Right after the beginning of the week comes Tuesday, a lull day, the one that does not get too much attention. The one day where you have so many things planned out, leftovers from the following day and the ones that are scheduled on this day. You have too many things to sort out and you have a lot of things to keep in mind that most of the times, you do not notice it passing by.

However, it is important too: Tuesday is a very important day of the week since a week would not be complete without it.

For those Tuesdays when you are feeling bored and you want to get out or you want to hang out with a friend but you can’t because there are just too much work to do, here are some Tuesday memes that you can send them to cheer both you and your friend up.


Hello there Tuesday!


Oh boy, it's Tuesday!


Tuesday is just Monday's ugly sister

Hi Tuesday!


wish Tuesday was Friday

Have fun on a Tuesday!


Hi Tuesday!


Please be fast Tuesday


I heard it's only Tuesday


"It's been a long week." - Me, in the middle of Tuesday


It's taco Tuesday, I tell you


Today is Tuesday


Cheers to Tuesday!


Tuesday be quick


Happy Tuesday!


Made it to Tuesday!


Not sure if it's Tuesday or just a second Monday


Whut? Today is Tuesday?


Tuesday... we meet again


It's fat Tuesday!


Fat Tuesday? Well, I'm fat everyday.


The moment you realize it's only Tuesday.


Dobby sad, it's only Tuesday


Happy Tuesday Not


It's only Tuesday... Well, at least it's closer to Friday


Hi Tuesday! How's it going?


Well, damn me! It's only Tuesday!


Bring it on Tuesday!


Guess what guys, it's only Tuesday


You mean, it's still Tuesday?


Damn it! It's still Tuesday!

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