?
  • Celebrating the women of travel;
  • Do you know what today is? (hint: it’s our fave day of the year);
  • Inspiring Stories of Women and Bicycles;
  • Inspiration for International Women’s Day;
  • Is One Day Enough for International Women’s Day?
  • Female Founded. Inspired By You;
  • Join Us in Celebrating International Women’s Day!
  • Stories told and unfold for International Women’s Day;
  • INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY | Celebrating 6 Visionary Women Designers;
  • Celebrating International Women’s Day ? ✨ A balanced world is a better world;
  • Thank you for being part of our sisterhood ?
  • “Be a lady,” they said. “Be an adventurer,” we said…
  • Who’s Your Super Woman?
  • International Women’s Day & KT Tape: Striving For Progress;
  • Fabulously Femail Blog – Out-of-the-Box Ideas for a Girls’ Night In;
  • Ladies, We’ve Come a Long Way ?
  • Celebrating Strength and Resilience;
  • The Inspirational Women Behind Our Designs;
  • Celebrating Women Artists;
  • This one goes out to all you ladies!
  • Who Runs The World?
  • Celebrate International Women’s Day in style;
  • Let’s Talk About What To Wear!;
  • Building the ultimate girl crew;
  • Our International Women’s Day Campaign: Just Be You;
  • My Thanks to You on International Women’s Day;
  • Make an Impact on International Women’s Day;
  • Celebrating female athletes everywhere!
  • A moment of inspiration for International Women’s Day;
  • Let’s Inspire, Empower & Change;
  • Roll with Your Besties Today;
  • It’s International Women’s Day. Do things your way;
  • The Coolest Holiday You’ll Celebrate This Year – International Women’s Day;
  • Join the March On Movement, One Lipstick At A Time;
  • You Inspire Us – Celebrate International Women’s Day;
  • The Women That Move Us.
International women’s day email subject lines: send gifts
Women’s Day email by Yumi

Keep It Short and Sweet

  • Treat yourself on IWD!
  • Each for Equal ♡
  • You Go, Girl;
  • Celebrating YOU;
  • Here’s to women;
  • Today’s Your Day;
  • Let’s Celebrate Today, and Everyday.
  • You’re a Star | International Women’s Day;
  • Celebrating All Females!
  • International Women’s Day, Every Day;
  • In Honor of Women;
  • Dear Every Single Woman…?
  • For Those Special Women In Your Life;
  • Impact. Style. Empowerment;
  • To all the Ladies in the Place;
  • Culture-Shifters;
  • To: The Ladies in Our Lives;
  • Raise a glass!
  • Hey girl…today is your day!
  • Today, It’s About Us;
  • What Women Still Want;
  • For the Love of Women❤
  • Women’s Day Party;
  • Females Are Fierce!
  • Celebrate Her;
  • The power of a woman;
  • Balance for Better;
  • Today is about You ❤
  • Bold & Fearlessly Feminine;
  • To a phenomenal woman.
Women's Day email example
Women’s Day email by Be Mixed

Send Wishes

  • Girls, get in formation! Happy International Women’s Day!
  • Where there is a woman, there is magic. ??‍♀️ Happy International Women’s Day!
  • Be a Queen Today & Everyday;
  • Happy International Women’s day babe!
  • Be the Strength You Want to See in the World;
  • Happy International Women’s Day, Beauties!
  • Rock a red lip! Happy International Women’s Day!
  • Be Inspired This International Women’s Day!
  • ✌️ GIRL POWER ✌️ Happy International Women’s Day.
International women’s day email subject lines
Women’s Day email by Gunas

Use Hashtags

  • #girlpower | ♀️ sale!!!;
  • Day 1 ~ #girlboss | International Women’s Week;
  • Celebrating #WomenMakingHistory;
  • Do it like a #WERKINGWOMAN!
  • Today We Will Make Our Voices Heard #INTERNATIONALWOMEN’SDAY!
  • All about that #GirlPower! ?
  • Happy #IWD2019 from Yaasa;
  • #InternationalWomensDay;
  • Today Is #IWD2019! Make Her Feel Special.

International Women’s Day Email Inspirations

March 8th is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time to show the ‘women’ in your life how much they mean to you (apart from the other days that you do). Email marketers are gearing up in full swing to give you a grand experience this International Women’s Day, and they hope to gracefully flood your inbox with wonderful wishes and irresistible offers.

It’s been noted that, 88% of women say promotions have motivated them to subscribe for more email marketing updates, as compared to only 70% of men, and that women are more active when it comes to opening emails, clicking on links and subscribing for email updates.

No wonder, email marketers are so excited for this day!

As the Monks gear up to take you on a mythical tour through some of the best, inspirational email template examples on International Women’s Day, here’s a gorgeous quote to begin with.

Womens Day Email_Christian Dior Quote


  • A simple and minimalistic email with a bright and peppy color theme.
  • The CTA is standing out and is above the fold. So, it can be reached in a single
  • Social sharing tabs are provided along with their email address.
  • The ‘unsubscribe’ link is provided in a different way.
  • A link to ‘view in browser’ is missing here, though having it is a safe bet.

Womens Day Email_Benetton


  • An offer is provided above the fold – right after the image wishing International Women’s Day.
  • A smart CTA – inviting the customer to see the highlights of an event.
  • The footer of the email is providing the social sharing tabs, the address and unsubscribe link.
  • Social Icons are too small and could have been more attractive and bigger.
  • Cross marketing by adding a link to find the physical store/s is provided.
  • While custom fonts do enhance the appearance, it is advisable to provide an alt text in such cases. Because, if the images do not render, the campaign may fail.
  • Navigation bar in the header is a plus point, It suits the theme.

Womens Day Email_DVF


  • The ‘view in browser’ link is missing, and in case the image is blocked the content won’t be visible.
  • A clear bold CTA is provided
  • Social Icons are clear and standing out.
  • Email and Customer Service links at the bottom make it easier for the subscribers to reach out. Again, this improves click-through rates and enhances customer satisfaction.

Womens Day Email_L-occitane


  • There’s an attractive hero image with a catchy tagline.
  • The CTA is provided above the fold along with a code enticing the customer to click.
  • The email body has multiple CTAs directing to different landing pages.
  • Social Icons at the bottom. (has a hashtag as well, which is #cool)
  • Navigation Bar in the header is a good way to direct customers to different sections of the website.
  • Unsubscribe link provided, which is a must in emails.
  • Subscriber can access the account from within the email (My Account section).

Womens Day Email_ZALORA


  • The ‘view in browser’ link is provided right on the top of the email.
  • The fonts and colors used along with the sketches are extremely appealing. It suits the theme, which here is the beauty of womanhood.
  • The ‘15% off’ offer is right above the fold followed by a running CTA below the image.
  • This improves the click-through rate, which in turn improves the overall email analytics.
  • The USP of the website and its services is also provided in the header.
  • Social icons in the footer help the subscribers reach out more easily.
  • The ‘Discover More’ section can help generate leads.

Womens Day Email_Zando

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