Top 40 When You Love Someone Quotes

When you love someone you want to give them all that you have, you want to show them your best side, you want to tell them everything you are thinking about and that is normal.
When you love someone, you want to be with them all the time and that is perfectly fine.
Because when you love someone you just want to get all the moment that you can get with them and savor every second of your day.
Here are some quotes about how it feels when you love someone.

When you love someone you want to show them that you will keep loving them forever, right?

Some women shows it so easily, how they are in love with people but for some it is really not.

You begin to be this person you do not even recognize when you fall for a person, that it is.

I do not even know how to start explaining to you what I means to actually be in love, girl.

It is when you fall for a person that the flaws start to show and still love them all the same.

Loving is about accepting someone that you barely even knew once in your life, that it is.

The truth is that you deserve to be loved, every person does but I know that you do, girl.

Caring for someone means that you actually want to know how their day went that is the truth.

You would want to know what they are doing, you keep thinking about them, that is loving.

You will learn that some days you would not even survive a day without talking to that person.

A special person is someone you can go on for hours talking with but never getting tired of.

In silence, you will hear the voice of your heart and it will tell you if you love someone or not.

It is when you love someone that you do all the crazy things in life because you want to do so.

Within this heart of mine I am carrying yours because I do not want you to ever break it apart.

Friendship is the most sacred form of loving someone because you never want to lose them.


If you keep living in the fear that you would not be loved back, you will never know love, girl.

You need to start being happier if you want to actually try and love a person, that is the truth.

Stop smiling to hide what you feel, someone is going to be able to understand you, someday.

It gives you strength, makes you feel more confident, knowing someone actually cares for you.

The truth is that no matter how long ago we last talked, one chat and I will instantly reply.

You change into a person you do not recognize when you love someone that is the truth of it.

I noticed that you change a lot when you love someone, you become cheerful and happier.

I loved you in the only way I knew how, in giving all that I am to you, making you feel special.

I know that one day you will find someone other than me but I wish you know that I am here.

Loving someone so selflessly is like being cut and bleeding and still being as happy as can be.

I hope that you find a person who will make you feel like never before, make you feel special.

You begin to smile for no apparent reason and laughing out love to yourself, you are in love.

You know that you love a person when you can’t stop thinking about him all day long, really.

How do you know when you love someone as much as you want to I wonder that so much now.

I want you to know that if you feel the same way that I do, let’s go try to figure it out together.

You feel giddy at everything he does for you, every simple thing, that is how you know love.

It is when you are in love that you remember everything he said, every simple detail of him.

You might even memorize the shape of his face, the way his eyes would sparkle, every time.

You love the way he looks at you and the way he would touch your hair and you love him.

He makes you feel excited about every little thing and that is what makes you so happy now.

If today you can change the world, he is the one thing that you would never want to change.

No matter what happens, he is the one person you want to go to when you feel so lost in life.

And when you love someone you just want to be the best person you can ever become, really.

He makes you feel special, he makes you feel needed, wanted, that is how you love a person.

It is normal to feel a little bit jealous about the people who are able to be with him always.

You will do your best to actually spend time with that person no matter how short it may be.

Talking to that person is one activity you would never want to take out of your schedule.

No matter how busy you may be at this moment, you will still find some time to talk to her.

Even when you are just so down, she is the one person you want to talk to until forever.

It is him that you want to see next to you every morning when you wake up, the first person.

When you love someone you take all the risks even when it seems you will not win anyways.

When you love someone, you become unsure of everything you do whether it is right or not.

You begin to imagine what your future would look like with her and you just love it so much.

Seeing him just lights you up inside and makes your day a whole lot brighter than ever before.

You will never get tired of seeing her, of looking at her, you can stare for the whole day even.

You want to spend every waking moment with her and even sleep with her beside you always.

When something good happens to you he is the first person you want to tell everything of it to.

You feel so incomplete when your day has gone by without you talking to that person, really.

Whenever you feel sad, you want to be able to hear your voice to make everything better, girl.

It is when you love someone that you become scared of losing that person more than your life.

He or she is that person you are thinking of as you are reading this very quote right now.

Having her in your life makes you feel like you need not anything else to live a good life today.

You want to be able to hold her in your arms for as long as you can, to be able to kiss her.

It is him that you want to hold hands with, to walk through all the problems life has to offer.

You are more than scared to lose him because you feel like you can’t survive life without him.

Forgetting her is the hardest thing you would do and you do not even want to do it anyways.

When you love someone you turn into this self-sacrificing person you barely recognize, girl.

It is okay for her to hurt you over and over again and you will still love her the same way.

No matter what she does to you, you still love her with all that you have because you just do.

You cannot explain why you love her and you cannot think of forgetting her more than ever.

Thinking of him instantly makes your face brighter and a smile is automatically on your face.

He makes you believe that you can actually love someone for a long time even for a lifetime.

No matter how much he change, you still love him for who he is because that is what love is.

You will follow her through the end of the world because she is the one that you dream about.

You become desperate when you love someone, fighting for them when it is so helpless, really.

When you love someone it is such a joy to wake up with them beside you every single morning.

Even though it hurts so much, when you love someone, you do not feel the pain at all, really.

She may be crazy and totally a wreck and still you would hold her tight, loving her all day.

There is nothing more you would like than to keep on loving her as long as you actually can.

Your eyes shine like crystals as you tell her how much you truly love her with all you have.

You do not forget to remind him that you love him and that you will always be there for him.

Falling in love with him happened accidentally without you meaning to do so at all.

You want him for who he is regardless of how he looks like, regardless of monetary needs.

There is something about him that makes you feel complete, makes you feel safe and alright.

Your shared memories are one of the most important thing to you even until you grow old.

Even when he fails to meet your expectations you just cannot ever let him go more than ever.

Through tough times, his is the hand that you want to be able to hold with yours.

When you love someone they do not ever leave your heart even after you have long broken up.

You want to make more memories with that person because when you love someone, it is joy.

When you love someone you feel like you can do anything even those you haven’t done before.

I promise you that it gets easier when you love someone, it is better to experience it firsthand.

I just wish that you be careful when you love someone, it can backfire as well, just reminding.

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