Top 45 You are my Home Quotes

Home is where you wanted to be after a long tiring day in work or in school and each of us don’t want to miss a time with our love ones.
However, home is not always found in four walls but can also find to a person.
Don’t be afraid to show how you feel and express this by using the following you are my home quotes.

Every time I look at your beautiful eyes, I feel I’m home.

They say home is where love is found therefore you are my home.

You are my lamp that guides me home whenever I feel lost.


I feel complete because of you and when I look at you I feel at home.

Your gaze brings love and comfort that’s why you are my home.

Wherever place you are, with me or without me, you are my home.

I think home is not just a place because it is you.

I am your only one and I won’t leave you because you are my home.

Home is not about having four walls but also having eyes and a heart.

You are my safe place because you are my home.

Being in your arms feels like home and I don’t want to let go.

I am not afraid to show the real me to you because you are my home.

You are my home; the place where I am free and can stay up to.

Without you around I feel homesick because you are my home.

I might be in several places but I will always return to you since you are my home.


I find true love on you since home is not a place anymore because you are my home.

When in pain I always want to go home, that’s why I run to you since you are my home.

How I could leave you when you are my home? You are my everything, my life and my love.

You made me for who I am now because you are my home.

Our love is beautiful and unconditional that is why I am saying at your door.

Oh love, I found myself so much into you that makes me feel you are my home.

Standing at the footsteps of your heart, waiting to be opened by you since you are my home.

When you are with the person you love, you are home.

I hope you can find a person who can make you feel at home and at peace.

No place can ever replaces my home so no one can replace you because you are my home.

We found our home to each other, where our hearts’ safe place.

I am at my best when you are around my sweetheart because you are my home.

Don’t go too far or else I will keep chasing you and returning to you.


Houses are built by walls but our home is built by our love.

Oh love you are my home, you are my safe place and I want to be with you always.

You are my true love I found home at you and I don’t want to lose you.

Everything I feel when I’m at home is what I feel when I’m with you.

I don’t feel homesick as long as you were here with me because you are my home.

I can’t stop thinking of you because you are my home my love.

My dream is to be with you always until we get old and even in our afterlife.

In your arms I feel better and contented because you are my home.

I love every minute I’m with you, spending time with you and doing cute little things with you.

This love will last forever because you are my home, my life and my forever.

I don’t feel any loneliness just thinking about you.

May I live in your heart forever for free with no conditions?

You are not like anybody else you make home to every one you love.

You mean so much to me that I could not live without you because my home is you.

Whenever I look at you I saw our future, my future family; my future home.

Under the night sky, sitting right next to each other we build our dreams together.

Home is the safest place for me and I’m glad I found it in you.

I can’t describe what I am feeling right now, you holding me so tight in your arms.

Home is where you are and I will always come after you.

At the end of the day I will return to you because you are my shelter, my home.

All my life I am finding where my true home is, and I found it to your loving arms.

It is in your loving gaze and charming smile where I want to dwell in.

You are the place where I want to rest my exhausted body after a long day.

My love you are my comfort, my peace and my hope.

You are my escape in this world full of mess.

When rain comes you are my shelter making me feel secure and safe.

Thanks to God that I already found a place where I can call my own. YOU.

In the middle of the darkness I found a warm place to stay in; in your heart.

Don’t forget to smile my dear because it brought me comfort and peace.

How I will describe my home? It is start with the letter Y and ends in U (YOU).

You heal my soul and touch my heart that’s what home really mean is.

Can you find my home in my heart? Go find your name on it.

I keep reminding myself I’m going home, going home in your tight embrace.

Whenever I misses my home, I just look at you and feel at peace.

I saw my home in your eyes, in your smiles and in your heart.

I want to stay in your arms, I want to dwell in your heart and in your mind forever.

Two hearts that beat as one is enough to build a home full of love.

You serve as my sturdy wall when I feel weak and afraid and roof every stormy days.

You opened your door and let me in to your life and love me with all your heart.

When I seek for a refuge during stormy days, you let me in and let me stay forever.

I know it is you, it is you that all I wanted, with you I feel at home.

In your heart is where I want to live and stay my dear.

Stay with me forever because I don’t know if I could find a home like you.

When there is love there is a home. Thus you are my home.

Your love is like no other and no one can replace you in my heart.

Thank you for always being there, for not leaving me my love.

I don’t how we get this far but I am sure for one thing, you are my life.

When I am in doubt you are the one who cheer me up. Thanks for being my light.

Home is not a home if it lacks foundation. But your love is my foundation.

I think life is coming home because at the end of day we always come back home.

When I’m far from you, I always think of you because you are my home my dear.

I may roam in many places but at the end of my journey I will keep returning to you.

I give you my love because you shine the brightest among the rest.

My heart aches whenever I am far away from you.

You never have to be alone my love because I will always be with you.

You light my way to lead me to your heart.

Your arms is the warmest and tender place I had been to.

I can feel we are as one and you are part of me, my love.

Come my dear and fill my life and my heart full of joy and love.

Whenever I want to go home, I will just take your hand.

We held our hands together during our darkest times and found home at each other’s arms.

You light up my world and make everything fine and better.

As I walk towards you in this narrow path, I saw my home, my future.

I won’t mind travelling so many miles just to be home, just to be with you my dear.

In your arms I feel warm, in your chest I feel safe, and in your heart I feel at home.

You are the one I always wanted, I need and I love. You will always be in my heart.

My heart is yours and will always be yours. Keep it safe and be gentle to it.

You are my home, stay with me, this is what I really need.

I am not scared anymore because I have a home to run and that’s you.

I don’t want to run away from you because you are my greatest love and my only one.

I need you like I need water and air, you are my necessity, without you I’m nothing.

I really need a home, a place where I am protected and I found it in you, in you love.

You and I under this one roof can make a safe haven full of love for our future kids.

Do you know what it feels like without you by my side? It feels I lose a home.

I wish you will come back to me because I can’t be away to someone I feel at home.

When we are in love home is not a place anymore but it is someone we love.

You are my happily ever after, you are my forever and you are my ending.

Home is not a just a place but also it is the moments we have shared.

When all becomes dark, you are there to give me light.

Before I thought HOME cannot be compared to anything, but now it seems equal to YOU.

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