Ravi Zacharias Quotes

Ravi Zacharias Quotes: If you know me well, you’d probably heard me quote profusely from this man. Or, you’ve seen me talk in great length about his teachings with great intensity and passion. Yes, this man is one of the top five people who has made a profound, life-changing impact in my life. He is affectionally […]


Valentine’s Day Clip Art Banner

Valentine banner elegant design calligraphic hearts arrow decor Valentine banner red heart calligraphic decor Valentines banner elegant 3d red hearts knot decor Valentine banner red hearts roses elegant colored 3d Valentines banner dark red bokeh hearts decor Valentines banner red heart decor thick texts layout Valentines banner templates luxury red heart giftbox decor Valentines banner […]

david qoggins quotes
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David Goggins Quotes

David Goggins Quotes:  David Goggins is a resigned Navy SEAL. David Goggins has finished more than 60 ultra-long distance races, marathons, and ultra-marathons, establishing new course precedents. He once held the Guinness World Record for pull-ups finishing 4,030 out of 17 hours. He has become a Motivational speaker all the while, after his battles and […]



Can’t believe it’s year 20**! It means that much time has passed and during all these period my loving, caring and supportive family was with me. That means a lot. Happy New Year! *** Let us leave all the worries, sadness and regrets behind. Let us fly through life just like birds, Leaving everything that […]


The 45 Unique Status

A unique status update instantly makes your social media profile stand out. Here is an exclusive list of quotes that you can use to jazz up your account. Enjoy! Everyone is beautiful because God makes no mistakes.   God has bigger plans for you than the ones you have for yourself.   Just wait because […]


70+ Divorce quotes

Some people just aren’t meant for each other, some just not fitted together, but mostly just get apart due to circumstances. Due to this, couples opt for a divorce, a legal way of separation. That is why we have prepared these Divorce Quotes for times like this, you might want to tell someone an advice […]