Top 35 Feeling Alone in a Relationship Quotes

There are times when you will it is tiring, feeling alone in a relationship that is meant for two people.
When you feel that you are the only one who is in love, when you feel that you are the only person in the world who gives in effort in trying to maintain the love that you both supposedly share.
For those people who are feeling alone in a relationship, here are some quotes that will make you feel better than ever, which will help you decide on what you should do.

Feeling alone in a relationship is the worst feeling of all, not getting to enjoy what you share.


I wanted to be with you today but you were too focused on yourself to even notice me, babe.


I felt so sad today because I thought you would be here but you left me all alone, my darling.


Who would’ve thought it would feel this bad to feel so alone in this thing that we have, baby.


And here I thought you were just busy at work but you are so caught up that you forget me.


You have another person with you and you do not even notice how much I am hurting, really.


How do you deal with this feeling of being so left out, how do I even start with this, it sucks.


This really blows up big time, how you think you can handle things but it ends up you do not.


I just wish I wasn’t feeling alone in a relationship because it just makes me so sad every time.



Please do not make me feel like I am the only one here we are supposed to handle this both.


And even when it seems things are going to fail, please be with me through it all, my dear.


Please be with me, please stay, I do not ever want to let you go because I care so much.

I wanted to stay together but when you are always leaving me out, what am I supposed to do?


It really hurts a lot when it feels like I am managing what we have on my own, how could I?


If only I don’t get this feeling alone in a relationship notion, I would have stayed with you.


Believe me, if romance was any indicator that we are in love, then maybe you have fallen out.


Things are falling apart and it sucks to see that I am the only one who is fighting for us, babe.


Save us, what we have and do not let me feel like I am the one who loves you more honey.


And in the end, I was the one left to fend off for myself, where are you now that I need you?


I do not know where I begin to tell you that I do not know how to make things work out.


Let me be the one to leave you first because I am so tired of being all alone, that I really am.


And I was so used to feeling alone in a relationship that I did not know how to handle you.


How could I still hold on to our love when after all, I was but feeling alone in a relationship.


When you come to that moment when you are feeling alone in a relationship, I hope you leave.


You either find a reason to stay or you simply leave coz you’re feeling alone in a relationship.


There is no reason for me to remain with you when you try to deflect every move I try to make.


What am I supposed to do now when you seem to have already given up on what we have?


Was I imagining it when you told me that you will keep loving me for the rest of forever?



All those promises you made went to waste when you told me that you do not want it anymore.


I gave you my heart, I wished you just gave it back to me when it wasn’t so crushed up yet.


You broke my heart and it just hurts so much, we are better off without each other for sure.


You ask for a second chance but how am I supposed to give it when you are too busy for me?


How I wish it was that easy, handling that feeling alone in a relationship thing, but it isn’t.


I want to be the one who will give you want you everything, but you wasted my trust, darling.


The only sin I have committed was to love you so how can you do this to me, how can you?


I gave you all my heart, everything in full but then you wasted all my love made me like a fool.


And I was so scared to love you, but I gave what we have a chance and now what do I do?


I wonder how you deal with being scared of being the more committed one, it’s my big fear.


How do I even begin to love you now that I know you might leave me any moment soon?


When will I learn my lesson, when will I start telling myself that it will all be alright, baby?


How can I possibly tell you that I am so scared to stay for fear you might just leave me too.


Feeling alone in a relationship is the hardest one to handle, it’s just so devastatingly sad.


All my efforts gone to waste just like that and the truth is that it is too much to trust again.


I am having doubts on whether I should be with you still when you forget me every time.


Anyways, it might just be me, it might be that the problem is me but is it really, my love?


You used to be the love of my life until the moment you changed and forget I was there.


All along, I was right beside you trying to comfort you but you disregarded me thoroughly.


How do I even start to try and make us work when you do not want anything to do with me?


Let’s go somewhere nice, somewhere where we can give more time to each other again.


If I have to break up with you, I suggest we do not see each other ever again coz I’ll hate you.


I hope that moment when you are feeling alone in a relationship never comes for you, darling.


It hurts when you are feeling alone in a relationship and you do not know what you will do.


Even when you are feeling alone in a relationship you still hope that he will notice you once.


Let me love you like never before and then hope that you will give me love even some more.


I hate begging for attention especially from the one whom I’m supposed to matter the most.


This really sad having to plead for your love, having to beg you just so you would stay.


And all the things you promised me before, where are they now that I need you a lot, baby?


You once told me that you would be there for me through and through so where are you?


I think that maybe I keep trying to find someone who will never come back anyway, really.


Are you gone, was the person I love just a façade, was everything we had together but a lie?


I think that I might have been the only one who loved, the only one who felt something, really.


I want you to know that I will be there for you no matter what happens, so please stay, love.


In that moment when you are feeling alone in a relationship, learn how you’re going to let go.


Maybe we were not supposed to be together after all if things like these drive us apart a lot.


I thought that maybe we would last, that somehow we will find a way back but we never did.


Maybe tomorrow you will see just how much I really mattered to thee, I do hope you will.


If I think that we would end up this way, I assure you I wouldn’t have stayed, but I did, babe.


Please tell me you would notice the way I stare at you, full of longing and full of disbelief.


Maybe the truth is that you are expecting someone else, could it be that you have someone?


Why we are at this point in our relationship were we are too busy for each other, it seem so.


Maybe if you could put in more time and patience, we will be able to get through this, babe.


Let me be the one to break it to you, I do not need someone in my life who doesn’t value me.


Please tell me that you will be there as always just like before when I feel so mad at everyone.


There is a simple rule when you are feeling alone in a relationship, stay to suffer or just leave.


If you are feeling alone in a relationship, maybe you can voice it out to your partner after all.


Like the others who came and went, I never thought you would end up just the same, really.


It is so sad to watch your back as you left me for someone else, I knew it was coming, sadly.


The sad part is that I hoped you would stay, that we would find love once more but we did not.


I am so scared of all the possibilities that are seemingly driving the two of us apart, love.


Listen to me when I say that feeling alone in a relationship at times is normal, so let it pass.


You either you or you don’t so stop feeling alone in a relationship, find out the big problem.


If things weren’t complicated it would be okay feeling alone in a relationship, but it’s not.


Let me be, let me go because I have long been feeling alone in a relationship and it sucks.


How do you tell yourself that feeling alone in a relationship will just be okay, when it’s not?


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