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Vintage Halloween Art: We have updated this post with even more free Halloween art. Halloween is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to create those Halloween projects! Here are some of my favorite and most popular Vintage Happy Halloween Images and Halloween Clip Art, gathered in one post, so you can get started on your Halloween Crafts and Decorating! On this list, you’ll find everything from charming old postcards to creepy creatures that will make you squirm.

Vintage Halloween Art 2021

Among the images on this page are vintage pumpkins, creepy crawly bugs, serious owls and ravens, frightening bats and rats, witches, and morbid advertisements. There’s sure to be something that you can use to make your Halloween holiday perfect! Click on the link in each listing to get to the post and grab the graphic!

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1) Short Eared Owl.  Having just landed on an old branch, this owl is eating his dinner. The brown and gold tones of this image and the yellow eyes of the owl are my favorites in this realistic drawing.

2) Owl Silhouette.  This was a post from 2007! Check out this spooky silhouette of an owl. In the moonlight, an owl sits on a branch with just his piercing eyes visible.

3) Owl Family.  Here is a black and white realistic drawing of four owls taken from an out-of-print children’s book. Possibly, this is a mother and her ready-to-leave-the-nest babies.

4) Owl Border.  You can use this lovely drawing of four owls in black and white as a border, digital stamp, or graphic element on invitations and craft projects.



Halloween Image black and white Spider


5) Dangling Halloween Clip Art Spider & Spiderweb There are two images here featuring these awesome spiders! An image of a spider making its web can be seen in the first image, and a picture of a spider dangling from thorns can be seen in the second image. The spider even has hair on its legs!

6) Death’s Head Hawk Moth This moth has an appropriate name. Halloween Clip Art etching of a moth with an unusual pattern and what appears to be a skull on its back.

7) Orange and Black Bugs These vintage images of black and orange beetles are perfect for Halloween projects. They have such unusual body shapes and patterns!

8) Hairy Tarantula.  We have three wonderful Halloween images in black and white and also sepia tones in this post. Originally from an old dictionary, these include a hairy tarantula, a hanging bat (looks like a fruit bat? ), and a hissing copperhead snake.

9) Moth Book Plate.  Seven moths are lined up in a row with beautiful calligraphy on this antique moth book plate. Moths are in beige, grey, and cream tones. The full size printable would be perfect for some quick Halloween art, and the moths are perfect for decoupage projects!



Natural History Raven Image

10) Serious Raven This antique natural history print of a raven looks very serious and angry. Another raven in the background is ready to eat a sheep, but from the look of our angry raven, his friend wasn’t sharing. This is a classic looking hunched over raven pose that can be used so many ways.

11) Stretching Blackbird This is the least serious or threatening image we have in this category! Taken from a children’s encyclopedia, this blackbird is standing on a branchstretching with his neck to the sky.

12) Vintage Crow.  This highly detailed, hand colored 1859 natural history print is of a standing crow tucking one leg under himself.

13) Raven Eating a Worm This raven is leaning over eating a tasty snack. If you have image editing software, this raven could easily be  combined with other graphics like bones, and transformed to be eating an even more disgusting snack.



Antique Photo Woman with Spectacles


14) Serious Woman.  An old cabinet card from my collection depicts an older woman with glasses. Her black buttoned up dress and severe hair give her a very severe look, making her the perfect Halloween craft model.

15) Children in Costumes.  A black-and-white photo of a large group of children in their Halloween costumes on a porch. Little Bo Peep and cowboys seemed to be popular costumes at this time!

16) Witchy Woman.  Either this woman is very serious or very sour. She would make a great witchy woman for Halloween! Dress her up for the holiday with a witch hat or other clip art.

17) Cranky Boy.  A little boy with glasses is all dressed up and ready for his professional photo shoot, but looks like he’d rather be playing outside. He gives the camera a “are you done yet?” look.




Happy Halloween Image Boy with Pumpkin


The Googly Eyed Pumpkin Girl.  How I love this old postcard illustrated by Ellen Clapsaddle. She sits with a large pumpkin on her lap, dressed in her Halloween costume and smiling wide-eyed. What a perfect Happy Halloween image!

19) Pumpkin with Vine.  I first posted this image in 2007. The pumpkin was originally a children’s game piece. A bright orange, well-formed pumpkin sits atop the vine.

