It is a prequel to a good day, Thursday is the day before the end of the week starts. It is a normal day but sometimes people have a happy Thursday, knowing that the weekend will soon start. They drink on this day, have fun to the best that they are capable of.


People spend a lot of time trying their best in order to fit in, in order to actually find something to do on a Thursday night while others are just alone in their rooms, trying to get more sleep for the next work day.

If you love Thursdays or you just feel like actually doing something fun on it and sharing that joy, here are some Thursday memes that might help you out, some that will help you say that you did enjoy yourself and you are ready for more weekdays to come because you are stronger than anything.


It's thursday and I'm lookin' fab!


Thursday? Are you serious?


We are 'this close' to it being Friday!


Let us give Thursday a kiss

Is that you Thursday?


Well, I'll be... It's still not Friday?


Today is Thursday!


Thursday today! Ready to fly for the weekend!


You say Thursday. I say Friday eve.


On Thursday, we wear black.


On Thursday we fly!


Thursday huh?


Thirsty Thursday


Have a great Thursday!


Nothing messes up your Friday like realizing it's only Thursday


Thursday! Thursday! Hooray!


It's Thursday! I can smell the weekend!


Thursday fly!


It's throwback Thursday!


Throw back Thursday? Go throw yourself back inside your mother


Have a chill Thursday!


Smile doggo! It's Friday tomorrow!


Oh my! It's Thursday!


Thursday it is


It's still thursday?


It's Thursday! Time to prep for the weekend


Have a fabulous Thursday!


It's Thursday! Yey!


Omg! It's Thursday!


It's Thursday! Almost the weekend!


Bitch please, it's Thursday!

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