Top 60 The Way You Make Me Feel Quotes

It is funny how someone can make us feel a lot of emotions all at once.
It may be someone who we met unexpectedly and your personalities just clicked or that someone may be someone you knew all along then the both of you were able to see each other for the first time.
Feeling a lot of emotion gets too much at times especially when you are so busy building all these walls around you but maybe the quotes below can help you sort through your emotions.

I can’t help to overthink about the way you make me feel because this is a first for me.

I never knew I could feel this much, it’s crazy and insane the way you make me feel.

One second I want to end this and then suddenly I want to feel you closer towards me.


You made me lighter like I could fly any moment, and I love this, the way you make me feel.

Holding your hand tightly is more than enough for me.

I want so bad to make you feel the way you make me feel.

Hold me tight tonight, ease the coldness inside, and remind me of the way you make me feel.

I love the way you make me feel alive, more alive than when I read books.

I am constantly finding myself, but with the way you make me feel, it’s as if I am home.

I am willing to embark on adventures alongside you and chase everything we love.

It doesn’t matter if you’re words are just lies because I still love the way you make me feel.

My heart does a somersault—it’s crazy the way you make me feel.

I was drifting with nowhere to go but you made me feel lovely by reaching out for me.

I never knew I am worth it until you made me see my worth.

I never knew I am worth risking until you took the risk for me.


I am falling and falling and falling for your entirety.

You made me feel like I am flowing and floating towards something.

You make everything lighter and I am addicted to being weightless and floating and lighter.

I feel so heavy for so long that I couldn’t recognize this feeling, floating, lighter and falling.

I don’t wear my scars on my sleeves but with you I wanted to leave them for you to find out.

You made me want to be vulnerable with you.

I am not good with conversations but with you the right words just come out naturally.

You made me want to live; you made me want to make this life a compilation of verbs again.

I want to run away from you because you have the power to break me so hard.

I don’t like losing control but you made me less afraid to lose control.

You made me want to share everything with you from my taste of music to books and poems.

You made me want to dance and risk getting my feet being stepped on.

I am no risk-taker but you make me want to risk everything for you.

I love the way you make me feel when you are drunk because then close isn’t close enough.

Go on take everything you can take, all the love that’s left from this hallowed out vessel.

You made me appreciate everything-from beauty, music and food once again.

I wanted to leave this world soon but when I met you I wanted to stay a little while longer.

This is magic, this whatever is between us. The way you make me feel is magic.

I wanted to endure this world longer because I’m still breathing in the way you make me feel.

With just a touch, you made everything light up.

You held my hand and everything is okay again.

One minute I wanted to end this, but when you held my hand I am willing to risk it all again.

You can make me laugh and that clued me in, in the way you make me feel.

I will keep on wishing that in another universe I will feel this, the way you make me feel.

I am willingly losing myself just to continue feeling the way you make me feel.

I don’t know how much more I could take just to feel this.

One night is enough to make you feel the way you make me feel.

You are passion wrapped up in a body and I crave the way you make me feel.

I miss you, the only one who was able to make me feel.

I know I could never find someone who can make me feel the way you make me feel.

I want to die remembering only this feeling, the way you make me feel.

I wish I could articulate better the way you make me feel.

I want the all the in-betweens and the ending with you and just feel the way you make me feel.

With the way you make me feel I want to spend the in-betweens with you.

Breathing is easier when I am around you.

I am going to love you harder than anyone has ever loved you.

You made me want to bend and risk breaking without having second thoughts.

I am not prepared for this but I’m willing to walk this path with you.

You made me want to listen to sappy love songs and put together words again.

I want to run with you, walk with you and do all things with you.

Let me just hold you and your hand until this night ends.

My safe haven is burying my face on the crook of your neck.

This feeling suddenly outweighs all the pain I am dealing with.

I have always wanted to die young but for a while you made me think twice, thrice of the idea.

Hands clasped together, hearts beating in sync; I want to stay right here forever.

I wanted to be enough for you, enough to make you forget her.

I couldn’t be brave enough for myself so I’d be brave the chaos for you.

It’s too late; I’m already falling deeper than I am letting myself.

I want to break all the damn walls for you, let you see me at my nakedness.

I love your voice most especially when you are laughing.

You made me feel enough and inadequate at the same time.

I want so bad to wish that you are warm enough to handle the coldness inside.

You made me want to tell everything that makes me.

I am overwhelmed and afraid of how intense this feeling I have inside.

I wonder if you are feeling this too, this calm and storm at the same time.

I feel like I’m in the middle of a storm, raging first then calm the next.

Seeing you will forever be the climax of my every day.

I am letting this feeling engulf my heart, trying to resist so hard but the effort is null.

Loving you is willingly diving in murky water when I don’t even know how to swim.

Funny how easily you can get a genuine smile out of me just by looking at me.

I feel someone and no one at the same time based on how you treat me.

God, I want to make the most out of this in-between that is going on between us and savor this.

I love how warm you are and how you let me share that warmth.

I am complicated but you make me feel like you totally get me.

Simple things done with you make the memories special.

Do I look happier? Because I am.

I know you’ll fall in love again after this, but this in-between right now? This is ours.

I love how easily you ease the fear I feel inside.

Let us take this road one step at a time.

I want to savor this moment with you just a little bit longer.

This is a good kind of fall, is it the same on your side?

I want to believe your words so bad even when there is 99% chance that this will all fade.

Thank you for giving me some good days whilst I am waiting for the end.

I am having trouble breathing just thinking about the ending of our in-between.

You made me want to stay here longer than I originally wanted.

Why do I feel like whatever’s between us is just borrowed?

You handle my loneliness better than I handled it.

Shit. I love you and I think I’m going to extinguish myself loving you.

I’m giving you silence but don’t be fooled because it’s a mess around here in my head.

I want to look at you longer, be with you longer because you offer comfort I’m familiar with.

You made me braver than I was yesterday.

If it comes to the end, I’ll still be thankful for our short in-between.

I want to love you so hard that when this ends you’re still going to remember me.

I can feel you holding back and that’s sad because you were the one who told me to risk this.

You have the ability to make look closer at my weaknesses and insecurities.

I’ve always been grey but when you’ve seen me I feel like I am all the colors of the rainbow.

This is what I’m afraid of, passing affections acted too fast without thinking.

We’re still in our in-between but I know I’ll miss this big time.

I’ve always known and loved emptiness but when I met you, I never want to feel empty again.

Sleeping beside you is the most wonderful feeling I have felt so far.

I want you to be warm even if that means I’ll catch the coldness myself.

I know it’s wrong but I’m already building my home around you.

I know it’s wrong but I’m already thinking of a future with you.

You are making me happy and that’s scary as hell.

Do not make me feel loved; I’ll miss this when you’re gone.

I’m still pushing and pulling, but I’m sure I’m still falling deeper for you.

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