20) Plump Pumpkin.  It looks like this pumpkin scrap is from the 1950s and is a view looking down (just as you found it in the pumpkin patch).

21) Two Color Pumpkin.  Two images show the same pumpkin lying on its side, surrounded by vines and leaves. I have included a black and white and an orange and white version. I see a lot of linoleum block prints in these two retro-style images. Great for Thanksgiving projects, too!



Black Cat Halloween Clip Art Image



22) Cat Head Halloween Clip Art Silhouette.  This image is from an old drawing book and shows the head of a cat. In the all-black silhouette, only his long whiskers and white eyes can be seen.

23) Black Cat with Moon.  An old type book has a silhouette of a black cat with big white eyes perched on a ledge. The moon is orange behind the cat. I like the unique border.

24) Smiling Cat Silhouette.  Featuring a vintage silhouette of a smiling cat with an orange bow and glowing orange eyes.

25) Owl and Cat by the Moon.  The old Halloween postcard features an owl and black cat next to a witch’s hat and broom by the moon. The bluish grey postcard background makes the yellow moon really stand out.

26) Young Witch with Black Cat.  Ellen Clapsaddle’s vintage postcard depicts a young costumed witch holding a pumpkin while holding her black cat, wearing a white dress, red cape, and red hat.



Happy Halloween Images Witch and Pumpkin

27) Happy Halloween Witch on a Pumpkin.  The image comes from an old postcard. Her black cat is squeezing her as she sits on an oversized pumpkin. Dressed in an all-red outfit, cape, and shoes, she is smiling. A red ribbon adorns her black pointy hat.

28) Pretty Witch with Cat.  In this vintage newspaper image, a young witch holds a broom while her black cat meows at her feet. Her hair is long and flowing, and she wears a pointy hat. Beautiful!

29) Retro Witch Riding a Broom.  Image from a 1940’s printer’s book. In the black and white image, a smiling young witch rides a broom in the moonlight while wearing a pointy hat.

30) Batty Costumed Ladies.  Not witches, but Victorian ladies dressed in bat costumes! Both women are wearing capes, large ears on their heads, and unique skirts. This is a very unique Halloween image.

31) Witch Girl Postcard.  In this full color image, a young witch holds her black cat and broom. Wearing a red dress and green cape, she wears a pointed black hat adorned with red ribbons. I created this image from an antique Halloween postcard, but you can download just the girl, just the hat, or the original postcard for your projects.




Spooky Halloween House Image


32) Victorian Houses.  Old black and white architectural drawings of Victorian homes remind me of haunted houses. You could easily combine these Victorian mansions with other images to make them look very spooky.

33) Ornate Iron Gate. An old hardware catalog provided this black and white image that could easily be incorporated into some spooky scenes. You could adorn the ornate iron gate with some crow silhouettes or some spooky clouds and a moon.

34) Barren Tree.  A black line drawing of an old pear tree that has lost all of its leaves. My favorite part is the crooked lines of the many branches. A spooky barren tree is perfect for spooky scenes and designs.

From an old Halloween postcard, this image of the quarter moon is bright yellow and depicts a grumpy man. Moon man doesn’t seem to be happy — his eyes, nose, and mouth all indicate that he is unhappy. Perfect for your Halloween projects!

(36). Happy Moon Man. This image has been a favorite of yours for quite some time now. There is a face peering off to the side of this full moon. The yellow character is friendly and originally came from a trade card.



Rats Printable Image


37) Realistic Rats. The two rats in this hand-colored image look like they have gotten into a farmer’s grain. The full-sized printable can be used as a great piece of instant art.

38) Front View Bat.  When viewed lying on its back, this black and white image shows a bat. You can also see the detailed webbing between his back legs, as well as his semi-extended wings.

39) Flying Bat.  This realistic black and brown bat looks like it is swooping at night to catch insects. In this post, you will find the original natural history image, complete with moon and castle ruins in the background, as well as an edited image that only shows the bat flying through the sky.

40) Hanging Bat.  What appears to be a hanging fruit bat is depicted in this image from an antique dictionary. The bird’s large eyes are fixed on a branch, and his wings are semi-closed.



