Top 55 Enjoy Life Quotes

There are so many ways to enjoy life, to celebrate the beauty that it really is, you can do a lot of things, go on as many adventures as you would like.
What would you do if this was your last moments, you must enjoy life as much as you can in every single second so that you would not regret anything at all.
To do this, you must take risks, you must love life on everything of your life.
Here are some quotes to enjoy life and just have some fun while you are at it.

What I want you to do is to enjoy life and make the most of what you have, so you’ll be happy.


Let us rejoice after all the hard work we have done, believe me that it will pay off later, boy.


I want to show you that we can be out there and appreciating this life that we have, baby.



Let me be with you on that very first skydiving experience that you would have in this year.


This year should be the year when you do the things you are afraid of, conquer them all, love.


What should we do next, to climb mountains or to explore more lands, we’ll do it together.


There is more to this world than you know and so let us get to know them more than ever, girl.


Celebrate every moment that you are happy or when something good happens to you, baby.


And when the end comes, know that I will be here with you and you have done everything.


For now, as you are still young, just enjoy life, do what you are passionate about, my dear.


It is a matter of doing the things that you should do that would matter the most, my dearest.


What a great ride it would be if you have done everything in your bucket list, think of it that.


Do not spend your time wondering about your what ifs, instead try your best to do everything.


Let us do what we can and make the most of the time that we have left, we should do it all.


If you want to enjoy life, you need to be prepared to give it your all, to give it your best shot.


And the truth is that if we want something to happen, we must be prepared for it, alright.


I used to know this kid who did not do anything at all so let us make things happen, baby.


Should we go to a restaurant and eat together, or should we splurge on something new today?


Let us keep trying new things so that we will have a lot of experience with a lot of things, boy.


We can only have what we let ourselves to have so we might as well do what we can do today.

The only way to enjoy life is to be happy doing what you want to do and never hold back.


In the end, it is up to us to decide how our days would unfold so let us keep choosing right.


If this was your last moment in this world, what would you do? Do that thing right now, girl.


Sometimes, it really is a matter of taking a risk and jumping on every opportunity you get.

You only have one chance to enjoy life, so you might as well make it worth everything else.


I know there are a million questions bothering you right now but stay with me, I’ll be here.


Even when you feel like dreaming, I will hold your hand and anchor you back to reality.


When you can’t get up, do not worry because I will be here for you all the time, believe me.


The stars seem so bright tonight, I bet we can stargaze and have a lot of fun this night, babe.


I still remember the first day we met, I will never ever forget that very day you came running.


Sometimes, you will need to make a sacrifice just to be able to enjoy life and, so you will.


Even when you hurt me I will be with you and show you how fun the mundane days can get.


You may think today is boring, but I will assure you that every moment with me will be worth.


You are worth more than all my days combined and that is why I don’t want to lose you ever.


When you are feeling down, come to me and I will show you some great time, believe me on it.


If you are lost, I will sit down with you and we will talk about whatever you want to be, baby.


It is in every decision that we make that signifies whether we enjoy life or not, that’s true.


We will make plans, and we will color them as we go, and we will be as happy as we can be.


Of course, it’s going to be hard to hold on, but the best things never did come easy remember?


Hold your breath and I will show you what it means when they say that you have to dive deep.


The truth is that I will never find anyone to ever replace your space here in my heart, baby.


You are all that I need especially on the times when I am feeling so down and alone, my girl.


At this moment, all I want for you is to enjoy life and have a satisfied smile on your face.


I thought I was stronger but now I have realized I may not have been that strong at all, love.


When you are feeling down I will hold you tight and try to cheer you up as much as I can.


And when you think everything is over that is when you will feel things are happening.


I am still waiting for the day that you will tell me that you have really enjoyed being with me.


Baby, if you can enjoy life, why not do so for you only got one life so try your best every time.


Being with you were one of the best moments of this journey and I want to thank you for it.


When we are together, it feels like everything is possible and that is why I want to be with you.


There are a lot of reasons why I am here for you but mostly it is because I care for you a lot.


Will it be possible to be with you for the rest of forever because I want to be with you so bad?


If there comes a chance to enjoy life, why not take it, why not risk what you have to do so?


Maybe the reason I am here with you is because we are meant to do things greater than us.


Let us keep on trying our best to bring forth a change and make our marks in this world, dear.


Some days I want to be alone, by myself and still I think of being with you to just have fun.


It is moments when I feel so sad that I want to be with you and be comforted by your presence.


And for sure you are going to enjoy life I can see it in the glint in your eyes, you are awesome.


How come it never occurred to you to just do everything you want and then have fun, baby?


Forget it, I want to be with you as much as I can, and I will do all that I can to do that, girl.


If you want, we can go on a ten mile hike or run around the campus, I am willing to do it all.


For you, I am more than willing to do crazy things because that is what having fun really is.


May I remind you that if you want to live this day fully, you must celebrate every waking time?


Be as cool as you can be and just enjoy life for it is meant to be lived the way you want it to.


Thank the heavens when you wake up in the morning and before you sleep coz your safe.


It is in every little thing that you do that you will realize just how much fun it is to live fully.


May you be blessed, and may you live as much as you possibly can, as much as you need to.


Every chance you get to enjoy life, do so and you will see that it pays off, hard work, that is.


Hold on tight to me and do not let go, I will show you how fun things can really be, my dear.


And in every single time you smile, I rejoice because I am the reason for it, I just know, love.


There is something about you that makes me want to have all the fun I can possibly hog, dear.


In this moment, it is just you and me and I hope we can just celebrate as much as we can.


Maybe you just need someone to push you to enjoy life for you to be able to give it your all.


It is time to be with each other again and just smile and possibly laugh all night long, honey.


May we be there for each other when we need to be with each other the most, my dear friend.


Give it all that you have, to enjoy life for that is the only way you are going to make it, dear.


Maybe today is finally the moment that you get to enjoy life after all the hardships of the past.


You either enjoy life or you don’t, and I pray to the heavens that you get a chance at it, dear.


If you can enjoy life, do so but always keep the people who matters to you as close as possible.


To be able to enjoy life is a blessing it is a gift that you must always treasure no matter what.


For now, just do your best to live a life that is worth telling a story of, to be proud about, love.

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