Waitangi Day Best  Quotes And Greetings

Waitangi Day is celebrated on 6th of February every year as the National day of New Zealand which commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi that occurred.

On this day Ceremonies are held at Waitangi, Northland to mark the anniversary of the signing of the treaty. The signing of the Treaty of Waitangi is also regarded as New Zealand’s finding document.

Throughout the country, this day is observed as a public holiday until and unless the eve falls on the weekend and that is when Monday becomes the public holiday.

The treaty was signed on February 6th, 1840 by representatives acting on behalf of the British Crown and, initially, about 45 Maori chiefs in the Bay of Islands.

Waitangi Day Best  Quotes And Greetings

_Don’t even think about not witnessing the traditional dawn ceremony in Whare Rūnanga as the first order of celebration of Waitangi Day is in order. Have a peaceful Waitangi Day

_Now that the Waitangi Day is here, it is time to educate the little kids about the culture of Maori people and the reason why we commemorate this day.

_Take your family out for a quality time and celebrate alongside the whole country of New Zealand the occasion of Waitangi Day with music dance and culture.

_On the eve of Waitangi Day, I hope all the negativities around this national day are finished one day so that we can celebrate this day with unity.

_The measures taken by our Maori forefathers to preserve the cultural importance are something to be proud and inspired of on this Waitangi Day.

_Warm and happy regards are in order as the national day of New Zealand is upon us. Best wishes to every New Zealander on this Waitangi Day

_Head on to the family-friendly event happening across the country in honor of Waitangi Day and enjoy in unity with peaceful celebration.

_Make your kids be a part of the celebration of Waitangi Day by taking them to amusement parks and numerous celebratory events. Hope you and the family spend a quality time.

_Try and visit the Alexandra Park Raceway to celebrate this momentous occasion of Waitangi Day with BNZ and The Blues. I hope you make this Waitangi day a memorable one.

_This public holiday of Waitangi Day is nothing short of a festive occasion. So think no more and head on the free event at Waitangi @ Waititi to enjoy your favorite kiwi performers.

_At the end of the day it is pivotal to know about Waitangi Day, so go to the Orakei Waitangi celebration to be entertained as well as informed. Have a lovely Waitangi Day.

_Waitangi Day is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself with some of the best Kai at the cheap and cheerful Auckland Night Markets. Wish you a delightful Waitangi Day.

_I hope you celebrate this Waitangi Day by being part of the celebration in a free and friendly event enjoying the fantastic NZ musicians to the fullest.

_For the kids, there would be games and activities lined up as well while we adults celebrate this Waitangi Day with joy and peace in our heart.

_Waitangi Day is incomplete without food, arts and crafts stalls. So go on and spend a wonderful Waitangi Day with your friends and family.

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