Waitinagi Day/New Zealand Crafts

With its interesting and unique birds and the rich culture of the Maoris, a New Zealand theme offers some fun craft possibilities for kids! We’ve got a collection of New Zealand craft ideas here which we hope will provide inspiration and ideas for all ages.

Bone Carving Necklaces Craft

Kids can have a go at making these stunning pretend bone carving necklaces traditionally worn by Maoris in New Zealand and very popular today around the world. We have three designs to make.

Felt Kiwi Softie Craft

Kids can sew this cute felt kiwi out of simple sewing basket supplies. It’s a fun craft idea for studies of New Zealand or perhaps for Waitangi Day.

Kiwi Finger Puppet

Whip up this cute kiwi finger puppet with your kids for a New Zealand theme or perhaps for Waitangi Day – its quick and easy, especially using our template. No sewing required!

Kiwi Magnet Craft

Kids can use our template to make this fun kiwi magnet craft – do decorate the fridge for a New Zealand theme or perhaps for Waitangi Day?

Kiwi Photo Frame Craft

Make this kiwi photo frame using craft foam and simple supplies – fun for a New Zealand theme, perhaps?

Maori Art Bookmark

Have a go at this craft stock bookmark inspired by intricate traditional Maori designs.

Maori Tattoo Mask Craft

Important Maori men always had distinctive facial tattoos, often very intricate designs which were time-consuming and very painful! Women sometimes had tattoos around their mouths and chins, too. Kids can design their own Maori tattoos and wear them with pride with this mask craft.

New Zealand Poi Craft

Poi are balls on strings that Maori women manipulate in a special dance with great skill. You can find out more about them on our New Zealand Poi page and watch a video that will show you all sorts of moves you can practise when you have made your own poi!

Pompom Kiwi Craft

Have a go at making this adorable little pompom kiwi – you’ll want to keep him with you always! Fun for a New Zealand theme.


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