Wedding Memes

There is nothing more beautiful than watching two people exchange vows with each other, to finally have them kiss and applaud them. As you listen to the promises they told each other, you can only buy wish that they would fulfil their promises to one another. That somehow, they will find a way to make their marriage work so that it can last for quite some time indeed.


At the end of the day, it is a wedding that will make your life so much more different than before. When it is finally your time to get wedded, it would surely be the most exciting day of your life and you will be nothing but a bunch of nerves at that.

So here are some wedding meme to help you describe what exactly you are feeling when other words fail to do just that so pick one and just try it out.


I guess we're married and I don't know...


I'm married, what will I do on Pinterest now?


Marriage is simple, Your wife does whatever she wants and you do whatever she wants.

There it goes!!


It's a nice wedding!

Til death do us part, I'm on it.


A perfect wedding does not exist.


Now, you two are in big, big trouble.


It's a badass wedding man


No racist, just pure love.


So, you made my ex your wife?


You can still change your mind bro


Who are these people? I did not invite them.


Why the ef would I be here on your special day?


The father really cares, I tell you mate.


You're welcome gay people.


Is this really the cake I wanted while planning my wedding?


and to our own galaxy we go.


Wedding will be fun, they said.


Well, good luck to us.


I've been ready for this marriage since I was twelve.


You get gay marriage and all of your opponents will get type 2 diabetes.


A bad time for itchy crabs


I've gotta start training for the bouquet toss


Size doesn't matter my love


Good news! I'm coming to your wedding!


Groom, you still have lots of time to back out.


My friend lost his life today, his finger got stuck in a wedding ring!


Busted wedding


Wedding planning? Ain't nobody got time for that.


Why is my son marrying that woman?


Happily ever after, yes!


The wedding day is coming my precious.


Just called to say congrats on getting married, btw, I ate your cake.


When people ask how's the wedding planning going?

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