Top 30 Not Everyone You Lose is a Loss Quotes

The truth is that some people are better out of your life, some persons you are better off without and this is the case in the most toxic relationships ever.
Not everyone you lose is a loss and that is one thing that you should tell yourself repeatedly when the times comes that you have to let go of someone and you just feel like you do not want to let go because he or she is a loss.
You need to weigh the amount a person means to you and how much you mean to that person as well before deciding on the term ‘loss’.
Here are some quotes showing that not everyone you lose is a lose to help you out in that feeling you are in.

Believe me when I tell you that not everyone you lose is a loss, do not be afraid of letting go.


Forget him, let him go, you did what you could and he still chose to move away, it’s not you.


The problem is that you got too attached to someone who doesn’t know how to handle it, girl.


Do not worry, it’s not you, all along it has been him so do not blame yourself when he leaves.


Just focus on yourself more, remember that he lost more than you did, you’re awesome, babe.


My friend, it’s going to be okay, let all those toxic people go, you deserve to be happy, okay?

Listen to me, they are only there to bring you stress, you are way better off without them, love.


And in the end, let them be and they will realize just how important you were in their lives.


There is a joy and a peace when you let go of a baggage, not everyone you lose is a loss.

Everyone is trying to get a piece of you, but you should stop letting them, you deserve better.


And in the end, it all comes down to whether they gave you importance or not, my dear baby.


You should always think of the way these people valued you when you needed them to, honey.

It is up to them whether they want to leave or not, if they wanted to stay with you they would.


One lesson to keep in mind is that not everyone you lose is a loss, so fight for your life, dear.


Sometimes, it is a matter of trying your best to hold on or to just let go and let life flow right.


Life will mess with you, but it will point you to the right direction, so you might as well go.


You are going to be alright, so forgive them for the mistakes they have made but do not forget.


You just have to go through life as is and remember that not everyone you lose is a loss, baby.


It is truly sad when the people who matter a lot to you suddenly disappoint you a lot, right?


Maybe you should just expect the worst in everyone, so you do not get disappointed in them.


It is better to assume the bad things than to expect good things only to see them fail at it, dear.


You should just take care of yourself and forget about all of them, they do not deserve you.


Be careful in making attachments to people because not everyone you lose is a loss, alright?


You should stop making him your priority when he’s only there for you during his free time.


Stop being so damn available for him that he starts taking you for granted, love yourself more.


Don’t be afraid to lose people especially if they do not take the time to show you your value.


It is by loving yourself more that you learn how to value how precious you really are, dear.


Stop waiting by the phone at night because not everyone you lose is a loss and so stop hoping.


The thing is that you have to learn to treasure yourself so that no one can step on your pride.



If she wants to leave, let her leave, it is not your choice to do so but hers so do not stop her.


The point is that everyone is going to try to leave you at some point, give them the free choice.


No matter how hard you try to hang on to people if they want to leave you they will do so, girl.


Baby, I want you to know that you deserve people who will choose to stay with you, always.


Not everyone you lose is a loss, so it is just going to be you and yourself in the end of the day.


Stop doing certain things to please certain persons, what you need is a good rest and to relax.


The best thing to do right now is go out there and just have all the fun you can get, my baby.


The first sign of a toxic relationship, I suggest you do your best to get out of it fast, my dear.


I know that things are not going to be easy because that is just the way life is meant to be, girl.


Sure, not everyone you lose is a loss, but it is still going to hurt you a lot, it will suck a lot too.


The truth is that the hardest thing in this life is that everyone’s trying to hurt someone else.


It may be a little hard, letting go of people that you value but at one point you will need to.


For now, give it up, give it all up and realize that you are better off without some things.


Maybe after all the pain that they have caused you, you will realize you can do better than it.


May not everyone you lose is a loss and, yet you do not want to lose anyone if you can help it.


Tell me that you will be gone when I wake up because I am no longer afraid to see you gone.


It can be more of a matter of what is going to happen after letting go than what is happening.


I believe that things are going to work out for the better right after I’ve decided to leave you.


Will you listen to me when I tell you that not everyone you lose is a loss, you should let go.


If you want to leave, do so, I will no longer beg you just to stay with me, that is the truth.


You make life so hard by always telling me you no longer want to stay in my life, then do so.


I feel that you are in a toxic situation so heed my words: not everyone you lose is a loss, dear.


I will no longer be the girl who will try her best to make you stay, this time I prioritize myself.


Maybe you can just tell me that you want to leave instead of making me look like a fool, hon.


You will never be able to escape from this, just tell it to my face so I can accept it thoroughly.


And after all this time, my heart still shouts for you, but I have learned to keep it all locked up.


I finally met someone who plans on putting me first, who puts me as his top priority, my dear.


I guess the truth is that people will try to hurt me to the best they can, and I do what I can.


Things are not always as they seem, and the truth is that not everyone you lose is a loss, baby.


How do I even tell you that I no longer want to be affiliated with you any longer, my friend.


I am okay, and you seem like you are concerned, I am done believing your conniving lies, girl.


You say you care but at the very first chance you get you will leave me all alone as well, dear.


I could have used a greeting, some sort of showing you cared but you never did so goodbye.


Just believe me when I tell you that I am so tired of everything else in this life, as I am of you.


I am so tired of trying to believe that you would stay when I know you are not going to, babe.


Honey, you got me thinking about letting go and I know that not everyone you lose is a loss.


I no longer want to be associated with you after everything you have done to me all along.


And in the end, it was the actions you did that hurt me more than ever, it did hurt a whole lot.


So, let me tell you how much pain you gave me by all that you did to me when I least expect to.


There is not much I can do now but to let you do what you want, I am so done with you, boy.


You do not even know what you are sorry for, yet you expect me to forgive you, that’s just sad.


Not everyone you lose is a loss, so go ahead and let those so-called friends get out of your life.


I tried to keep you so badly, but I guess you were not meant for me, so I’ll tell you good bye.


There ain’t much I can offer but I know that I try my best in everything else in the world, boy.


You make the decisions, you should do it wisely, not everyone you lose is a loss, remember it.


I wish someday you would understand that not everyone you lose is a loss, so start letting go.


Uncurl one finger at a time, it is going to be hard but not everyone you lose is a loss, darling.


You can choose to let go or to keep holding on, not everyone you lose is a loss though, babe.


When you do not want anything bad to happen just remember not everyone you lose is a loss.


I wish you are going to hold on to me even though not everyone you lose is a loss, my friend.

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