Top 60 Reflection Quotes

There are certain steps we need to follow when we are trying to evaluate ourselves and one of them involves reflection.
When you do reflection, it simply means that you are trying to see what you have done wrong and what you have done right and looking to see what you can do to actually improve yourself.
Reflection can also mean that you are trying to mull over which decision you want to take.
There are so many things that you have to try reflection on.
The problem is that most people do not even do reflection on their actions.
Here are some reflection quotes that you can read or share in order to understand what it means.

Reflection is mostly finding out a way to see what you lack and appreciate what you have now.


You are more than you think you are and I just want you to somehow realize what that means.


At the end of the day, what matters is that you know who you are and who you want to be.


It is up to you to be reflective of how you are acting to see whether you are doing what’s right.


Just give whatever amount of love that you receive so that you would not be so sad in the end.


Do not give too much because it will only bounce back to you, at the end, you’d be sorry for it.


May you learn to make peace with the person standing in front of the mirror for she is you.


Of course you will change but it does not mean that you should forget the things you did.


May you always remember that your past is what made you into the person you are today.


I actually think that one of the most useful things to do when you are alone is try reflection.



Life is but a reflection of how we perceive the world and the things every person does for us.


It is your choices today that will really matter in the near future so I advise you be careful.


Your life is but the mirror of your decisions, the ones that you have thought about in this life.


I want you to know that no matter what you decide, we will always be at your side, my dear.


You should never waste time because that is one of the things that you can never bring back.



May you learn how to reflect on yourself, to see what others think of you, how you interact.


It is not an excuse when you tell people you did not know you were like that, be responsible.


Act wisely and never let anyone else make a fool out of yourself, you deserve so much better.



Think that you are enough because that is the truth, you are enough to be loved and to love.


And so I think, it would be best to practice reflection to improve your life and your soul too.

It takes someone strong to keep on smiling even when the trouble comes, and I believe in you.


Keep on fighting for what you know to be right and believe me you will be just okay, my love.


Your perception of yourself can change through cognitive thinking if you just allow yourself.


It is the perspective of a person that changes the way he sees things, from negative to positive.


The problem with people nowadays is that they are too quick to judge of other people, sadly.


And when the time comes, may you know that I will always be here for you no matter what.


Take the time to reflect on what you did, on yourself before you pass judgement to others.


There will be pain when trying to reflect on what you did but you will be just fine, believe me.


When you are aware of your reflection, then it is only natural to be aware of what’s around.


That reflection staring at me back from the mirror is just someone I can no longer recognize.


I guess it is hard when the reflection you see is just not you anymore, you’ve changed again.


There will be times when you need to take a step backward and see what you need to do more.


I think at the end of the day we all just want to have a peace of mind and that makes us happy.


For the things that make you happy will be the key to getting what you truly want today.


Maybe there is another story that you have yet to see and you did not incorporate that in this.


Stop trying to judge someone based on how they look because what is inside matters more.


I just want to be someone who would make some impact in your life that is the truth of it.


I honestly do not know what I should even try to do any longer, I feel so lost in the middle.


It is everyday life that is but the hardest battle there is, one that truly hurts to say, really.


I hope you will realize that what you are is in what you carry inside your heart, my dear girl.


At the end of the day, what matters most is if you are happy or not, that is the truth of it, silly.


The world is in constant motion and so I keep on changing my reflection to the best I can be.


There is something about reflection and the way that I feel like I am just a whole lot better.


Life is but a series of reflection that you do onto yourself so you do not turn into a monster.


Never let anyone make you feel any less than you feel you are for you are a beauty, girl.


How do I tell you that the best things in life are actually free, you have me with you.


You are but truly beyond compare and I hope you understand me when I say that to you.


Believe in yourself because you need to be the first one to do so otherwise it is all pointless.


There is no sense in trying if you have already declared something is impossible, that is true.


May you have the time to try and keep reflecting on whether what you did is wrong or right.


There is no right track, I believe it is the track that you choose that is going to be your right.


One of the best ways to actually enjoy your life is to just realize that you are worth something.


If they do not appreciate you, reflect on that and maybe just leave them be, not your loss.


All you need to know right now is this: you are doing an excellent job right now, stay strong.


I want you to understand that it is not always you that is the problem, maybe it’s the situation.


Tell me you are going to be strong, that you will hold on to what you believe in no matter.


The world will tell you that you are not good enough, be brave enough to prove it wrong.


And when the time comes that you get afraid of your own reflection, you should wake up.


Who you see in the mirror is your reflection and that is basically you so be careful, my dear.


There is something about looking into your reflection that makes your realize who you are.


When you see your reflection, it would also be nice to try and talk to it for a big change, girl.


Truth be told, the world will try to kill you so kill it back, prove that your life is worth it.


You have to show the people who belittle you that you are better than them, so go for the gold.


And when the time comes, you will be better, you will be stronger than ever before, my dear.


Keep on moving forward, keep showing those people that you deserve to be respected too.


Reflect on what you did before trying to blame it on someone else, that is the number one rule.


If you allow yourself to get sloppy, eventually you will come to a point when you will lose.


Do not let yourself be swallowed by the darkness that is inside you, keep going to the light.


Crawl your way up there, go for the glory and believe that you are worth more than you think.


And by all means, I just hope that you can learn to love that reflection you see in the mirror.


Changing yourself would also mean a change in your reflection, just always be careful, okay?


You can’t really protect yourself from your own reflection, that is just physically impossible.


Times change just like people but I believe that you are still going to be that person I know.


By my heart, I believe that this journey you are in will be as dandy as you always seem to be.


And life will try to kill you piece by piece but you are only going to get better than ever, dear.


So tell me how do I know if some things are just worth fighting for, reflect on them, that’s how


Either you fight for it or leave it but I am telling you to make the wisest decision you can.


And now here comes the point when you will face a crossroad, mull it over first before that.


Be the best person you can become and your reflection will follow whatever you do in life.


What you do is but a reflection of how you were raised by your parents, that is the honest truth of things.


Being able to answer the teacher’s question is a reflection of studying diligently on your own.


Reflection is necessary in groups sometimes when they need to focus on a particular topic.


I am telling you it is not just about the rainbows and the unicorns, reflection is much more.


I wish I can tell you just what reflection is all about but it is just very hard to admit things.


Learn more and let your exams, your social standing be the reflection of all your hard work.

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