Things Happen for a Reason Quotes

Sometimes, you just have to keep in mind that things happen for a reason.
When you are in the verge of despair and loneliness, do not freak because when things happen for a reason, they are usually for the best.
The best thing that you can do now is to invest yourself in what is to come, to believe that you are going to be able to do all that you want to do in life.
So from now on, believe that things happen for a reason.
Here are some quotes on things happen for a reason to help you get it better and believe in it as well.

You see, things happen for a reason, they often rarely happen out of pure coincidence, baby.

The universe, that I where we live in & there are times when our lives get tangled up together.

What choices you make by this time will surely make a difference in the future you are look at.



Everything in this life is meant for something, destined to make a change in this world now.

Well, maybe there is an explanation to why your life is a mess, you just have to deal with that.

Things happen for a reason, remember that when everything around you is crumbling down.


We must be wise to not only understand the situation but to learn about the bigger picture too.

There are doors that are locked for us but open for others, go break the door down if you can.

Once you have declined some opportunity for something else, maybe there is a better one too.

Well I can’t tell you now but I sure do realize that there are reasons to why things happen too.


Of course you get to be on your own for this, but then again, girl things happen for a reason.

Girl I tell you what comes your way now might not come once more so be careful all the same.

We have troubles with some things that we are not meant to do in the first place, is that right?

There are some things that we just have to let go, or maybe we were meant to let them go too.


You decide how you will run your life but I hope you know that all things happen for a reason.

Everything is eventually going to fall into their right place if you believe in it, I tell you now.

There is a certain explanation to why these things are happening to you now, so calm down.

The best thing that you can do for now would be to just live for this moment you are in now.

Things happen for a reason and the things that you do today will have effects on your future.

So what I meant was that you should stop making those mistakes and aim for a better life too.


Well, you are the one who decides how your life will come along, so make no mistakes now.

There is a reason so do not worry, what you need to do is to hold on real tight to this life then.

We are all but parts of the same universe and so believe me that things happen for a reason.

Maybe if you think about it thoroughly you will realize there really ain’t no mistakes in life.


I think they were meant to happen so the truth is they were not wrongdoings in that sense too.

You might as well give it your best shot the results may be yet to be determined by your action.

I bet you think that everything will somehow fall into their place, well they need effort too.

Things happen for a reason and you have no choice but to just accept that is the way it is too.



And once that you realize more about this life you will learn how to encompass the hurdles.

They say you cannot make mistakes but maybe you were actually meant to make all of them.

You get to be the one in charge of how your life is going to be so take the best of it from then.

You might not see it that clearly at this moment but there are clear reasons why it all happens.

See, you have to understand that things happen for a reason and you have to live life that way.

The truth is that I can’t stop you from doing anything but I can at least give you a warning.

Yes, bad things may come your way but they are there to teach you a lesson, do not forget it.

Stop blaming someone else and just remember there is a reason for everything, my dear girl.

Trust in the Lord that is above all of us when He says to you that things happen for a reason.

Some people are bound to betray you, find out what caused them to act like that instead now.

When someone closes their door to you, I hope you realize it may not be for you after all then.

There are aftermath to everything, you just have to deal the consequences of your choices too.

For now, all that I can tell you is that things happen for a reason so you better watch out too.

May you not regret the things you chose to do for they are the ones that you decided on then.

There will be times when you make mistakes but then maybe they will turn out not to be ones.

The truth is that there is nothing more important than to do things the way you want them to.

I sincerely believe that things happen for a reason one way or another we are all connected.

Stop living with your regrets and sleeping with them, what you need is to make peace as well.

When things start to calm down, maybe the whys you have will finally be answered after all.

So what I should tell you is this: people might change but you can’t do anything about that.

You should hold on tight to yourself, it is going to get better, believe me on that, my dear.

We must put our fate in the hands of destiny at times, realize that things happen for a reason.

Things are meant to go wrong some point in this life so you know when it is finally going right

Things will be good or things will be bad, all this due to the choices you have had and did.

Maybe someday things will finally make sense to you and you realize what the world means.

Love this life and realize that there will always be a reason to every single thing, always.

Things happen for a reason and I am here today in front of you just to remind you about it.

I know how vulnerable you are especially when someone lies but you learn from that as well.

You learn from every experience you have in this world, that is the bonus you get from it now.

Do not worry, there is much more to come and you might just wonder how things will be soon.

Things seem to be falling apart now but stop worrying, they will eventually go to their places.

So now all that I want to tell you is that things happen for a reason so better be ready for it.

What you need to understand would be that you are amazing, I am just so proud of you now.

I hope that you are more than determined to be yourself now, I just imagined that you are too.

Life will make things worse but when you think that things happen for a reason, it goes clear.

The truth is that life loves to teach us a lesson so that is why it gives us so many hardships too.

Those bad things should never get to define who you are, just keep that head of yours up, ok?

I believe that you deserve all the things that you get for you are the one who played your card.

All these things are happening coz of the choices you have decided on, so good luck to you.

Maybe you would understand it better when I tell you that things happen for a reason, dear

There is a reason why everything happens in this life so you have to realize that and act up.

Wherever you should be & whatever you might do, know that your choices brought you there.

Sometimes you think being ok is enough but it is not, you need to be better in this life as well.

I sincerely believe that someone will be along and that you just have to deal with life this time.

I refuse to believe that all things happen for a reason but then I have no choice left now too.

There is a purpose to why you exist, why don’t we try and find that ourselves, come with me.

Well, you can’t be prepared for anything anyways so you might as well be ready for things.

You can try and be ready for a lot of things but I sure hope that you will be as fine as possible.

The reality of this life is that you have to make things happen for some reason, my dear girl.

Maybe what we need to do is to trust in the saying that things happen for a reason for now.

All the stories are true and that is what most people will tell you, just believe in yourself too.

Stop living with those regrets of yours coz of the past and start trying to live for this day now.

When you have to start picking piece of yourself, you should look at the bright side of things.

When a chance suddenly comes your way, I hope you grab it by the throat and take it up.

You need to tell me what you want or else I’d never understand and just fill up with regrets.

Be the risk taker for this day and tell us all that you are feeling deep inside of you as well too.

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