Life is a but another gift from the heavens above that is given to you so take it, appreciate it, love it and make the most out of it because you can, because you should believe that you can.
Get the best moments, be in there, live it and treasure it forever in your memory.
It is never going to be easy, you just need to be wise enough to follow through.
The problem is that no one is ever going to be wise all the time but there is a need for it.
I hope that you are one of the few who can withstand being wise while being under pressure, that is the best I can wish you now.

Only those that are wise enough can actually stand this life that you are living at the moment.


Be brave enough to face any challenge that life will feel like throwing at you, you can do this.


It is more of living in the moment above all else and I am telling you that you actually can.


It should never be hard to try and live a decent life but one that is believe me when I say that.


How do I tell you the words I want to say when you do not give me the chance and hear me?


There are wishes in your life that you can make come true if only you do your best to try to.


Maybe the answer is already in your hands, you just need to give it to the world right now.


So tell me, where did I go wrong with you, when did I try to make you sad on purpose?


You would never know how I felt back then when my world just seemed to crumble down.


A wise woman is that who knows how to understand the situation of other people that she is.



I wanted to be that person who is there for you on every heartbreak but I ain’t good enough.


I wish someday I can be someone who a lot of people will look up to, but I just cannot be.


You are never too old to be where you want to be in life, so go for it, start at this moment.


It is far better to get there too soon than to get there too late, so believe in yourself, okay?


You cannot see further than you are looking at, sometimes you have to deal with the unknown.

It is never going to be easy but it is going to be doable at some point in your life, wait for it.


I wish I had the power to keep the smile in your face but that just ain’t the same anymore.


There just ain’t enough wise people in the world nowadays; they are eaten by the internet.


When you accept that you cannot be wise all the time is the only time you get to be wiser.


How do I teach you to become wise when it feels like you do not want to learn at all anyway?

You become a wise person from experience, from the things you learn from the lessons in life.


How do I make you feel, how do I tell you that I care for you so much but you really do not.


No man has ever been great when it comes to love for that is the most unpredictable at all.


I wanted you to know that I cared, that I feel enough for you and I hope you will get me.


There is not much I won’t do for you because you are definitely the person I love the most.


So tell me if this is worth it all, is your life even worth fighting for look me in the eyes and talk.


Sometimes a smile can travel a lot, it can make or break someone’s day so choose to smile.


Choose to be happy even when things are not going that well, when it all goes down the drain.


You have worked so hard for this and finally you are here so I hope you are happy or will be.


When you let go of all that you are holding back, you will truly feel a whole lot better my dear.


I do not know where I went wrong but one moment you were there then you were not anymore.


Life will shape you to become a wise person if you do not stop it from crashing against you.


How do I even start telling you the things that I like and I appreciate about you wisely so?


Where do I begin if I want to change myself, where do I try and make things right with you?


I have done a lot of mistakes in my life but meeting you was never one of them, believe me.


When I tell you that I care for you, it means that I would do everything in my power to do so.


I wish that I can show you how to make things right, how to actually be the best that I can be.


There ain’t much that I can do now, only to show you how much I want to try to be right.


I wish I am not in this situation, regrets are piling up before my very own eyes right now.


There are things I should have done but couldn’t, things I shouldn’t but somehow did.


The wise thing to do is to lessen your words when you have nothing good to say at all, dear.


To be wise, you need to be open to make mistakes and show the world you are a lot better.


I wish you can tell me the truth when I ask you what you think of me, I’ll accept all the bad.


Everything should be able to teach you something, may it be the trees around you and more.


It takes but a moment to listen but the effect is truly tremendous so learn to listen more.


Try to avoid the pain by getting all the fun that you can get and just forget the world today.


It is going to be hard to even try to be wise but there are things that money cannot ever buy.


Now is the best time to do the things that you can, to try and understand the world better.


Maybe today is your time to shine, to finally be noticed, take this moment to be that person.


You can do things as long as you believe in yourself, so appreciate what is around you.


There ain’t much that you can do but there is so much you can change, really, believe me.


I do not know what the wise decision is but I know that I am definitely making the right one.


I am on changing the world one moment at a time, one thing at a time, so I definitely will.


It all comes down to me, trying to change the world, trying to be the better person, really.


How do I tell myself that some people are just gone and I have to accept that on my own.


When things go rough, I know that I should trust the higher being for He has plans for me.


I promised myself that I would try my best but sometimes it just isn’t enough and never be.


The best you can do is to reply with calm to anything that is given to you, that is a rule.


How do I tell you that being wise comes with tons of experience you are too young to get?


Count to ten before saying anything so that you have all the calm and composure in you.


When you are mad, I hope you do not speak just yet, just cool down for a bit before you do.


So listen to me, it is never going to be easy but I promise you that it will all be worth it.


In the end of this day, you will learn a lesson in life that you can never take back, ever.


You just have to learn from the simple everyday experiences that you have, you will be okay.


I mean she was wise and so beautiful, how could I have asked for a better partner in this life?


The purpose of this life is to be lived so you might as well try and make it worth living, right?


I wonder if you will believe me when I propose to you, that I love you and I care enough.


Will you ever try to make that step to change and somehow be okay, I hope you really do.


It is the responsibilities for the future that makes us so wise and in the end, we learn more.


I think that for the wise people, life is full of dreams that will eventually become a reality.


Be wise enough to know when to stop and when to let go because your love isn’t to stay.


There are some things in life that you need to learn by being in that situation, be lucky to.


When you want things to actually matter, give it some effort, give it some time, that you do.


If you want to feel special, maybe you need a little boost of confidence on your side.


Maybe the wise thing to do is to stop making friends and just stay alone, no one can hurt you.


I want to be the wise man who can learn what the right thing is, who can do the right things.


Wise questions are so rare nowadays that I find it shocking whenever I hear one of them.


Be a wise woman and wish no one to be your enemy, let them all be your friends, my dear.


You women, should be wise, never let yourself be the victim, protect yourselves from harm.


I believe that wise people are those who can do a lot of things independently or not, my dear.


When problems come to you, remember that they are challenges to make you come out wise.


If you know that you can learn from the mistakes you have done then you already wise.

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