Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids That Are Better

Valentine’s Day is kind of a big deal! At least it is to kids: They’re out there making DIY Valentine’s Day cards (complete with Valentine’s Day mailboxes) for the class party, creating their own Valentine’s Day crafts and competing in Valentine’s Day games. They definitely deserve a little something of their own for all their effort! These Valentine’s Day gifts for kids will totally make them feel the love.

Mileage may vary depending on how much your child is into hearts, mushy stuff and the colors red and pink, so we tried to include some items that are seasonally thematic (the ones that would make cupid proud), along with a few items that don’t scream “Valentine’s Day.” It’s a good thing that surprise collectible toys are still a huge trend, since they’re often the perfect item when you need a little something to fill out a gift basket. Another trending item that’s here to stay: Family matching pajamas, which are no longer just the purview for the December holidays anymore. And don’t miss even more Valentine’s Day ideas: We’ve got Valentine’s Day gifts for toddlers, Valentine’s Day gifts for boys and Valentine’s Day gifts for teachers too.

Royalty Crowned Crew-Neck T-Shirt

They’ll always know the ruler of your heart with this crown toddler t-shirt. It comes in navy blue and gray.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!

If you give a kid a board book with his favorite mouse for Valentine’s Day, chances are, he’s going to ask for a hug. Ages 0+

Heart Clip

This cute hair clip is supposed to be reminiscent of origami. It’s made of vegan leather (heart) and ultrasuede (wings), and you can place it on either side of a child’s head with reversible clips.

Lucky Fortune Magic Series Water Bottle

This is everything tweens love in one smart package: The set comes with a colorful scrunchie, a surprise collectible bracelet, three stickers plus one color-changing “mood” sticker, all in a reusable water bottle Ages 6+

Untamed Radioactive T-Rex

How do you know these dinos are radioactive? They have a toxic glow! They also respond to the world around them, reacting to touch, motion and sound with either growls and roars or nuzzles and purrs (or, sometimes, radioactive gas). Ages 5+

Hello Kitty Candy Carnival Pencil Case Playset

Your kids are in for a sweet surprise with this set, which comes with a pencil case, two Sanrio minis pencil-toppers, a hot air balloon eraser, a sticker sheet, a stencil and a pencil. Open it up, an it becomes a playset with a spinning ferris wheel, bumper boats and other fun surprises. Ages 4+

Love From the Crayons

All the crayon pals from The Day the Crayons Quit return to show how all the colors come together to express the many version of love. One example: “Love is yellow and orange, because love is sunny and warm.” Ages 5+

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