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There will be some changes in your life at one point that will get you thinking, why is this happening, why is it happening to me? Well, I am telling you that everything happens for a reason and sometime, that reason may be a bit blurry, may be a bit vague for you to understand at the moment but as time passes by you will realize what the reason is and finally solve the puzzle that life is.
Now, there are things that come into your life by surprise and I am telling you that happen for some reason just as well.
The point is that you need to accept that whatever those things bring you, may it be joy, sadness, pain or maybe anger, they are part of your life and they would not be there if they do not teach you a lesson or two at it.
Here are some quotes on that note so feel free to look at them and relate yourself to these.

When you feel so down in this world just remember that everything happens for a reason, boy.


You are on your own in this, you decide what happens in your life, you are the cause of it all.


What you do today will affect your future hereon, the choices made will make the difference.


We are all part of the universe and sometimes our destinies entangle with each other, really.


Sometimes there is a reason, sometimes there is none but what is done, nothing you can do.


Everything in this life happens because of something and I sincerely believe on that, my dear.


We just have to trust in a higher being when our life is in a mess, that there is a reason for it.


When we are not wise to see the why to a situation, let us close our eyes and just keep praying.


Maybe some doors are meant to be locked, maybe they are not meant to be open by you or me.


You declined an opportunity once and I bet you that it would not come knocking twice my girl.



We often have trouble with things when we should just let all of that fall into their right place.


Everything happens for a reason, so keep a tight hold on your life, there is an explanation.


The best thing that you can do is to just live in this moment you are in, to just do what things.


They say no mistakes are done because those are meant to happen, I say you make your life.


You are the one in control of the life you are given so I suggest that you use it as wise you can.


Everything happens for a reason, though you might not see it clear enough at this moment.


There is nothing you can do for things to stop to happen unless you make a drastic move, boy.


Even though the bad things may befall you, remember that they are meant to teach a lesson.

Do not blame someone else for what is happening coz everything happens for a reason, boy.


There will be betrayal in life but blame the act not the person, find the cause why it happened.


When some things happen to you, like when a door closes up, may you know it wasn’t for you.


Everything happens for a reason, so deal with the aftermath of your actions, do just that, girl.


Never have regrets because that is what eats most people up in this world, regrets and more.


There are times when a mistake can actually be one of the best decisions you have made ever.


Life is too important to go around wasting it because you are having much too many regrets.


When things seem to be calming down, maybe the reason for why it happened will soon come.


People are going to change and you cannot do anything about that but to hold yourself tight.


Things are gonna go wrong at one point but it is so you can appreciate when things go right.


Everything happens for a reason both the good and the bad things in this life of ours my dear.

When you find out why everything happens for a reason, you will make sense of your life, girl.


Everything happens for a reason so love life, live your life and might as well learn in your life.


You may be vulnerable now but when someone lies to you, you learn not to trust anyone else.


It can be that things seem to be falling apart right now but do not worry they will go to place.


Success is not short of a miracle but the product of hard work and determination my dear girl.


The bad things in your life that happens to you need not define you, so keep your head up girl.


You deserve what you get because you are the ones who made the decision to be right there.


Everything happens for a reason and when you find out what it is, I hope you learn from that.


Wherever you may be right now, remember that the choices you chose brought you there.


Sometimes being okay is not enough you need to be more than that, you must be better than it.


I believe that along the way something better is actually coming for me so I must wait for that.


Just like you have a purpose in life or finding it, there are also reasons why things happen.


Things happen to you to prepare you for something bigger, to ready you for something more.


We may not know it just yet but the reality is that everything happens for a reason, my dearest.


Every story out there just seems to tell us that everything happens for a reason, well do they?


Life is short so I hope you learn that regrets will not benefit you at all so stop living with it.


You have to pick yourself up and actually look at the brighter side of your life that you do.


Never let anyone have power over you in a way you do not want them to, you can do better.


If a chance comes your way, you have to tell yourself to take it, to become a risk taker today.


The best day to start is today and so you need to move your feet right now, start the journey.


When you fall down, what you can do is to just pick yourself up, that is the right way to that.


When you learn to look at the brighter side, things get a whole lot better, believe me on it.


Prepare yourself for the thousands of possibilities waiting to be discovered, I believe in you.


Stop living with regrets and just tell yourself that everything happens for a reason, it is better.


I hate people who use the saying that everything happens for a reason to justify what they do.


Believe in yourself and make a move to actually try and do something that is a whole lot better


There will be moments of weakness in your life, I am telling you not to give up on that, ever.


I have not yet found the right reason to why things happen but I believe that there is a cause.


Move one day at a time and eventually you will get to where you actually want to be in life.


When you are young it seems everything is possible I’m telling you it still is even if you’re old.


Even if you are weird, there are just some things in life that you know what to do right away.


Maybe not fate at all but I sincerely believe that everything happens for a reason, that they do.


There is a plan for everything, every life in the world and everything happens for a reason.


God has given your life so you can make the best out of it, praise him by making it great, girl.


You get what you worked so hard for that is the reality this life has, for all of us, my dear.


Even when things get bad or worse I hope that you will actually find a reason to smile in it.


You may not be wise enough to see it but you have to trust that things happen for some causes.


Truth be told, everything happens for a reason and we just need to learn how to handle life.


Life is never going to be easy but hey, everything happens for a reason, right so how about it?


Everything happens for a reason and we are all but live witnesses to life’s greatest mysteries.


Back then I believed everything happens for a reason until I decided that I will make my own.


Everything happens for a reason but that ain’t real, we are just making excuses for ourselves.


There is a pattern to these things if you look hard and close enough to try and see them all.


People change and you just have to accept that you cannot do anything about that one at all.


What you can do is this, learn from the people that have been through what you are going.


Every moment in life will teach you a lesson if you are wise enough to figure out what it is.


Forget the world for a moment and just focus on the things that are happening to you now.


You need to take a break at times, find a breather, relax a bit and just have some fun okay?


It may not be easy right now but eventually it will get easier, that is the way things just are.


Everything happens for a reason unless something planned has happened and that is that.


There was once a person who lived without friends but lived without happiness just as well.


You need to learn to balance one act from the other, you can finish that if you want to, boy.


Why you are here now instead, there is a reason for that waiting to be found by you alone.


Respect should be something automatic, give and demand respect as you go, that you should.

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