Top 100 Good Morning Quotes

There are those mornings when you just want to tell the whole world just how lovely you woke up and how today is going to be a beautiful day. You want to share the sunrise with your friends or the way the air smells so good at this very morning. During that moment, you need some inspirational good morning quotes for her or him that would express what you mean and let them know. Here are best of them.

Start this day with a smile because today is going to be an awesome day!


This morning is a cold one, but a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate will make this day.


Good morning, my friend! I hope today becomes a great day for you!


Waking up this morning felt like being released out of a cage after being trapped for so long.


Let us start this day with positivity and make it a productive one!


The world is beautiful, so start looking for that ray of sunshine and be happy.


You know today is going to be fantastic from the way things are this morning.


A good morning is equal to a head start to a good day.


Things are not always going to go your way, but tomorrow will always be another day.


The sun shone right on the time it should and everything feels exactly right.


This very moment is the best ones ever: the sun shining directly on my face.


The warm sun warms up my cold bones and gives me strength to carry on.


Mornings are the most important time of the day: it defines how your day will go by.


One should never forget to pray in the morning and be thankful of all the blessings.


I love the way the rays of the suns shines on the darkest corners and fill it up with light.


Every morning feels like this, like everything is orchestrated and perfect.



Nature is very beautiful and we humans can only be in awe at it, the same with perfect mornings.


When I wake up, I am amazed that I am still breathing and I thank God for it.


15 Short Good Morning Quotes for every day

No one likes to read long messages in the morning. Because of that reason we have prepared for you these short motivating good morning quotes so the effect will be maximal.

I love bright mornings; I love how the sun is there even when I do not see it.


The warmth that the sun brings is perfect to my chilled skin from last night.


I am not fond of winter but still I love every morning that I get to see.


Mornings are reminders that you get to be alive for another day of your life.


There are a thousand of reasons to be thankful for today and mornings are one of them.


Good mornings are those that are filled with breads and cups of teas.


I hope you have a good morning today so that you start your day right.


Today you should do something better so that you can have a better future.


There are mornings that makes you feel like you can do anything that you want.


Maybe today is the day that you will make your mark and it begins with a morning.


If today is a bad day, just remember that there will be another morning to look forward to.


No matter what you may be going through, just remember that there will always be tomorrow.


Good morning to you and I hope that today you will find the answer that you seek.


If today is going to be your last morning, what would you rather do?


You are given two choices every morning: to get out of your bed or go back to your bed.


I got up this morning and I knew that today was going to be a great day.


Every morning means that there are more hugs, more love, and more things to treasure.


45 Good morning quotes for her

There is best part of the day to be motivated and inspired. For this part of day we have crafted amazing good morning messages that you can send to her or share them on your favorite social network like Pinterest or Facebook.

I love my sunrise memories with her, the way two people wake up in the good morning.


An hour lost in the morning without her is an hour that you will regret for the whole day.


Soon, you will stop noticing the sun and that will be one of your biggest losses.


In order to have a great morning, the best you can do is start getting a great attitude.


It is so hard to start a day and making it good without a single drop of coffee.


If you want to have a great day, then you better start it by thinking good thoughts.


An awesome morning is when you finally succeeded in defeating your snooze button.


Good morning! I just wanted to let you know how awesomely talented you are.


I hope you know that you are unique, amazing and beautiful. Good morning!


If yesterday was not your day, keep moving forward, maybe today will be a great one.


Sometimes, you can judge if your day will be great just by your mornings.


Forget about your regrets yesterday and just wake up and look forward to the ones you will do today.


If yesterday was good, then do not stop, maybe today will be even better.


You wake up now because it is such a fine morning to start achieving your dreams.


 It is such an important aspect of our life to see the darkness vanishing as the sun rises.


A great day starts from a good morning so find your motivation and think big.


Be an inspiration to others and start making every morning the best there ever will be.


This may seem but another day but truly this is a chance for your dreams to come true.


Even the smallest chances have the potential in order to have a big success.


The early bird does get the early worm so you must wake up and see how great the morning is.


This is a morning of your life that you will never be able to take back so you must get up.


Get up and make the most out of this wonderful morning!


You must thank God for giving you mornings, for letting you have another day of your life.


Good morning is not just a greeting but a sign of hope and happiness.


Mornings mean that there would be more smiles and hugs for today.


I keep looking forward to mornings, way before I realized it because it means seeing the sun.


I love basking in the sun, how the light warms me up inside and gives me hope.


Forget about yesterday, today is going to be a whole lot better than it.


No matter how happy or sad you are, you get to spend another morning so choose the right.


Even when things seem so depressing, you can at least hold on to mornings.


Keep making the right choices even when it is hard than taking the easy way out. Good morning!


If you want to start your big dreams, then make them see the light of a good morning!


Today is another challenge, to accomplish a lot before the sun goes down.


Stop thinking too much about things and start looking forward to good mornings.


Life is too short to bother about everything so just focus on keeping your mornings good.


Fight the urge to go back to bed and sleep once more and get up and see the sun rise.


There is nothing better than being able to see the light coming out of the pitch dark.


The transition between night to day is still one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed.


Do something good today and you will be able to make a better and brighter tomorrow.


When you feel a lazy morning coming, think about all the dreams that you want to achieve.


Start waking up early and sooner or later you will be able to catch up with success.


The first one to wake up is usually the one who sees the beauty of the sun.


Once you wake up, remember about all the things that you can do to make your dreams come true.


Each morning is a promise that you are going to get a step closer to your dreams.


Each morning is a gentle reminder of a purpose that you are yet to fulfill.


I hope the rays of the sun reach you wherever you may be as of the moment.


There are thousands of reasons to wake up in the morning, you just need to find yours.


It is an endless battle: going back to bed or getting up and starting your day.


Start your day right and do not forget to eat something for breakfast.


And then later on, you get used to it, every morning turns into a miracle and you love it.


Good morning is a product of believing that there will always be tomorrow.


Your dreams will keep on being dreams if you do not get out of your bed and wake up.


Unique Good morning quotes for him

How to wake him up in the early morning and get him motivated for the rest of the day? Well, you have come to the right place with these good morning quotes and messages that you can share with him or text him, so he can get inspired for whole day. And this will be all thanks to you.

Maybe tomorrow, things will be a whole lot better so wake up and tell the world you are okay.


This morning will be the start of something new in his life, so wish good morning to him and do not let it pass him by.


There are millions of opportunities that will come knocking so get up and open the door.


They say mornings are the best part of the day and I agree with them.


I hope you have a good morning! You are one of the friends that I treasure the most.


Someday, you will wake up and you will see why mornings are so amazing.


If things are going to get better, it is sure to start from a great morning.


If you believe it, things are going to be a whole lot better today than it was yesterday.


Today is another chance to get the most out of life so wake up to a beautiful morning.


I noticed that the morning is so beautiful so I decided to greet you, Good morning!


The sun has never forgotten to rise up so why keep on sleeping on your bed?


Something special awaits you so you need to realize it and start your day great.


Once you figure out it is going to be a good morning, everything else follows.


Who knows, maybe this morning, you will meet the person you are meant for.


Keep on basking on the sun, and let the darkness fall away.


If you liked these inspirational good morning quotes and messages then please share them with your friends and your loved ones, so they can also feel motivated and inspired to get trough the day.

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