Top 100 Music Quotes

Music is truly one of the best things in this world because it speaks to people; it makes them relate to it, it gives them someone to turn to.
Music has been helping a lot of people ever since the day it was first made.
There is something about music that just makes a person feel better, it makes a person feel that he is not alone in this world, that there is someone out there who feels the same way that he does and that is the real beauty that is incorporated with music.
Here are some music quotes that will make you love and understand music a lot more than before.

Music will make you feel more alive, it will help you to keep your soul intact that it will really.


What is life but just another compilation of songs that we use to sing all the time in our lives?


There is something so grand about being able to hear your life made into a single song, right?


It was the melody that hooked me but then the words came out and suddenly I felt so right.


In those notes I heard peace, I soaked myself in it, I actually listened to it over and over again.


I wanted to give you a song, something that suits you so well but you did not want to listen.


It brings me to tears to see you like that not being able to even sing me a note, just so sad.


The words will bring you back to that very moment so put in a melody that can counter that.


If you can try and make things work, they will so just be strong and remember I was there.


You are not alone and you never need to be so go on and listen to some tunes you love most.



There is something about music that just rips my heart out of my chest every time I hear it.


What is there to find out when everything about those songs are of the past, or are they?


You can actually relive every memory of your life by listening to the right songs in there.


Keep on listening, that you can do or maybe you can just try and make your own tune, girl.


Gather those words and make your own song, if they can do it you can do it just as well.


There are only so much that you can teach me about those things so I want to start fast, sir.


I wanted to be that person you dedicate all your songs to but it seems we are not meant, boy.


All I ever really wanted was to be with you all the time but the songs bring me closer to you.


It is in the words of that song that I learned what your feelings really are, that you missed me.


I love music so much because it makes me know that there is someone out there just like me.

Music is truly one of the best remedy to heart break, to pain, to everything else that hurts you.


Every song is dedicated to someone, each line is for a person to hear it and realize it is for her


I asked you why you keep on singing to her when she does not hear you, you said you love her.


There is not much I can say but that it is the songs that keep me alive, they are the only ones.


How do I pretend that I don’t know who those songs are for when I know they’re really mine?


What are we fighting for in that song, with that tune, when we should be trying to make peace.


The thing about every song, every tune is the emotion that it stirs up from you, those feelings.


The world is quite famous because of the sounds that it makes, the very ground at that note.


It is music that gives life to the world, it makes it more livable, more bearable to live this life.


It is such a shame to see the person you love goes, so you preserve her in a story, in a song.


There just ain’t ever enough in life and you just keep on getting more each day of life, girl..


There is magic in every song, in every note, in every melody that you here in your ears, dear.


The best thing about your tune is that the universe can hear it without understanding lyrics.


Writing tunes and songs are a blessing, they are an art and you need only to practice more.


It is only through songs that some people are able to express themselves so let them do that.


The truth is the words help especially when you are just hurting too much, especially when.


When it is so hard to say what you wanted to say you can let music do the talking for you, boy.


How do you tell these feelings that you are hiding deep inside you, maybe you write a song.


You cannot lie when you sing because where your song goes, your feelings goes just as well.


There is a strong magic in singing your heart out, especially when you do not feel at all.


There is something lyrical about listening to something that makes you tap your feet, really.


The truth is that it is a safe haven, being able to say and listen at the same time to the words.


it is so easy to memorize songs, maybe because the words just goes straight into our hearts.


It is through music that people often try to express themselves, that is the reality of this life.


Music just speaks to people and that makes all the difference there is between each art ever.


Sometimes you just cannot be silent any longer and it is music that you rely on to, that you do.


There is no need to be afraid when the truth is you just want to try to express yourself for once


How do I go on from here when the only love I have ever known I have put on to singing?


There is yet so much for me to learn about this industry and yet I feel one step closer to you.


All I wanted was for here to hear that I did not mean to leave her but now I am up on stage.


I guess it is because people can relate to my words that I have sold a lot of albums already.


In writing the song, I am often stuck in trying to find the best words to fit what I want to say.


It is music that washes everything, every problem in our lives when we sing it and hear it too.


Even song writers get stuck sometimes, when they feel the words slipping off of their tongues.


I just wanted to show who I am to the world and now I am able to, they even listen to me.


For me, one of the best moments of my life is when I am up on stage singing my heart out.


Every singer is an artist because songs are art forms, something that tells a story of life.


I wish that it was easy for me to tell you but I find it so hard to so I just put it in all my songs.


There is something powerful and empowering about a song that gives me some courage.


There is something in you that is alive because of music that is the truth of it, the honest truth.


It is so easy for me to just sing how I feel instead of saying it so plainly to you: I love you so.


If I was given the chance to tell my story to the world, I would write a song about my life.


There ain’t much I can promise you except that I am willing to listen to every song right now.


Maybe there is a song out there dedicated to you, dedicated on letting you know something.


You either have it in you or you don’t, you are either good at singing or maybe listening to it.


Blessed are those who have the power to sing while the rest of us tries to be frustrated poets.


Music is one of the best forms of communication even when we do not appreciate it one bit.


There are times when I felt that what I was writing was not enough, I need to hear them all.


If I can be understood by the love of my life, let it be through the music that is in my blood.


For so long I have waited to find the right words to say and now here you are with me today.


When you have some music in your heart, everyone seems like they can actually hear it loud.


There is a music within you just waiting to be discovered, that is the way life is going to be.


Music is a compilation of feelings, of memories, of experiences of the person who makes it.


Life would not be worth it without any sort of music in it, I bet it would be really boring, girl.


Music is what makes life more interesting, is what makes us feel that life is going to be okay.


Sometimes it is actually music that gives us the courage to do something more than before.


If you want to change the world you can try out to make music because it has some impact.


When the world starts singing to your music, that is the time you know that it is really good.


When people ask me what I did to succeed I tell them that I just found the right music in life.


Some things are just a matter of finding the music that suits just that, to live in that revelation.


Music is also one of the languages of love in which you can express how much you really feel.


When you hear the word of God incorporated into music, it makes all the difference, it does.

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