The Best Halloween Emojis for 2020

The Best Halloween Emojis for 2020

Halloween Emojis Emojis are a universal internet language and one of the best times to use them is during holidays. In particular, Halloween emojis are some of the most exciting and inventive. In addition to common emojis like ghosts and pumpkins, you’ll find many specialty emojis like alien monsters and crystal balls to jazz up your ghoulish texts and Tweets.

Best Halloween Emojis for Apple/iOS

Many emojis are commonly used for everyday conversation, and most are easily recognized in their Apple iOS version. These emojis are likely to be in your recently used section before and after Halloween.

Scared face, devil faces, alien icons
  • Fearful FaceAnxious Face With Sweat, and Face Screaming in Fear: Use these emojis to express the fright that comes with Halloween.
  • Face With Horns and Angry Face With Horns: Use these emojis to express devilish, trick-or-treat intentions during Halloween.
  • Alien: Aliens are often associated with Halloween, as a costume or something ghoulish.
  • Robot, princess, mer-people, elves, zombie icons
  • Robot: Robots feature prominently in old-school horror flicks.
  • Princess: A princess can be a common Halloween costume.
  • Mermaid and Merman and Elves: These fan favorites star in fairy tales and fantasy sagas.
  • Zombie: Zombies are often associated with Halloween, as a costume or something ghoulish.
  • Unicorn, candy, UFO, candle, dagger and chains emojis
  • Unicorn Face: Unicorns are often associated with the magic of Halloween.
  • Candy and Lollipop: Candies contribute to the trick-or-treat aspect of Halloween.
  • Flying saucer: Similar to aliens, a flying saucer is often associated with Halloween as something mysterious.
  • Candle: Candles are known to light up dark and spooky spaces.
  • Dagger and Chains: A dagger and chains, staples of slasher films, speak to the eeriness of the holiday.

Best Halloween Emojis for Facebook

Many specialty emojis for Facebook are designed with a little more detail than on other platforms.

Skull and crossbones, fairies, genies, owl, wilted flower emojis

Best Halloween Emoji for Twitter

The simplicity of Twitter emojis makes them great for expressing the mysterious side of Halloween.

detective emoji

Detective: Detectives are often associated with Halloween, as a costume or something secret.

Best Halloween Emojis for WhatApp

mages, vampires, derelict house, moon, coffin and urn emojis

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