Valentine’s Day Gifts For Teens

If you’re looking for fun and inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your teen that you can pull together yourself in no time, we’ve stepped outside the boring heart-shaped candy gift box and pulled together 25 of the sweetest picks any teen would love. From candy to flowers and sweet treats to creative baskets, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here!

“It’s RED-iculous How Much I Love You” Basket

Grab yourself a cute bucket or basket and think red.  Anything red from candy to socks and nail polish to gift cards will work great!

Simple Spa Valentine’s Gift

Give your favorite teen girl a spa basket that’s sure to help her unwind and relax.

A Hug in a Mug

It doesn’t get a whole lot easier than this and it’s cute as can be.  Any guy or girl would love this!

Simple Sweets in a Cup

Practically everything here can be found at the Dollar Store (with the exception of the Godiva Chocolate).  This idea can be pulled together in a snap and it’s adorable to boot.

Valentine’s “Date Night In” in a Tin

What a clever and fun idea for your teen’s sweetie.  Slippers, snacks, a few extra’s and you’re set!

I’m Tickled Pink That You’re My Friend

What a sweet and inexpensive gift idea for your teen’s girlfriends!

Movie Valentine’s Bucket

Got a teen who’s a bit of a movie buff? This idea will stand out from the rest! Include a few boxes of movie-style candy and a gift card to a theater and it’s a date!

“You Float My Boat ” Valentine’s Basket

Who could resist this adorable idea? They’d have to move pretty quickly though or the ice cream will melt, but it’s such a fun idea!

I Love Everything You Dew

A silly, simple and inexpensive idea any teen would love.

“I Have a Crush on You” Valentine’s Basket

Another simple idea that’s just too cute! It costs hardly anything to pull together and the presentation is awesome!

The Kiss Me Container

Use any glass or clear plastic container of your choosing, head to the craft store for Valentine’s ribbon and stickers, and voila!

“You’re My Biggest Indulgence” Basket

We all know how teen boys love “Axe!” Practically any container will work, toss in a few extras like a stuffed animal and a bath sponge and you’ll have an awesome gift any teen guy would love.

Pretty Hearts and Roses

We’re lovin’ the simplicity of this gift idea.  Any girl would flip over this… it’s sweet and romantic without being too sappy.

I D0-Nut Know What I’d Do Without You

Fun and simple! Anyway, is there a teenager out there who doesn’t love doughnuts?

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Sweet(ie) Basket

Do them all or do a few… it’s cute no matter what you do!

Simple Hugs & Kisses Valentine’s Wishes

If the budget is tight, this simple, yet adorable gift idea gets the message across without breaking the bank!

You’re the BOMB (Bath Bomb, That Is…)

Such a simple, yet adorable idea! Any teen girl would love this!

Life Would SUCC Without You or Plant One On Me

Such a fun and unconventional Valentine’s gift idea! It’s easy, inexpensive, and creative.

Valentine’s Sweet Confetti Bliss

Only three ingredients are needed for this simple and tasty treat!

I Love You Berry Much

For the healthy teen in the crowd who vows to steer clear of candy, this berry gift couldn’t be cuter.

Chocolate-Dipped Oreo Cookies with Sprinkles

As impressive as these look, they’re actually super simple (and fun) to make!

Chocolate-Dipped Scrumptious Strawberries

How cute would these be in a small Valentine’s box you pick up at the Dollar Store?  They look amazing but don’t let that fool you… they’re easy to make! (My daughters and I make them all the time!)

Shot Through the Heart-Shaped Brownie

Pretty clever idea!

Sweet (Heart) As Can Be Cupcakes

A little cupcake inspiration for all the bakers out there!

Chocolate-Dipped Valentine’s Day Pretzels

I’ve made these many times and they always turn out adorable.  They’re super simple to make and always a huge hit!

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