Top 60 Hidden Love Quotes

One cannot deny that when a person starts to admire someone, there’s a big possibility that he will fall in love. It is unplanned; so a person will just keep it.
Here are quotes that some of us can relate to:

If your love is a secret to all, then that will be no longer a love story once the secret is revealed.

Loving someone in the dark is like a very exciting treat every after meal. You can live without it but it makes life more exciting.

It’s sad to know that I love you so much but I wouldn’t let you know. Once you know, you won’t allow me to love you.

I’d rather break my own heart by not letting you know how much I love you, than telling you and let you break it.


The sad thing about secret love is that you suffer alone once it’s over.

When you look at me in the eyes and we laugh together, it almost tears me apart not to tell you how much I love you.

Sometimes I breakdown and cry because I love you secretly. It was light and exciting at first but my love for you grew very strong that it’s killing me.

You will know that someone is secretly in love if you have been there yourself.

My best friend asked me about my secret love and it killed me to know that he isn’t aware it was him.

I am hiding my life not because it is something that is not accepted by many. I am afraid that it is something not accepted by the one I love.

She never told him that she wanted him and now it kills her to see him with someone else.

I am in love with you but you will never know.

If someone would know my secret love, he will know how much pain I kept inside all these years.

Do you know the agony of keeping your love hidden hoping that one day he or she will realize it too?

Hate to admit how much I love him so I pretended I didn’t care and it breaks his heart, and mine too.

I can never tell you that I love you because I am afraid you’ll run away.

She never told him she missed him. She will never tell him she loves him. The End.


It’s a great torture to oneself to kindle a secret love that will never be known. If he keeps you as a secret, it’s not love.

It’s sad to see women settle for unrequited love, struggling in darkness and despair

Why do women fall for some guy who does not intend to marry her? That is just heart breaking.

Love is something that will kill the owner if left unreturned for long time.

We take others’ love lightly when we know that they love us in secret until we know how it feels like once we experience it ourselves.

It’s really painful when the one you love the most sees you as something or someone invisible.

When you love someone secretly, the torture is when you have to be very careful with every words we speak and actions we do when in front of them.

How can I tell you I love you without you running away?

If I tell you how much I love you, would you rather stay with me?

I love you when you are asleep. I love you when you are not looking. I love you while you are not knowing.

It feels like I have been waiting forever for you to realize how much I love you.

It’s sad to be secretly in love with someone and everyone knows about it except for him or her.

I am trying to show you how much I love you but you don’t seem to notice.


If you truly love me like what you said, why are we hiding? Why are you with her?

A love that has to be kept in secret is not love by itself.

Do you really believe that he keeps you in secret and love you at the same time?

You will never be happy knowing that you are just his secret and you will never grow together because his heart already belongs to someone else.

Why do women believe in love that has to be taken in secret? You will only know love once the secret is revealed.

I know that hiding your love is painful but more painful when you realize you were just being played and used.

If you keep hiding your love, it will never fade away. Show love and reveal the secret.

You will know that someone is just using you when you know that he can be happy with someone else while keeping you in secret.

How could you love someone lying in someone else’s arms?

Did it ever occur to you to think that you are not his only secret?

It’s hard to be in love with someone in the secret and harder when the secret is revealed to everyone.

You will feel great misery in loving someone secretly when you realize that it’s not love once the secret will be made known to everyone.

It’s always sad to see women fall for the wrong guy who just wants to take advantage of them and keep them in secret.

How could you keep me hanging when you can’t let go of her? Why do you have to torture me this way?

When you told me you were in love with someone, I secretly hoped it was me. Guess I could have managed my expectations.

I kept my love for you in secret because I was afraid of getting hurt, but you still broke my heart when you told me how much you loved her.

How could you say you will do everything for me when you cannot even tell the world that such love exists?

If you cannot marry me and we have to keep our love secret, then why on earth that we have to stay together?

You are so selfish for keeping me beside you when you cannot live a day without her. Knowing that killed me.

I thought keeping me as a secret was the worse heart break I will ever experience, but it was when I knew you cannot let her go.

I can no longer love you in secret because my love for you has grown so deep that it kills me to see you with someone else.

Don’t you ever tell me that you love me when you cannot tell a single soul about it.

Stop telling me how I make you feel because I now realize that you are hiding our love for one reason: you over her more than you love me.

It’s hard to have a secret love and have to cry silently about it because no one knew.

How come you never realized that I love you back then? Did you not really even care? Or were you not trying to hurt me?

It hurts to realize that your secret love knows about the way you feel for them but just ignores it.

I was ignoring your secret love for me because I don’t want to hurt you. I thought that pretending not to know will make it easier for you to let go.

I want to hide with you and be your secret love. But that would kill me in the end.

Hiding in the dark, I realize that I am with someone I didn’t know and all he wanted is to keep me in the dark.

I can no longer hide with you in the dark because I want the light to shine on me and be free.

I want to tell you how much I feel but you don’t seem to care so I just kept my secret love inside.

How could you tell me that you love me when you told me you cannot leave her?


I don’t think we need to make it complicated. If you love me, be with me. Let us not keep it secret. If you don’t want that, then that’s not love.

I want to tell the world how much I love you but if I tell them, I would look like a fool.

Loving you while you are in love with someone else is the greatest torture I inflicted upon myself.

I can no longer keep our love in secret because it became too strong that it wants to have an outlet.

How can you tell me you love me when you would hate me if I tell anyone about our secret love?

Would you still love me if I tell her about us? Them, that’s not love.

Realizing that you are keeping me a secret because you love her more make me feel so sorry about myself.

There’s a love that wasn’t explored. Then he decided to explore it and keep it in secret.

She never told him that she was in love with him because he was a beast and he will eat her alive.

He saw my eyes burning with desire so he took me into the darkness and keep me hidden from everyone.

The greatest torture to any woman is to settle for someone who will keep them hidden from the world.

Knowing that you are number two and you can never be number one is the toughest statement to digest.

Is it love or lust? You tell me you love me but you would just keep me hidden in the dark.

I cannot be anyone’s dirty little secret anymore. That is destroying me.

A relationship built in secret and lies will never survive a long time.

I can never keep you with me but you kept me hidden in the dark.

I was secretly in love with someone. When he learned about it, it became our secret in the dark.

Is it my fault for loving someone who can never love me the way I wanted to be loved?

My only dream is that someday, we could hold hands with each other in the park.

I wanted to tell the world I am in love with you but you wouldn’t let me.

It’s hard to know that you are settling for a love that will never be yours exclusively.

I can never tell you how much I am suffering with our secret ove because I don’t want to be left alone here in the dark.

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