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When you are in love, you are proud to show the world how blessed you are with a partner.
No one is fortunate enough to find their soulmates and the right partner so when you find him or her, hold on and don’t ever let go.

You have never lived if you haven’t fallen in love real hard. It’s the best thing in the world.

Every time I receive a message from you, I smile a lot. Now my cheeks feel stiff.

Every moment spent with you feel so good like I was born to be with you.

Something tells me that what we have is real and for good.


When I saw you, I know that it’s you that I have been waiting for so long. You made me wait and wait but now I realize that life have prepared me to be with you forever.

I can no longer deny the fact that I have loved way long before you started confessing about your feelings with me.

It’s hard to wake up each day with you since I can’t figure out which is reality from a dream.

I have a very low attention span but I was able to focus in you and nothing else since I met you.

I would wait for you even if it takes forever since it’s all going to be worth it when we end up together.

Nothing feels greater than knowing that I will wake up in the morning still next to you.

I don’t like the feeling that I no longer have any control of my heart since it has become your possession already.

Whenever I encounter the world love, I can’t help but think of you.

Sometimes I feel like I am so deeply in love with you that I am afraid I might get hurt, but each time I try to run away, just a look from you is enough to make me melt and forget about everything.

I often forget that I am in the real world whenever I look into your eyes where I usually get drowned in fantasy land.

I am in love with my best friend, brother and a hero. You are the person closest to me.

I have never known beauty and I have never known love till I met you.


I may not be your first love but I intend to be your last.

You are more valuable to me than my own life. I love you so much.

Our love story started is a series of me falling in love with you a lot of times.

I know I am in love because even the hardest days seem lighter because I am with the person I love.

I am in love with many successful love stories and ours is the best one.

Love is when you want to marry someone without looking at her pocket or net worth.

You now you are deeply in love when being apart still feels lie you are together.

Love is an expensive thing because you have to invest a lot of time, money and effort in it and end up not knowing if there will be a return of investment.

They say everything has a price. Is it worthy to buy love?

If love can be purchased, then the merchandise also has an expiration date.

Of all the regrets I had in life, not being to say I love him in the right time is the greatest.

Love is like a rose with a lot of thorns. When you are captivated by its beauty, prepare to bleed.

It’s hard to understand the people in love unless you are in the same boat with them.


If love is a good thing, why are there too many people that speak ill about it?

If you have not known love, you will not know hurt. That being said, you will never know happiness and will never have a meaningful life as well.

You cannot always complain about the same reasons if it’s you who is choosing to stay in the same position.

Love frees you from all the darkness and cruelty of world and puts you in a place of tranquility, belongingness, and acceptance.

A girl in love will always have the spark in her eyes and a glow that is will let you know that she is indeed in love with someone.

Nobody will tell you when and whom to love. They will just tell you to stop when they see something wrong with it. You can fight for your love until you see that flaw yourself.

Love hurts when expectations don’t meet reality. Expectations should be properly managed and there should always an open communication.

It is so sad to learn that the one you love is already unloved with somebody else just when you have enough courage to confess.

Confessing your love takes a lot of courage. Only the brave ones are rewarded and the cowards face defeat without even putting up a fight.

If love is peace, why are people in love very chaotic and crazy?

Sometimes you are in love with the illusion of the character you built in your head and miss to see the real person in front of you.

Seeking for the stars in the sky, I failed to see the diamond beside me.

All this time, I have been denying the fact that I love you. Now, I am no longer in that denial stage. Because that fact is no longer true.

Love is being overrated and is played by children who don’t even know what commitment is all about.

Love me…Serve me… Never leave me…

If you are a piece of art, you are more abstract, like the reason for Mona Lisa’s smile.

I know I should be getting over our relationship already but the thought of being in his arms all night keeps holding me back.

How could love be selfless when following my heart will break someone else’s?

I now realize why the heart is more powerful than the mind. Because the mind could only set limits but the heart can always break those limits.

The most painful line I have ever heard was I LOVE YOU BUT–, what a pain in the BUT!

My heart will always belong to the person I love no matter how far we are from each other.

I don’t know why people keep saying that you can’t buy love when all people do is pay for it.

They say love is a battlefield where everything is fair. I am going to fight for mine no matter what it takes.

It’s hard to trust the one you love again after you find out that they have lied—even once!

If my knowledge is what’s destroying us, then I would level down and become much stupid to keep you.

How can you trust your heart when it’s not in the right? Would you go left and stop believing what’s right?

I love you so much that only the sight of you would be enough for me to undertake the difficulties in life.

You know that you are deeply attached to person when you know exactly what she is going to say in every situation even when you are not together.

Falling in love is very easy but staying in love with someone takes a little patience, understanding, sacrifices and open-mindedness.

I can’t even breathe whenever you are far away from me. I just picture you inside my head to keep myself alive.

I would die for you bit Ii would rather live to take care and love you until the last breath of my life.

I do believe in fairy tales because I feel like I am exactly in one right now.

You can love somebody else but that somebody will not be able to love you the way I intend to love you forever.

I am afraid that you might love somebody else not because I want to keep you to myself. I am just worried that she might not be able to love and take care of you the way I do.

Do not be with someone that you want to live with. Be with someone you cannot live without.

I can’t believe how people can fake love when it is the purest emotion that one could ever feel for you. Love is divine.

Loving someone who does not love you the same way is like a knife plunge at your heart. Either endure the pain or remove it so you can die peacefully.

People might think that I am going out of my mind because I can’t help but smile when I think of you.

You can do anything if you believe in yourself. You can make the impossible come true if you trust the person you love.

When I am sad, I would want a hug from you which will be enough to make me feel that I am wanted and loved.

I was so happy to learn that you loved me too, only to realize that it was platonic and you love her more.

Being in love will not take you to a rainbow paradise. It will take you to a stormy sea. Very scary, exciting and challenging yet fulfilling and very rewarding once you get to the paradise island.

I hate it when time flies when we are together yet feels like stuck in a second when we are apart.

A true man does not play around with girls. A true man knows how to respect a commitment and would not risk a relationship for a short time pleasure.

I don’t care if other people look at us like silly people when we are together. I love creating funny and special moments with you.

Being in love with a great guy make you feel like a child who will get lost once her guardian lost her.

Sometimes, I wonder if loving you is a decision, a fate or a want.

I want to stay with you as long as I live her on earth and we will go through the odds of time together.

I will always love everything about you—even your insecurities and imperfections are so lovable in my eyes.

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