Women’s Day Memes

Women’s Day Memes

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    People - Boys: periods can't be that bad Me: NOUTERUS NO OPINION

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    Face - I'm either left or right, there's no in between

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    Text - T92?9-jalad @awesomonster I don't have a resting b tch face. My b tch face is always on duty, ever vigilant. My b tch face will rest when its work is done.

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  • Cartoon - It's just my opinion, you'd look better withou You wear too much makeup. You consume too much Oxygen So would you. Without oxygen. F your opinions LL www

  • Cartoon - Me in the mirror vs me in photos

  • Text - When you tell him you're not hungry but he shows up with burgers and wine anyway Crazyrfriendenfeins

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    Text - Tmsorry, but unlike other GIRLS batarty sexist hings TM don't offend me because erst ck male approval is my LIFEBLOOD 100
  • Vertebrate - Clothing: has pockets Women:
  • Text - When he's begging you to stay with him after he cheated on you for the 217384 time
  • Media - Jen Winston @jenerous Therapist: "How were your twenties?" Me: House Oversight Committee Capitol Hill 10:37 AM ET BREAKING NEWS COHEN: "I ACTED LOYAL TO A MAN WHEN I SHOULD NOT HAVE" CN 1037 AM ET NEWSROOM

    Text - Kaelyn @kaelyned Fellas, y'all have to try harder than a "you're pretty". The 38 yr old middle eastern men in my DMs have already written 6 poems and promised me all their assets
  • Text - l0/ @zfedraws me when im 30 with no kids Doctor: ur biological clock is ticking me: tik tok on the clock but th party dont stop no
  • Cartoon - When she gives up on relationships and starts focusing on herself
  • Text - Nobody: Leggings:
  • Text - Nicoletta @nictoobomb Ricky was just acting like he wasn't my bf at the gym, saying to me "you look nice in those leggings, can I take you out some time?" This girl (that I don't know) comes up to me and says "hey you ready to leave?" I informed her he was my bf BUT GIRL I APPRECIATE YOU
  • Hair - WOMAN Shampoo for dry and damaged hair NON STOP ME MAN Shampoo 6 in 1 for hair, face, body carpet, car and dishes

International Women’s Day: Quotes and memes to celebrate gender equality

Each year International Women’s Day gathers momentum. Why? Because women are becoming more empowered than ever before to stand up for their rights and be heard.

Take a look at what’s happened over the last two years… We saw the inaugural Women’s March in protest against Donald Trump’s presidency take on globally; in October that year, a number of Hollywood actresses came forward with allegations of sexual harassment against industry heavyweight Harvey Weinstein, which began a tidal wave of claims against both him and other men in Hollywood.

Last year the women of Hollywood took a stand against injustice with the Time’s Up movement – raising funds to help fight the legal battles of women who have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace – and Emma Gonzalez became the face of the #NeverAgain movement in the States – the student-run gun control organisation fighting for more stringent laws on gun ownership – following the horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Yes, it’s been quite a year for women. And so what better time to celebrate all the wonderful women in your life than on International Women’s Day?

Here are some of the best quotes and memes.

1. Before you ask, yes there is an International Men’s Day

2. The passage that sums up every woman’s mood in 2018


3. Let’s all abide by Leslie Knope’s wise words


4. The re-wording of an already perfect quote

5. The meme that perfectly encapsulates prejudice against feminists

6. Always remember to have this level of confidence

7. Our kind of coffee

8. Those hours were well-spent

9. Kid’s cartoons adding that extra level of shade

10. While tiring, we persist

11. Where can we get ourselves one of these?

12. All the women out there put your hands up

13. Very #thankful for all the incredible women in our lives

Happy International Women’s Day!

Memes & Tweets To Share On International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, which falls on Friday, March 8, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to celebrate the strong, empowered women all around you. Whether you do something big or small, it’s important to at least acknowledge this day and think about what it really means for women everywhere and equality in general. One way to get a better understanding of what this holiday means to other women is to look on social media, where there are plenty of tweets and memes to share. They’ll explain how you feel and allow you to share your thoughts and emotions — and they’re all just pretty motivating to read.

It’s easy to think that International Women’s Day is just about celebrating the women with recognizable names and achievements, but that’s not true: it’s also about celebrating the strong women around you. Maybe that’s your mom, who has done an excellent job of raising you and building a life for your family, maybe it’s your older sister, maybe it’s your friends who always support you, maybe it’s a teacher who made a serious impression on you — it can be anyone.

While it’s great to share these memes and tweets on International Women’s Day, it’s important to remember that these are messages you should be paying attention to all year long, not just on March 8. So, feel free to retweet these or share them on another platform whenever you want! Check out some of our favorites.


This Very True Meme

faymasterson on Twitter

Remember: representation is so important on International Women’s Day, and every day!


This Excellent Point

thelavcrown on Twitter

Hermione Granger is only one strong fictional female worth looking up to.


This Great Idea

spongebob on Twitter

Hmmm… how can we make International Women’s Year happen?


This Perfect Mashup

nicksplat on Twitter

This is just a reminder that many old Nickelodeon cartoons were ahead of their time.


This Tweet That Will Make You Think

carinahsieh on Twitter

And it speaks to the larger issue of the wage gap, which is very much a thing, even in 2019.


This Important Reminder

7cupsteen on Twitter

You can repeat this mantra to yourself whenever you’re feeling very down. It’s a great reminder of how powerful you really are.


This Amazing Idea

kirimixer on Twitter

Can you imagine how epic and iconic this concert would be? Someone make it a reality!


This Very Important Quote

nwpinpdx on Twitter

Even though we’ve made progress, let this Nora Ephron quote remind you that we will have work that needs to be done.


This Inspiring Quote

iwf on Twitter

If you need some extra motivation, here it is!


This Reminder That We Should Think of Others

arisacox on Twitter

Think about and celebrate the women around you, but don’t forget about all of the other women in the world as well.


This True Statement

jillwetzler on Twitter

Honestly, yes. Women have so much to be angry about!


This Motivational Gif

southern_living on Twitter

This gif is basically you and your friends on March 8.


This Tweet Every Woman Should Read

terrireid10 on Twitter

This is an awesome reminder of how strong and influential women really are — even you, even when you don’t feel that way.


This Adorable Illustration

foxville_art on Twitter

This picture is perfect to share on International Women’s Day.


This Perfect Sign

dharmamum on Twitter

Just a reminder to always keep fighting.


These Adorable Ambitions

anjgoswami on Twitter

This little girl is going to rule the world one day!


This Important Announcement

raejohnston on Twitter

Why does this even need to be said?


These Plans That Sound Just Right

batgiricasscain on Twitter

This is the perfect International Women’s Day.


This Underrated Statement

faultfinderuk on Twitter

Seriously! Practice what you preach.


This Tweet That Makes A Lot Of Sense

brogan_driscoll on Twitter

Yes, you can joke around on International Women’s Day – and this one is so relatable!


This Reminder That It Should Be More Than One Day

clarepearson_ep on Twitter

Let’s remember to lift women up all year long, not just on March 8.


This Tweet That Proves That Even More

gaymerx on Twitter

And that means all women.


This Lovely Text

renalovelis on Twitter

Send this to your friends to let them know you appreciate them.


This Perfect Illustration

birdstonshire on Twitter

This is all you need to get your point across!

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