CHRISTMAS YODA By now with The Mandalorian – the first live action TV series based in the Star Wars universe – on Disney + many may have noticed the most recognisable character to come out of Start Wars since R2D2 is the cuter than a button character dubbed by fans as Baby Yoda.

Yes, Baby Yoda, or “the Child” as he is known in the new series is cute and no doubt designed to sell a million action figures and plush toys.

The story behind The Mandalorian is that the titular character is a bounty hunter who has forsaken a bounty in order to protect said Baby Yoda who has one of the most expensive bounty’s on its little furry head.

What do we know about this cute little creature. Not a lot considering we don’t even know its gender.

What do we know about this cute baby? Obviously it is from Yoda’s species, he is at least 50 years old, acts the age of a toddler or young child, and has an amazing nascent ability to use the force. But to be clear, like Yoda before it, we don’t even know what the species is.

Star Wars fans have faith again

The appearance of Baby Yoda did something unexpected. It united the often-divided Star Wars fandom in an unprecedented way. Articles on comics and movies include headlines like:

  • “How the Mandalorian is Uniting Star Wars Fans Heading into The Rise of Skywalker”
  • “Mandalorian is on a Mission to Unite the Best and Worst of Star Wars”
  • “Baby Yoda of ‘The Mandalorian’ is Here to Unite the Internet.”
  • While you could argue that Star Wars fans should rightly get over themselves, it reminds us of some older truths. Centuries ago, a baby appeared.This baby was unlike any other the world had seen.

    But God sent this baby to earth, and with the cries of a newborn birthed by a poor, faithful follower of God, hope exploded onto the scene. This mission of reconciliation began in the middle of nowhere, but stretched to the ends of the earth. He came to unite us, first to God and then to each other.

    The church should be a place where all believers, no matter their ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status or educational level, come together to worship our Saviour. We remember that our shared love for the Christ child unites us.

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