Wisdom Quotes

Wisdom is something that is very hard to achieve, only a few people have it in them to actually utilize their wisdom in something more productive.
Do you have wisdom and do you want to share it, if so, then how would you try to share it to the world and so the world can have some wisdom too? There are few exceptional people who have wisdom in them.
And they affected the world greatly by the things they did and the words they said so truth be said, wisdom is very much important to them.
Here are some quotes about wisdom or by people who has wisdom that you might fun and amusing so you can learn what wisdom is and how to acquire wisdom too.

Wisdom is something that is very hard to get, something that requires a lot of experiences.


The truth is I definitely think that there is power in knowing more than any of your peers.


You have to seek knowledge, to be defined as someone who actually cares about others.


It is with the help of everyone else with our joined wits that we can save the planet we are in.


It is wise to hold your tongue in situations which calls for silence, in times of grave danger.


There is only a thin line between a wise man and one who is foolish, careful not to cross that.


You should always see what the other has to say before talking and regretting it in the end.


It all comes down to being critical, to seeing things as they are, to actually caring enough.


You should remember that the earth needs more of people that are wise enough to change it.


Do not believe everything you hear because most of them could have just been but lies, really.



It is important to seek help when you need it and to just drown it all in the voices in your head.


How do I tell you about me when you don’t even care enough to actually see who I really am?


It is through suffering that eventually you get to be wise because you have experienced it all.


There is something about knowledge that we should seek it until we have had enough of it.


If you have but little wisdom in your body, I hope that you learn how to use it wisely, dear.

There is nothing that communication cannot resolve so try to understand the other person.


There is a treasure waiting for you to find it so clear your eyes and try to see it for what it is.


I wonder when I will be able to tell you all the things that has once happened to me back then.


There is too much wisdom in this world but only a few people who gets it, that’s the truth.


There comes a time when wisdom is what makes us feel that everything actually makes sense.


I wish I can be more selfish and stop giving parts of myself to other people, that I really do.


If you are able to say yes or no to any account you are obviously not a very wise man indeed.


It should take you some time to formulate ideas in your mind before deliberately answering.


Never go to any battle when you are unprepared because you are just going to die in it, really.


I hate to tell you this but I need you to realize that things are going to be better if you let it be.


Every response coming out from your mouth is something you should definitely realize, girl.


I do not care what you have heard, what I care about is that you are okay enough to know.


Let me know that you care for the world and I will teach you just how to care for it, dear.


Even when things seem so rough, I want to be there for you, forever and maybe always too.


There are just some things in life that are meant to be lived and this is definitely one of them.


Try to keep things easy, keep them light, make yourself feel there is another fight to fight.


A war would be all lost if there is no strategist behind each team so there is need for wise men.


Be wise in everything you do at any moment that you can get because that is the way life is.


Tell me when was the last time you made a decision for yourself, I hope that it is very recent.


I wish I could just tell you all I know, but no, it just does not go that way, life isn’t that way.


Let us give applause only to the people who truly deserve it, that I think is the right thing.


What do I do when I am just so scared and I am not sure of myself anymore, what then?


It is only in the moment of weakness that we learn to appreciate ourselves, that’s the truth.


How do I tell people that I know more than them without sounding too rude, I wonder.


It is never going to be easy to be the only wise person in the group, make the most of it.


You need to go down to their level, to try and understand what they are going though as well.


I wonder when I will have enough wisdom in me to make a difference in this planet we are in.


Sometimes, I wonder if wisdom is really the answer to the biggest problems that life gives us.


Do I need to have wisdom to actually be alright or is it just not enough to do so, I wonder on.


I want you to know that wisdom is a gift and only the selected few have it, I hope you do too.


Let me tell you that you are not the only person with a problem, we all have them in our life.


You need to stick up for yourself when no one plans on doing it for you, that is the truth.


I am at a race with no one else but myself, I am my own fighter, it is me I care about, really.


I wish that I can be with you now until forever so I will try my best to be wise about that.


Be wise in every decision that you will make or else you will be the one to suffer for them.


Do not suffer for something that is hardly your fault, be the change that the world needs.


I hope that when you look back at the things you are doing now you can smile with ease.


Sometimes doing the right thing may be hard but I wish you would do the kind thing instead.


Maybe the problem is we are often too concerned about being right we forget being kind.


Do not panic, just take things at your phase and eventually you will get there, I promise you.


You are a bright girl and I see that your future has much to hold you for, so get them all right.


You can do this, I believe that there is something in you that will make everything feel okay.


If there is not much that I can’t do, I swear that I will try my best to overcome everything else.


Do I look like someone that can be easily fooled with the way you try to treat me, little boy?


You are nothing but a boy and I am a grown woman that is wise and has her head above.


You will not make me sink lower than were I am now, I will do my best to do just that.


I swear things are not always going to be easy but things will eventually become stagnant.


Maybe you need to rekindle some old flame or just have some fun instead of sulking.


The true measure of a wise person is in the way he or she acts and speaks, you will recognize.


There is so much in this world waiting to be discovered if we have the mind and guts for it.


If you know something, speak up, let your voice actually be heard, instead of staying silent.


There is a price too, for not speaking up when you need to be heard, believe me, I know.


How do I tell you that there is so much more waiting for you in store if you just let it.


When you get the wisdom that you need, let me know and I shall teach you even more on it.


Sometimes, letting go is the wisest decision you can ever make and it will make you feel good.


Maybe one day I will have as much wisdom as a sage and make the world a better place, yes.


I think my mom has tons of wisdom to be able to raise a child like me is totally hard work.


I want to thank all the people who have imparted their wisdom to the world making it better.


There just ain’t much about wisdom that we do not know about, it is more of when it comes.


When will I ever know how to be there for you if I do not have the wisdom to do just that?


I wish I can tell you that wisdom comes in pieces, it is not a full blown attack to your head.


If wisdom be the language of love I might never get to fall in love ever again in this life.


I wonder why I lack wisdom when the truth is that I should have all of it here in my head.


There is so much wondering but never an answer I wonder when wisdom shall come to me.


It is such a mystery, how to get wisdom when things do not feel right at all, I wonder that.


If I can give you some wisdom, would you take it or just ignore it like every other person?


Do you have it in you to dare and become a different person, to be a better citizen of earth?

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