Vintage Poison Label

41) Red & White Poison Labels.  On this post are two old red and white rectangular poison labels, one in English and one in Spanish. The bottles have a skull and crossbones warning everyone to steer clear of them.

42) Aresenic Poison Label.  Arsenic is the poison on this vintage pharmacy label. On the old poison label are a skull and crossbones, as well as details of the original druggist and an antidote for poisoning.

43) Undertaker Ads.  Two books contained three different graphics for undertakers and burials. There is a horse and carriage pulling a wagon loaded with coffins in all three. Two of the ads include the undertaker’s name and address.

44) Owl Advertisement.  A closeup of the head of an owl is depicted in this vintage advertising scrap. The brown owl has a bright blue neckband with an advertisement for Colburn’s mustard.


Halloween Clip Art Skull Illustration Profile

45) Skull Side View Halloween Clip Art.   This one is of a skull from the side. I’ve included both the original scan on a sepia background, and a black and white version. This skull has no medical labels on it, and is a great classic side view image of a skull.

46) Skull and Leg Bones.  This great post has two full size black and white anatomical printables, one of a frontal view of a skull and the other of legs bones with a few different views. The size and detail of these images makes them perfect for larger scale projects that require images of bones.

47) Skeletal Hand.  Scan of a skeletal hand in full size and detail in black and white. Bony appendages have been labeled with their medical names.

48) Human Brain.  An etching from an 1870’s encyclopedia. This post has two graphics showing the human brain, one from the top and one from the side, both of which are labeled with medical terms. For instant art or to make creepy labels, these black and white images are perfect.

49) Spectacles with Eyes.  Full color antique scrap image of blue eyes with spectacles. A creepy mask would be great with this image!

50) Boa Constrictor Skeleton.  A black and white etching depicts a magnificently detailed snake skeleton. As I look at the boa constrictor’s body, I love how it is curved and coiled, showing the great details of its very flexible spine. The snake would be perfect for Gothic projects.

51) Eagle Talons.  An etching of an eagle’s foot and talons. Its curved nails and scales are very spooky. It would be perfect for witch’s brew type projects.

52) Full Human and Ape Skeletons.  In this antique medical image, a complete human skeleton is compared with that of an ape. I have included the original sepia-toned scan as well for a vintage look.

53) Skull Image.   This is a vintage anatomy skull image scanned from an old anatomy book. I think the old engraving with the original numbers in place adds a touch of authenticity to it! Perfect for Halloween crafts or DIY projects!

54) Watchful Eye.  A free public domain image of a watching eye! An eye with an eyebrow and rays emanating from it is shown in this black and white image. This image was scanned from an Antique Circa 1828 Printer’s book. I’m not sure if this eye symbol has any particular meaning, but I thought it was really interesting looking.

55) Dissected Heart.  An old nurse’s book has a full diagram of a heart. An etching in black and white shows a cross section of the heart with its cavities and major veins and arteries labeled. The pulmonary artery and aorta are colored blue and red, and there are red arrows indicating how blood flows through the heart.

56) Skull and Crossbones.  An early Halloween image depicting a skull and crossbones. The image was scanned from a Circa 1828 Antique Printer’s Book, and is rather creepy looking…perfect to use to make poison labels for Halloween!

57) Phrenology Head Diagram.  I found this lovely old diagram in an old reference book from the 1880s. Different regions of a bald head are mapped out and labeled with different characteristics in the piece.



Happy Halloween Owl and Witch Image

58) Halloween Owl and Witch Image.   On this old postcard, we see a pretty young witch with a red cape and blue hat. With a sliver of moon in the background, she has lovely curly dark hair, an inquisitive owl perched on her shoulder. It says “Jolly Halloween”.

59) Adorable Pumpkin Witch.  Vintage postcard with a cute little pumpkin head girl wearing a leaf outfit and a black witch hat. While she brews something in her black cauldron, a black cat watches from a tree branch above. I found this adorable drawing on an old Halloween card.

60) Pumpkin Head Boy with Owl.  This vintage Halloween postcard shows a little pumpkin head boy and his pet owl cuddling on a branch in the moonlight. The clouds in the sky are dark and ominous, but the boy and owl seem to be friends. A Halloween greeting is also included on the front of the postcard.

