Top 35 If You Love Me Let Me Go Quotes

People say that if you truly love a person, you should know when to let the person go, you should know when to stop holding on to something that does not belong to you anymore, someone who no longer feels the same way that you do.
Now, if you are the person who wants to be set free, here are some quotes that will help you in some way since it will make your lover understand that you want to be set free.

I just want to tell you that if you love me let me go because I feel so suffocated in ‘us’, dear.


We must go our separate ways now that we realized that we were never meant for each other.


Although it is sad to see you go far away from me, I can only give you the freedom you need.


I want to be alone for a while and think of no one else but myself so please give me time.


Maybe what we need is space from each other, maybe we are getting too used to everything.


Will you leave me and believe me when I say that I just need some time alone by myself?


Let me be the one who tells you to just let me be so that you would not blame yourself, dear.


I no longer want to be with you and that is the truth so let us just end what is between us.


I guess we just did not work out, maybe we were just too much for each other, that we are.


And in the end, I can no longer stand being in your vicinity and that is the hardest part.


I am just letting you know I can’t stay with you any longer so if you love me let me go, boy.


I wonder if you are willing to set me free now that you know that I do not feel the same.


The love turned cold when I least expect it to be and I can no longer hide these feelings.


Maybe if it weren’t so hard to hold on, I would but it feels like my fingers are slipping by.


Would you tell me that you care so that I would not have such a hard time letting go?



I wish I can tell you that we will eventually find the way back to each other, but I cannot.


As much as I wish to still try to work us out, I just cannot, it is that hard, that is for sure.


All I know is that I need some time to just to be by myself, to be all alone with no one else.


I need to get back to who I was before we met, before we fell in love and became a couple.


You said you love me but I will believe it should you leave coz if you love me let me go, baby.


The best thing I can tell you right now is that if you love me let me go, don’t suffocate me.


I have this notion that if you love me let me go, for if we are meant to be, we’ll see each other.


Time is passing by for both of us and I just want to say that if you love me let me go, darling.


I need some time off, maybe we need to cool down and just give some space to each other.

I think we need to be far away from each other so that we can see we are not fitted together.


And I wonder what I did to make you feel this way, to make you think we do not belong, girl.


I sincerely wonder what happened to us and why we are now the way we are, it is really sad.


We used to do things together all the time and then we fell apart, so let us let each other go.


I hope this feeling is mutual, I no longer feel the same intensity of love for you like I used to.


Maybe it is in the moments when we were so far away that I realized I am better off alone.


We are not the perfect match, we never were but I really thought we could have worked it out.


The sad truth is that we are no longer the same way we used to be and that is the hardest part.


And here I wish that I can still look at you the way I used to, but the truth is I no longer can.


I do not know what is happening between us but I do know that we no longer fit each other.


We are no longer who we used to be, we have changed so much, I do not know you anymore.


Are we fooling ourselves or is this our reality, but I want to say that if you love me let me go.


I want you to understand this is also for me so right now, if you love me let me go, let me free.


Set me free, give me my freedom back, if you love me let me go, I want to have alone time.


Maybe we need some time apart to eventually fall back into the love we used to have.


The truth is that I just feel so cold whenever I am with you, the warmth is no longer there.


Darling, I wish that you can just tell me that you feel this way too, abandoned and used.


We no longer belong to each other like we used to, we are no longer for each other anymore.


I used to think that we belong together, but the truth is that we just cannot make it work.


I think you need to realize that we have changed and grown into some strangers, that we do.


There is no one else in this world I would rather be but right now, I want to be with myself.


I really want to be by myself right now and so if you love me let me go, forget everything else.


There is no better way to say it but that if you love me let me go, I hope you will come around.


There are moments I think that if you love me let me go, and maybe I’ll come back to be yours.


We have hurt each other so much that I think the best would be if you love me let me go, dear.


I need to be with myself, I need to realize that I am worth something even when I am alone.


I wish we can go back to that moment in time where we are really so happy, I wish we could.


Let me be, set me free and then we will live separately but not really lonely for sure, darling.


If you let me know what you need I will give it to you but know that I want to be by myself.


Please tell me that you will set me free when it comes down to it, that you love me enough.


Have you ever really loved me because it seemed to me that we are really not for each other.


I wish that I can tell you that I still love you but the truth is that it’s just not the same but I do.


I want you to be with me but at the same time I think I need to know myself a little bit better.


The famous line it is not you but it really is me is true, that is how I feel right now, my dear.


I am telling you to go, let us have fun but we no longer have the best time with each other.


Maybe it is about being apart for some time that will bring back the passion that we once had.


We lost it, that passionate love that we used to have and all I can feel is sorry for it.


I can no longer live & survive every day with you knowing that I just don’t feel the same way.


If you love me let me go, for I can no longer tell you that I love you with all of my heart, baby.


I have thought about it over and over again and I think that if you love me let me go, darling.


You were the best thing that ever happened to me but we are no longer who we are anymore.


Things change, so do people and I think we are just truly not destined to be for each other.


And I thought we could be for each other for the rest of our lives but it is not working out.


A few more time alone is what I really need right now and I hope you understand that, dear.


I wish you would tell me that you understand me when I tell you that I need some time alone.


Let me be the one to tell you that you are no longer the person I want to be with, my darling.


Do you really love me because if you do you would have let me go by this time, my dear.


I want you to understand, things are not working out anymore so if you love me let me go.


Just give me some time for myself, for you as well, let us have space, if you love me let me go.


If you love me let me go and I just want to have some time alone right now, that’s the truth.


I am going to be honest with you at this moment, please, if you love me let me go, let me free.


My love for you has come and passed and now I want you to know, if you love me let me go.


Let me say this: if you love me let me go because I want to be able to have some alone time.


Let’s be together again if we are really for each other, right now, if you love me let me go.

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