Women Empowerment Quotes

To all the girls out there, waiting to grow as women, here are some quotes that will make you feel proud about yourself and how good it feels it feels to be a woman.
Help yourself with these servings and find the one you relate to the most.

What is a woman but a miracle from the heavens up above gifted to a man down here on earth.


The best thing about a woman is that she is a full circle, she has the power to transform.


Women are the only person assigned on this earth to create and produce a life, it matters.


One of the bravest thing you can do is to be proud that you are a women above all else.

You are a woman and that is truly nothing to be ashamed of, I tell you that, believe in me now.


I hope that the day comes when you are able to believe in yourself, that would be really great.


The worst thing you can do as a woman is to accept the things just as they are, go and fight.

Challenge the way things are and bring about a change that you want to see in this world.


Show the world that a woman has a voice too and that it matters just as much as men’s do.


Stop being pressured by the things around you and just focus on yourself, woman.


You can do this, I and millions of women around the world believes in you, do not worry.

You need not worry about the things that you cannot achieve, the glory is there, so believe.


When you find the confidence that you need inside you, then you will be able to get there.


There is nothing wrong with hoping for more, believe me, you can achieve more, you can.


Courage is doing the things that you needed to do at the right moment, finally doing it.


Even young girls would be able to battle for themselves because women do not go for age.



Your age does not really matter to become a woman, it is within you to be one, all the time.


It took me ten years of being silent to finally find the voice I was looking for and here I am.


Now that I have found the voice hidden within me, I can finally tell the world who I really am.


I am no longer the girl I used to be, now I am a woman who will fight for equity and power.

I need not pass the crown to the guys when I can fully utilize it and make the most out of it.


I had always believed that I can only be second best until I realized that I can also be best.


I will no longer remain silent from this very moment, I will fight for what is right, what is mine.


Women, I tell you, you are beautiful just the way you are, you need not be accepted by others.

Make up is something you put on because you want to amplify your beauty, not hide imperfections, that is the real deal and you have to believe me because I have been there before.


The fact is that you just need to accept yourself and be confident, you can do it if you want to.


No one should be able to make you feel inferior, you are a beautiful young woman, true story.


There is nothing wrong in being a woman, we are just as much as a man, we can do things too.


You can also build what a man can build and do the things he does, what is the difference?


You are more than what you really give yourself credit for and that is the real deal, trust me.


Behind every success story of a man will always come a woman, that is just the way it is now.


A strong woman is someone who understand the logic of things and knows to control emotions.


We all have a calling for something and we just need to find that and we will be alright.


Eventually, there will come a day when you have to choose what you want to be, be yourself.


Whatever you decide to be, I hope that it is different from what other people wants to be.


There are a lot of people out there, afraid to tell what they want, so they do not get anything.


Be strong enough to speak your mind even when the world is noisy, overcome it, you can do it.


Do the things you are not ready for because you will find something within it, I just know it.


You may only live once but if you try your best and do it then you can actually be satisfied.


When you do the things that you can and make the most of it, you will see miracles in life.


I hope that as a woman you will always try to be kind to other people, especially the weak.


You are a woman, a mother, you have it within you to be nurturing, show this side to people.


I believe in you and the power you have to be able to do the things you love with care.


Sometimes you need to break some laws and just have some fun, nothing over the top though.


The best thing about a woman is that she will listen to you and will try to understand you.


I do not really care at all, all that matters to me right now is you and everything about you.


Once the opportunity is right in front of you, grab it and make it yours, make things happen.


Go for those moments that will take your breath away, you deserve them as much as you do.


Being intelligent means that you can create a lot of questions whom answers yet to be found.


God will never give you anything that you cannot handle, woman, so stand up and do wonders.


Stop being overly dramatic and do the things you love with how much effort you can give it.


I hope that you will never be contented with what you have but instead be able to strive for more.


There are a thousand of reasons why I should not be here with you right now, but still I am.


I am a woman, and it is my choice to keep being a woman until the day I take my last breath.


Women always complain for equality and I believe in them, show us a world full of equals.


We women, are gifted because of something, there is a bigger purpose that we must attain.


They always say we women do not have what it takes and I am here to prove them all wrong.


How many times do we have to prove ourselves to them until they finally accept us right?


Of course there are still times when all I wanted to be was to be acknowledged by the men.


I have long realized that I need not be a man to be treated as equals, I can be myself too.


I do not care anymore what people might think of me but it sucks to be a woman sometimes.



Some day, I want to be able to empower the youth to believe that they have a voice in this too.


We can all somehow manage to be a better person, but the one who does it first is the best.


Forget about what I said about men being powerful, I am a woman and I am powerful as well.


There is nothing wrong about being a strong woman, if men cannot accept that, their loss.


Love your body and the way you look because you have no one else like you, you are original.


No matter how much they degrade you, keep your chin up, you are way better than this.


You are so much more than you give yourself credit for so have confidence in yourself.


I believe in you, we all do, so go out there and give it your best shot, I believe you can do it.


One day, someone will walk in your life and show you just how beautiful you really are.


Do not let your beauty be based on what other people tell you, be your own beautiful.


There is nothing wrong with dressing up the way you want to, let them judge you.


Let them do what they want, talk all they want as long as you are happy with your choices.


Your choices will matter in the end of the day, that is just what I want to tell you, believe me.


It is your choices that will define you, that will make your life so be careful what you choose.


You are my kind of person, you are the epitome of a woman, all kindness and softness.


The modern woman should not be just kind but strong enough to face every challenge.


Life will be full of challenges about equality and you must be strong enough to face them head on, be that kind of woman.


I want to be the person who will push other people forward to become a better person.


You make things look more beautiful than they were before, and that is a talent, you know?


Make-up is something that you should use to enhance your beauty and boost your confidence.


You should be confident from within so that it will show on your outside, that is the truth of it.


Be yourself in this world full of copy cats, that is the challenge to all the women out there.


Just tell yourself that you will be okay and eventually, you will be, that is the best thing.


They say fake it until you make it and I believe in that, so go and flaunt it until you find you.


You will find who you are, eventually if you are doing things right, you will see yourself.


Portray yourself 10 years from now and you will see what your goal should be as of the moment, and set it so that you will have something to look forward to.

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