The All-Time Best Black Friday Email Examples & Templates

The All-Time Best Black Friday Email Examples & Templates

Black Friday is the high-time for sales for ecommerce stores, meaning you’ll need to make sure you have the best Black Friday email examples and templates to ensure your success.

Of course, we all know the main problem with Black Friday email marketing: the astronomically high level of competition.

It seems like every online store, ecommerce giant, brick and mortar and mom-and-pop corner store is sending tons of emails during Black Friday.

The challenge for email marketing, then, is to find ways to stand out in their customers’ inboxes—in an effective way.

That’s where we found ourselves at this moment, to provide you with the best Black Friday email examples that you can use to really stand out amongst your competition.

Even better, we’ll provide you with 3 of the best Black Friday email templates so you can quickly adapt it for your brand, and send it off.

3 best Black Friday email templates

Now that we’ve got a pretty good idea of great Black Friday email campaigns, let’s use that to create some brilliant Black Friday email templates.

I’ll present you with 3 that I’m pretty sure will give you everything you need to stand out this Black Friday.

Note: here, I’m not including the social links, addresses, unsubscribe link, etc. that you should include at the bottom of your emails.

#1 The minimal, bold Black Friday email template

Inspired by Bonobos’ great Black Friday email example, I took the liberty of using that to create a great Black Friday email template.

You can download the image below {right-click and save the image) and use it to build your own email campaign.

Black Friday email template: minimalist and bold

You can even use the exact wording (adapting the offer based on what you can do).

I always recommend adding urgency, especially to Black Friday emails.

I’d set it to expire at midnight on Cyber Monday, while customers are still in the urgent shopping mood.

Here’s what one example would look:

Minimalist and bold email template using our example store, Basic Piece

To fit the image I wanted to use, I simply moved the text to justify-right and changed the CTA color.

#2 The simple, no fuss Black Friday email template

I really did enjoy Storq’s approach to their Black Friday email, so that inspired me to create this layout.

Here, make sure your top image is brand-focused, not product-focused.

It can include the product, but by brand-focused I mean something that creates a mood consistent with your brand.

That can be calmness, happiness, excitement, exclusivity, or whatever your brand most resonates with.

Here’s the email template:

Clean, no fuss Black Friday email template

The copy here is essential.

I would recommend you keep one big, easy-to-see CTA button. You can use that same color to highlight one important part of your copy (here, I did that with the free shipping offer).

Alternatively, you can focus your email copy on connecting, like Storq did, with your specific audience.

Here’s what one version of the template would look like:

The simple, no fuss email template with Basic Piece

#3 The product-focused Black Friday email template

This one was inspired by some famous fashion brands’ email campaigns.

They’re both focused on the products, but present them as being curated specifically for the audience.

Here it is:

The product-focused Black Friday email template

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