Top 25 Growth Quotes

There is something inside of you that dies each time you try to do something that you do not want.
There is something inside of you that grows each time you do those that you are passionate about.
Growth is something that you cannot stop easily, as everyone says, it is easy to grow old but growing up is harder.
Here are some quotes about growth that you might want to read about so you can see just how hard it is and the struggles related to growth.

Growth is painful because you are bound to lose the most important people to you, that’s true.


You can become anything you want to be, there are a lot of possibilities just waiting for you.


Climb that mountain today, take the first step towards a wonderful journey, I keep telling you.

Plant those seeds now so that you can reap them later on in the long run, they will be worth it.


The problem isn’t with the things we do not see but with the way that we see things around us.


People have a hard time getting to be happy because they always look back on past mistakes.

Life is not about trying to find who you really are but to have the growth to become yourself.


You have to let yourself move forward in order to be able to get better things in the long run.


Stop thinking that the past is the best time to be in and focus on improving your present.


The secret is to learn to love your life because if you do, somehow life will love you as well.


There is nothing you can do to prevent your past but you can make do with the future, dear.


Leave your regrets behind, that is the first step you must do when you learn to grow up, girl.



It all begins now, what you will become in the future depends on what you will do today.


Stop looking for the answer and just keep on asking the questions, eventually you will find it.


The world needs more people who are more than willing to improve their day to day lives.


Stop being disappointed if you think your growth is too slow, I swear to you you’ll get there.


Do the things that makes you feel alive, the ones that puts a smile on your face every time.


Life is but a big experiment in which you have to do a lot of trial and error before the answer.


Go ahead and keep trying, failure is just a lesson that you must learn in order to succeed, girl.


Stop trying to impress other people and just work hard in order to make yourself a better one.

There are things you do not need and so you must not waste time and money to buy them.


You have to live your life to the fullest or else you will die without anything worth knowing.


Life is a journey, I know that now so I will do what I can in order to make it worth everything.


For now, what you can do is this: you can try your best to become the best you can ever be.


You will not realize this but your growth is defined by who you become as you grow older.


A real growth is when you learn to deal with the problems that are surrounding you, my dear.


Live your life believing that miracles do happen and that there are still chances for you, love.


The only thing that is ever going to be constant in this world is change so make the most of it.


Do not be afraid to get out of your nest and fly out in the open, the sky is so wide to do that.


Stop judging other people if their growth is not on the same pace as you and just focus on you.


It’s in the way you will do things that will make you feel alive and so go out there and do it.


Stop trying to live to the expectations that other people has for you, just make yourself proud.


The only person that you should be competing with is yourself, that is your biggest competitor.


There is always a price you must pay for every success, a sacrifice that you must make, honey.


Life is never ever going to be fair, you just have to learn how to make the most out of it, baby.


Focus on your growth and make every second count, make the things that matter to you count.


You should dance as if there is no one that is watching you and just keep being happy, girl.


Give love to other people so that someday the love you give will eventually come back to you.


How about you learn to love yourself so that you can be comfortable even when you’re alone?


Stop chasing happiness, it will just get away from you, instead try to just let it come to you.


You are beautiful and I hope that you will believe me as I tell you these words, they are true.


Sometimes, you can only wish that your growth will be hastened but do not rush, it’ll be okay.


I cannot search for the right words but I hope my actions will somehow let you know I care.


Do not think that anything is impossible because you only have to believe in yourself to do it.


When you are having doubts or second thoughts, I suggest that you choose what matters.


What is close to your heart is what you should be doing aside from everything else, dearest.


Go ahead and do what you are passionate about, pursue what it is that your heart wants.


You will achieve that growth you have long been waiting for if you just become more patient.


Stop being bitter about your past it will only it you from the inside, it will make you sadder.


As long as you are alive, I suggest that you make yourself as happy as you possibly can.


The one that is meant for you has been there all along, all you needed to do was look for her.


Stop looking for the perfect person and learn to love someone for the flaws that she has in her.


It is not in the appearance that we learn to love but in the character that we see in a person.


Work hard for things and you will not just have some growth but also some kindness in you.


Stop worrying about the things you can no longer control and just let it be, try to be happy.


You need to believe that you are worth it to actually be worthy of being love, love yourself.


Try to be kind because everyone else has their own battles that they are facing on their own.


Sometimes I feel like my life has no direction and still I love the life that I am living, I tell you.


And above all else, I just wish that you will choose to be happy, that you will try your best.


Stop looking back at the things you have failed to do and focus on what you can still change.


No matter what happens, you should not let anyone suppress your growth, you’ll be fine.


There will be times when you will have to let go, it will be okay, you can do it, I believe you.


Learn to adapt to your surroundings and everything will be a whole lot better than ever.


You must learn to change the way you view things in order to become the best you can be.


Let go of what you have in your mind, those plans, and just do things as they come, my love.


You are going to gain strength from your experiences and they will teach you what to do.


You should try being brave, it pays off and it really makes you a lot more adaptive than ever.


You will not end up where you thought you were going but where you are supposed to go to.


Now that you have found what you are living for you can now focus back on your growth.


And so now, just try your best to create a future that you can be happy in, something to love.


There will be sacrifices along the way and you must be prepared for those kinds of things.


You can fail over and over, that’s okay as long as you also keep on standing over and over.


You improve your growth by actually doing the things that you love to do, be passionate, dear.


Your growth depends on the food you eat so make sure that you also feed your soul well, boy.


Man, I wish my growth was fast enough so I can become whomever I want to be in the future.


There is still a possibility of growth within you, as a person, all the time, believe in that, girl.


Growth is a phenomenon that happens when you try to grow up and become a better you.


Be someone who is worth all the growth that you will achieve in this life, be worth everything.


I find personal growth really important and I try my best to monitor mine in the best I can.


You might as well forget about growth if you are not going to do anything to speed it up, girl.


There is no way I am not going to get my growth, I deserve it as much as you do I know that.


You are experiencing growth because you did something good to deserve it, that is the truth.


You need to keep being as kind and as awesome as you are to ever watch a growth process.


And the thing with growth is that it does not happen overnight, it happens gradually over time.


May you be blessed with fast growth that you are able to do the things you need to do.


If tomorrow never comes I am glad for the sudden spurt of growth in my body, I like it.


No matter how you try to stop your growth, it will show over and over again, my baby.

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