What To Get Your Boyfriend For Valentine’s Day In Middle School

Guys are impossible to buy for – especially if the guy is your man who’s not your man, but you still have to buy something for him, because he’s still your man. Ya know? Anyway, don’t stress. I’ve rounded up all the coolest presents for every type of relationship. There’s luxury gifts for the longtime couples, romantic presents for the honeymoon phasers, and affordable trinkets for those of you who haven’t yet put a label on it.

Scroll down to shop all the sickest Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend, your ex, your booty call, and every situationship in between.

Jerky Heart

Skip the stale box of chocolate. This jerky version is what he really wants.

Custom Order Tee

Yep, this exists. Gift him this personalized burrito bowl tee alongside the real thing and immediately become the coolest girlfriend ever.

Personalized Anniversary Bracelet

This lowkey romantic gift is the perfect thoughtful present for a guy who isn’t into over-the-top mush (but secretly, totally is).

Reasons Why I Love You Notebook

If you only started dating a few weeks ago, a cheap gift is 100% acceptable. Fill this little notebook with all the reasons why you adore him for a $10 present that’s priceless.

All Day Sweatpant

The internet is *obsessed* with these joggers. And once you see him in them, you’ll get why.

Custom Engraved Utility Pocket Knife

This is sooo much cooler than a Valentine’s Day card. Inscribe a personal message on this pocket knife for a gift he’ll keep forever.

Engraved Wood Guitar Pick and Case

Get these compostable wooden picks engraved with tons of customized designs – like, his initials or your anniversary.

Super Mario Bros. Chess Set

The perfect combination of his two obsessions: Super Mario Bros and The Queen’s Gambit.

DIY Sushi Kit

Can’t figure out where to go for the big V Day dinner? Problem solved.

Ooma Bowl

The quickest way to literally anyone’s heart is through a big bowl of guacamole.

White Castle Embroidered Beanie

Telfar x White Castle. Only real ones know.

Lovestruck Gift Card

Box of chocolate? Pass. Box containing a hammer, goggles, and a $50 gift card to his favorite store, encased in concrete? Yes, please!

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