Top 60 Being There Quotes

The truth is that it sucks, being there for someone who was never there for you when you needed that person the most.
Sometimes, you get taken for granted because of being there all the time, they think you are not busy, but they do not realize that you were making time for them instead.
It sucks when you get taken for granted just because of being there when they need you the most.
For all the people who were not appreciated for being there for someone else, here are some quotes about being there at that moment that you might relate to.

I tried my best, to do all I can and so being there was my best effort, but you still shoved it off.

You knew that I made time for you, so bad but still you did not even try to do anything for me.

I dedicated my life for you, but you just threw me out like trash, like I did not even matter, girl.

If I can do anything for you, I gladly would, listen to me when I say that because I mean it.

If you ever need me, now that I will always be here for you no matter what you think about it.

The truth is that I want to be with you all the time, but I can’t so I’ll tell you I will try to be.

As much as I can, I want to be with you so that I can protect you with all that I have, all I can.

I want to spend every waking moment with you even with all the risks that comes along with it.

Maybe I can be with you, maybe I cannot but I want you to know that I want to be with you.

To be honest, now that I think about it I think that I regret ever being there for you, ex friend.

The truth is not really going to away, I had been there on the toughest moments, you didn’t.

You have let me down every single time and honestly it just sucks a lot that is the truth of it.

I wish that next time you would listen to me when I say that I have a lot to tell you, my babe.

There were so many things I wish I could have said but you drove away instead of staying.

My wish still hasn’t change, I still want you to be there for me when I need you, darling.

Of all the things I can ask for, it is your time that I value the most, that’s the truth of it.

Will you hold me, will you please just not let me get away this time around, if you really care.

If you really do care about me and what we have, you would do everything to make me stay.

Who would have thought being there at that time was a sin that I was going to pay for dearly?

Maybe the problem wasn’t me, maybe it was you and all the times you were absent on me.

I wish that you would show up, but you never did, you just made me look like a fool all along.

I tried my best to be present at every momentary event of your life, but you never came for me.

One day, when I am long gone, I hope you realize that I did mean something in your life, dear.

I never thought that being there would result to my world crumbling down, I wish I’d known.

I have valued the wrong friendship repeatedly that in the end I was the one left alone, again.

There is not really much to it, I just wished you had made more time with me than you did.

We made a deal, we had a promise which you broke just like that, as if it’s nothing to you.

I guess I never really mattered to you, I was just a past time, when you were my priority, baby.

I have gotten tired of fighting with you, so I am letting you get away with it, you didn’t win.

I just wish I had left earlier than I did because you have wasted so much of my time already.

How about the fact that being there for you when you needed me was nothing to you, baby?

This is not the fight that I want to be in, I just want to be left alone, I am tired and sick of you.

I did my best to be present in every possible situation you needed me in but what did you do?

You left me, you took me for granted, you forgot I was there, that I tried to be there for you.

The moment you left was the moment I knew I should have left you earlier than possible, boy.

Every single time that you shut me down was a moment of your loss, not mine, that’s the truth.

I wish I had known you would do this to me, I would have left a long time ago, really, baby.

Baby, no one can say that I did not try being there for you when you were down and alone.

I want to be with you, but you never did make time for me, not then and not even now, it sucks.

Hey, I just want to tell you that it is very hard for me to stay with you despite everything else.

The truth is that it hurts me a lot every single time that you decide to ignore me, I hate it a lot.

How can you do this to me, how can you throw everything we had like it meant nothing, babe?

I wish I can bring back the past and make you realize what you have done to me, my dear.

Being there for you is something that I would keep doing because you matter a lot to me, boy.

If it meant going to be beside you, I would have run as fast as I could just to connect to you.

I am as honest as you can get and that means that there are times when you ignored me so.

To be right beside you is all I have ever wanted and still you couldn’t give that to me, girl.

And in the middle of the day, your smile is still all that I seek, and it honestly hurts me a lot.

How come being there for you did not amount to anything at all in this friendship we share?

You did not understand what you did to me, and what you should be sorry for, that’s the deal.

The problem is that you are saying sorry to me when you do not really mean it, it pains me.

It seems that being there when you need me was just a piece of dirt for you, am I wrong?

I want someone to realize just how important I am, who will appreciate what I do for her.

May you never let go of what we have even when I am pushing you away, I tried my best.

I did all that I could to be there for you when you needed me, but you never even saw me.

Will you hug me tight and not ever let go of me once I get to where you are at this moment?

I still dream of the day when I might be able to show you that I deserve you, that’s right, baby.

I cannot even imagine being there at 3 AM in the morning but for you I drive that early, babe.

In the middle of the night, you called me and 5 minutes you had me right beside you, really.

How I could have wished that everything would be alright again between us, just say sorry.

You never did repent for all the bad things you have done to me and still I let that pass on.

If you would just listen to what I am saying maybe you would understand what I’m doing.

If being there is unforgivable because I saw you at your weakest, then go ahead and break up.

Will you please just remember that I want to be with you, but you always pushed me away?

Let me tell you of the story where I am the one who tried her best, but you never saw it, girl.

Every power that I have, I used to stay with you but regardless of that you still left me out.

How come even when I tried so hard I felt like I just wasn’t enough for you, now and always?

Is it me or do you just don’t like people who free up their time just to be with you as much?

We broke up simply because you couldn’t take me being there for you at your weak moments.

Will I ever be enough for you, it seems no matter what I do I will always be just an if to you.

I am still searching for the reason why that after everything I have said, I am still not yours.

You will always be the one to light up my days even when you decide you don’t want me now.

Please see what I have done for you, that I am worthy to be with, that I care for you a lot.

For every single thing I have done, you have repay me with nothing but bad words and stuff.

I am just so sick of being there for you when you were never there for me to begin with, lady.

How come I am being punished for being there when you were the one who begged me to go?

I no longer have this notion nor the will to being there for you, I am just so sick of this life.

I am so tired of being there for you and you treating me like trash, treating me like nothing.

You say I am a fool but being there for you was all I could have done then, what do you want.

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