Top 80 Negative People Quotes

Life is always going to be just the way it is, full of good and bad. Along the way, you will some good people but you will also meet negative people. Negative people has this pessimistic view on life and sometimes, their thoughts will bring you down. When these things happen, you need to keep in mind that negative thoughts from negative people should not at the very least, affect you. On the other hand, if you are one of those negative people, you might want to try to see the other side of the world, the other side of the coin. Here are some quotes about negative people that you may find yourself relating to or understanding.

Negative people may speak of bad things about you but you cannot help that, help yourself.


Keep yourself away from people who are toxic to you, who wants to speak bad of you, dear.


May you always protect yourself from people who wants nothing but to see you in ruins only.


There are some who have tongues who never rolls on a single positive thing, beware of them.


Some people have thorns inside them, some will grumble, be grateful for those with thorns.


Be brave, always be brave because that is the only way things are going to go in your way.


You are bound to meet some negative people in your lifetime, you just have to be careful, boy.


Don’t let people whom has little mind to control you, your emotions and your feelings, baby.


If they can talk about you behind your back, then you should not befriend them at all, anyway.


Never give a second thought t those people who does not even try to cheer you up whenever.


You are so much better off without those who never even try to listen to your own opinions.


There are those who would never listen to anyone’s opinion but their own, leave them alone.


And sometimes, these negative people may affect you but do not be sucked into their world.


If people have problems, let them be, they are not yours to meddle with, not yours to see.


Always try to keep yourself at peace and disregard the people who tries to disturb it from you.


Those who wants to project negativity have low self-esteem, they feel bad about themselves.



If they feel bad about themselves, let them be, you need not be responsible for their problems.


When they say those bad things about you, it reflects on their own and no one else’s, my dear.


Protect yourself from the views of negative people, live a simple life but keep yourself happy.


May they stop questioning things that are in no way related to them, that they focus on them.


You choose where you want to be so I hope what you do is just let it pass and then step aside.


It’s the sensitive soul that is more open to things that draws in bad things from other people.


There is a small difference between those that are bad and those that insults, don’t be one.


Stop spreading lies about others because it damages not just theirs but your reputation too.


The best feeling in the world is knowing you don’t give any damn about those negative people.


Your expectation of other people is what will ruin you in the end of it, just calm down, girl.


May you stop trying to point out the incompetency of other people, focus on your own, boy.


Stop trying to be a fool, just focus on trying to get better, try to be what the best you can be.


It seems some just like drama like they breathe oxygen, as if they can never live without it.


Don’t let your sad thoughts eat you inside out because if they do, you will be sorry for it.


Negative people will look at you and only have insults, do not have friends that are like that.


There are two type of people in this world but only a bit that can make all the difference, girl.


Those who are afraid of you succeeding will try their best to stop you from doing so, beware.


The closest ones to you are the one who will oppose you the greatest, they always do, honey.


No matter how kind you try to be, some will always try to see what is wrong with you, always.


Even if you are the best in your chosen field, there is always going to be one who opposes you.


I wish that you will never have to meet any of those negative people in your lifetime, my dear.


I just wish they would let me be, that they would not be against me on my journey to success.


You do not have to limit yourself by the people who are trying to stop you, be the best you can.


You are trying to reach for the stars but people are trying to pull you in their storms, sadly.


Never stop trying to pursue your goals, they are your shield against bad persons, I tell you.


Kid, you have got a full life ahead of you, so might as well try to make the most out of it.


And even though the world is trying to give off positive vibes, there are still negative people.


The bad people will try to pollute your mind, will try to pollute your goals in life, stay away.


Whatever you say or whatever you do, may it be bad or good, others will say what they want.


There will be toxic persons along your way and what you can do is to steer clear of them, boy.


When you try to attach other’s behavior that are not that good, you are going down with them.


Never let the ones that are too pessimistic to attach or latch on to you, you can be better, girl.


You will know negative people by the way they talk to you, by their pessimistic views, honey.


If you have wise people as your companions, you will be wise, so let go of the negative ones.


Spend the time with those persons who tries their best to inspire you to become a better one.


You don’t have to pretend to be someone that you are not, just be yourself, forget the rest.


The world will try to change you, but what you need to do is to change for your own self.


The ones that tries to destroy your confidence are the ones that you should always forget.


Never let any negative people to ruin who you are and who you will become, be strong on it.


The ones that tries to bring out only the best of you are the ones you should always be with.


Be immune to people who gossips about you, everything will be much better in the process.


And if someone tries to talk you down, just remember you are already a step above that one.


Start replacing the empty spaces with filled ones, the black with the white, believe me on this.


If you want to live a healthy life, you have got to start to have a very healthy mind, my dear.


You are bigger than those negative people, do the right thing and tell yourself it’ll be okay.


You will go through the worst things in life and what you need to do is just to have fun.


Survive the tough moments and in the process you are ignoring the haters that you have.


When you get better than someone, he or she starts having this envy which then turns to hate.


Being involved with negative people does not mean you have to be like that as well, girl.


It is really sad to see when people hates others for the things the other person have, really.


I wish nothing but that you won’t get stressed by your haters and remember you are the best.


Do not let the little things to upset you because you have the best foundation, keep that one.


Don’t indulge in the wrong emotions and just give yourself the power to be happy, always.


For now, just focus on the positive side of things and forget those negative people around.


Nothing in life is the worst but having people who tries to ruin your every step of the way.


There will always be tough times but the persons who tries to make it harder are annoying.


Your thoughts are powerful so be careful about the things that you think about, my darling.


Negative people have been around for the longest time, you just learn to deal with each one.


There is nothing better than hot chocolate to calm a soul down instead of words that hurt.


Be careful with the words you say, the words that you share, they can mean the world to some.


Don’t bask in sadness, and instead focus on being happy, on the ways you can become happy.


What you need to do is focus on what you have and learn to appreciate every single thing.


When negative people try to change your point of view on things, I hope you stand tall of it.


The world is created to keep the persons in it as happy as can be, you are one of them.


Your own beliefs should never be affected by anyone else, much less those negative people.


For now, just grab on the opportunity to rise and forget the ones that are pulling you down.


Keep your mind exactly where you need it to be and just shrug off those negative people.


If you can name some people who brings you up, then you are lucky to have those ones.


The ones that tries to tear your name down are the ones you should really be careful about.


The persons of the earth will try to tell you that you can’t do it but you have to believe.


Things will eventually get better if you try your best to get every opportunity that you meet.


There is always a room for improvement, just do not be blind to see every single one of them.

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