61) Pumpkin Man Driving Car.   A Jack O’ Lantern with a driving hat drives an old fashioned car with two more pumpkins as headlights in this funny little postcard. The card reads “You auto have a Happy Halloween”, and is a fun graphic that would be great for cards and Halloween projects.

62) Witch Girl in Jack O’ Lantern.   The vintage postcard depicts a cute little witch with a green cape and pointy hat standing inside an oversize Jack O’ Lantern. She is brewing something in a cauldron and holding a spoon for tasting. At her feet are a black cat and bright red apples.



Palmistry Hand Image

63) Palmistry Hand.   An awesome advertising card for a root beer company shows a left hand with its palm facing up. Various letters denote specific lines or areas of the palm to analyze. This full color ephemera would look great in Halloween collages!

64) Gravestone Clip Art.   This is an interesting old free vintage gravestone clip art image. This engraving was scanned from a marble company catalog from 1889. The blank headstone (perfect for adding text!) has a rectangular shape with an arched top, with a two-stepped base.

65) Owl on Smiling Pumpkin.  Here’s a smiley pumpkin with an owl perched on top. His bright & wide eyes make him so cute! This antique scrap is in shades of orange and yellow.

66) Spider Web.  In this black and white image of a spider web, you can see a primitive looking web built between two branches. You could use the circular web for labels, tags, cards or menus – just about any Halloween project you can think of.

67) Skull Apothecary Label.  I believe this was a medicine label. The advertisement is black and orange with a creepy side view of a skull. It would be great to print this out and use as a label for an old bottle in a Halloween display.

68) Cat Lady Costume.  From an 1880’s costume book in my collection, I have this fun black and white graphic. The picture depicts a lady in a cat costume with a cat head hat and a furry dress and cape.



Halloween Retro Lady Image

69) Retro Lady with Pumpkin.  The fun black and white image shows a woman with a huge pumpkin in high heels from the 1940s or 1950s. I love her pinup look. There is the word Halloween written vertically on the right side.

70) Retro Costumed Ladies with Pumpkin.  Here is a cute retro Halloween image featuring two ladies in costumes. A checkered dress is worn by one and a large Jack O’Lantern is held by the other. You can use this black and white retro image as an invitation to a Halloween party!

71) Retro Kids with Pumpkin Ghost.  This retro Halloween graphic shows a young boy and girl with a Jack O’ Lantern on a stick and a sheet for a body. Retro graphic in black and white, as well as one in black and white with just the pumpkin in orange.

72) Retro Bat Frame with Ghost.   An interesting Halloween graphic shows a frame made of bats touching wings, with a ghost inside. Fun! I’ve also included a version of the bat frame without the ghost, so you can put anything you like inside.


Vintage Snakes Halloween Picture

73) Vintage Snakes Etching.   I scanned this vintage engraving from an 1838 German book about amphibians, the newest addition to my collection! There are two curly scaly snakes in the creepy, but cool, black and white drawing. With their fangs and tongues exposed, they look quite menacing. There is a black and white version, as well as the original creamy paper version.

74) Creepy Bird Image.   Vintage bird (possibly a vulture) circa 1878 is in the process of eating its prey, and is opening it up with its beak…not for the faint of heart! The bird has mostly white plumage with tan wings and dark brown tips, and interesting yellow accent feathers on its face.

75) Earth Worm Image.   However, the old image shows a full-color worm in shades of pink and black with fine detail. You could use him for your scarier projects this fall.

76) Lizard Engraving.   The image of the lizard is from a German book from 1838. A lizard with a curled tail appears in the black and white drawing. I’ve included both the original scan on cream paper, and a white background version.

77) Creepy Bat Skeletons.   The skeletons of these bats were discovered in an early natural history book. An image shows a bat skeleton with outstretched wings, so you can see all the bones in its wings. The second graphic shows the skeleton of a vampire bat in a side view, in a position that appears to be ready to fly.

78) Leafless Trees.   These trees have lost all their leaves and are preparing for winter. Suitable for Halloween projects, they have a spooky look due to their dark lines. Two images are included, one with three trees and the other with a single tree with twisting branches.

Well that rounds it up for now! Over 250 Halloween images are available in all, and many more are being added all the time! Use the search bar at the top of this blog to find more content if you don’t find anything you like here. Hope you enjoyed this collection of Halloween Images and Halloween Clip Art. Happy Halloween!


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