Top 40 Friendly Quotes

There are just some people out there that are friendly in nature and those are the type of people who are the best there is.
If you know some friendly people out there, you might want to show them that you find them really entrancing and here are some quotes that might be able to describe them.
Try these quotes out to see how far they will take you on.

I want to be as friendly as you are, to be able to make some friends wherever I try to go to.


If you want someone to lean on, find a person you can trust with your whole life, believe me.


I want to be the person you have faith in, that you can actually believe in, I want to be that.


When the rest of the world tries to walk out on you, I swear that I will stay with you, my dear.


You are lucky if you have someone you can talk to when everyone else say that they are busy.


You have friends simply because your personality is good, you have that kindness in you.


When you are new to a place, the best you can try to be is to be as friendly as you can, dear.


It’s those people who keeps communicating with you through the miles in between that matter.


What are we but a single heart and a single brain operating on two bodies that we are, buddy.


You are the one I want to travel the world with, that is how close we already are, my best bud.


And you held my hand when my world was crumbling down on me and I will never forget it.


Sometimes, the sad thing about being friendly is that no one can see just how sad you are.


You hugged me when I needed someone to be with me and that really means a lot to me.


I do hope that I can just keep you close to me as I try my best to not let go even if I’m scared.


You might as well try to keep those that matters to you close and remind them you love them.


In this lifetime, you are only going to get a few ones that will be sincere to you, don’t let go.


The only wrong thing about being friendly is that I try to think the best in everyone else.


You should keep making friends and acquaintances especially when you do not need one.


It is the battles that you fight in life that will help you determine who the ones to trust are.


If you are sincere in helping another person, you will see that they will be sincere to you too.


There is no better relationship that someone who can be there for you at your worst times.


I tried my best to be as friendly as I can but you ruined it all, you told me you hate me a lot.


You never left even at the worst moments of my life, you stayed and that is what matters to me.


It was you who held me together when I did not know what I was supposed to do, thank you.


As friendly as you may seem to be, I can see right through you, I know you think of others.


The best thing about strangers is that it is quite easy to turn them into trustable people.


Maybe time is just waiting for the two of us to get to know each other better, that we are.


You are practically the best thing that ever happened to me, I’m so happy you talked to me.


And here I though he was actually in love with me only to figure out that he is just friendly.



I was not that great, you won’t even benefit from me and yet you stayed with me, thanks, bro.


You are my sister by heart even if not by blood, you have proved this to me over and over.


I love you like I love my family because that is what you are to me: you are already family.


No matter how far we get from each other, I swear I will make time just to hang out, dear.


I may be just another person to someone else but to you I am important and that’s enough.


I was a fool to be as friendly as I am only to end up being hated by other people even more.


You make me feel comfortable with myself and that is a magic within itself, thanks a lot!


Just tell me that you care and I promise that I will stay with you until the end of time, buddy.


I want to remain friends because at least friendship lasts the test of time, almost all the time.


We have been with each other for the longest time and I guess it means it’ll last a lifetime.


I want to be friendly, I want to be that friend who will walk into your life and show you life.


I sure hope that at the end of my rainbow, you are the one that will be waiting for me, bud.


You have broken a lot of ice to speak to me and that is simply telling me how cool you are.


You have every quality I am looking for in a friend and that in itself is enough for me already.


I want you to understand me in ways that only you can and you did, I wanted to hug you then.


I am friendly because I want to be remembered by people as the one who stayed with them.


There is no better prize for me than the gift that you have already given me: your friendship.


I will walk with you until the ends of the earth if you wish me to, that I can promise you.


It is truly a wonder how two strangers become the best of buddies, it is kind of like a miracle.


I want to be responsible for you and to be there when you need me, I want to be that to you.


You give me just enough freedom to still be myself whenever I am with you and that’s good.


I want you to just be who you are when you are with me because that is who I care about.


What you really need right now is a friendly face and I promise that is all I will give you, girl.


You see, I am friendly enough to stay with you when the rest decides to walk out on you, boy.


It is in times when you are in trouble that I swear I am going to be present coz you need me.


When you need me most, I assure you that I will come running, I will come as fast as I can.


If you ever feel like you need someone to talk to, do not hesitate to come knocking on my door.


Just shout my name and I swear I will go to you as fast as I possibly can, believe me on this.


The kind of friendly that I am is the one that visits when everyone else forgets about you.


If there comes a time when you feel like breaking down, you can do so with me, I’ll be there.


Tell me where you are and I will come to you as fast as possible to care for you, my dearest.


I will protect you as much as I can, as much as you let me for I can only hope for the best.


In this world where everything seems wrong, I will be there for you, I will stay by your side.


I am holding your hand because I am friendly and because I want you to know I support you.


Everyone seem so busy with their thing and yet I will always have some time for you, honey.


May you realize that I had always been here for you all this time, even when you don’t see me.


I have been in your shadows, trying to figure out the best time to come out and show myself.


You are the one person that I have treasured the most in this life because I care for you a lot.


Come with me and together let us explore the beauty that life has to offer us, my dearest bud.


Let us enjoy life together, you and I because we deserve only the best we can possibly get.


The first rule in being friendly is to be friends to your enemies and to keep them close enough.


You might be able to repair relationships by being friendly, by proving that you are worth it.


I will be that friendly person even when you think you do not need a friend, I will be there.


I am not just friendly, I am also sincere, I can be the voice on the back of your head, my dear.


And you can only wish that you are as friendly as possible when the reward comes later on.


You are friendly and I love that about you, it makes me realize you are worth being a friend.


It is innate in you, being friendly, and I actually like that, I actually care enough to notice.


I want you to know that I am friendly because you made me into this person, a happy one.


And being friendly is only a façade when in reality I am as sad as you can ever see a person.


The sad thing is that no matter how friendly I try to be, others still think I am pretending.


I may not be as friendly as you want me to be but I swear that I am trying my best to be good.


Be kind and friendly all the time, sometimes that is the only thing that matters, believe me.


For now, I just want to tell you that I am friendly simply because I am trying my best, baby.


There is nothing wrong with friendly, I just want to be as close to you as I possibly can.

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