Valentine’s Day Cards For Friends

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate everyone you love in your life, not just significant others ― and that includes your best friends.

So whether you’re taken, single or simply DGAF about this holiday, here are 38 hilarious cards to help you celebrate.

  • 1 For the friend who needs a little pick-me-up.
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  • 2 For the bookworm in your life.
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  • 3 For the one with a good sense of humor.
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  • 4 For the “Broad City” fan.
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  • 5 For the realist.
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  • 6 For the wine-o in your life.
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  • 7 For the bestie who’s a boss lady.
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  • 8 For the BFF you’re not ashamed to take a million selfies in front of.
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  • 9 For the magical bestie.
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  • 10 For the nasty woman in your life.
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  • 11 For your platonic life partner.
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  • 12 For the sassy friend.
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  • 13 For the goddess in your life.
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  • 14 For the BFF you get sentimental with.
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  • 15 For the newly-single bestie.
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  • 16 For the forever friend.
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