The 75 Childhood Quotes

Every person has a child inside of him, just waiting to be rediscovered.
Yes, everyone is but a child at heart so come and remember your childhood life, what it felt like to be a child again.
So here are some quotes that will bring you back to those times, when you are still so innocent, when everything was still fine, when everything was still at peace.

I clearly remember that day, when we were still so young, when everything was still alright.


Sometimes, I wish I am a child again so I can be whoever I want to be in the future, I wish.


Things were so much better in the past, back when I was still a child, back when it was okay.


In each person, there is a child hidden deep inside his heart, waiting to be awakened again.


Back when we were still kids, the air was so much better, pollution was just a nightmare.


There are times when being a child was all I ever wanted to be again because it was better.


Being an adult sucks most of the times, it just freaking hurts, it just is not what I expected.


Children look at everything and see the magic, feel it and breathe it while I cannot do so.


How will you measure how great your childhood is? By how much fun you truly had.


I miss being a child and there are a lot of times that I wished that I can go back to then.


Will you turn back time and let me live my childhood once more, I was happier back then.


It is quite nice to be a child again, to be foolish, to live life the way you want to, it was okay.


Childhood is practically the most beautiful part of a person’s life, the most innocent too.


What is a childhood but a promise that has never been kept, all but broken pieces of the heart.


It was back when I was still a child that I felt what my calling was, but as I grew up, it faded.


I have always thought that things would be better once I grew up but it certainly never did.



One day, when you feel like being a child again, remember to be kind, remember to be you.


There would always be one moment in time when you want to be a child even if you cannot.


For so long, I have believed that I had it all only to find out it was all but a dream in time.


Time is playful, it speeds up when you want it to slow down, I wish I can go back to that time.


There are childhood memories that you just want to keep going back to no matter how old.


Childhood is your foundation to whom you will become in the future, treasure just that thing.


If you have a happy childhood, chances are that you will be happy when you grow up, okay?


There would always be that moment in your childhood that defines who you soon become.


You have opened so many doors in your childhood and soon enough it will define who you are.


When you go back to your hometown, what you miss is not the town itself but your childhood.


The people in your childhood are the one that you will miss the most when you are an adult.


When you are no longer allowed to play because you are meant to conform to rules, it sucks.


Childhood is practically a heaven, it knows no person, it knows no bounds, just happiness.


I miss being a child and doing practically senseless stuff and yet having the time of my life.


We were once permitted to be crazy, to be insane but after childhood, everything else change.


The only way not to lose your childhood is to carry it with you even when you become older.


I would not join Peter Pan in Neverland, I may be attached to my childhood but not that much.


It will never be too late for you to have the best childhood, you can just redo it over again.


The memories we have in our childhood are the ones that will mark us for the rest of forever.


What makes a great person is a great foundation which to say is the childhood he has been in.


Childhood is but a short time, a fleeting moment of your life you wish you could have stayed.


The best thing about your childhood memories is that mostly, they are not yours alone.


You share your childhood with your friends and they become your friends for the rest of it.


Being a child is one of the best thing that can ever happen to a person, pure bliss is what it is.


When did we all stop being a child, when did we stop trying to become who we wanted to be?


Children always want to grow up but when they realize they do not want that, it is too late.


Growing up sucks, you stop being the child you once were because they all tell you to grow up.


Some days, I still wish to never grow up, to keep being the child I once were, I still wish for it.


I knew of a man who carried his childhood wherever he went and he was wonderful, truly.


I am in awe of people who are still young at heart and shows it, who means it and do it.


Every child deserves a happy childhood, one they would not be sad to remember later on.


In life, there will always be a person to remind you of your childhood, so make the most of it.


Years passed by and yet all I ever thought of was my childhood, all of its delights and I love it.


The happiness never leaves me whenever I am reminiscing my childhood days, I treasure them.


I think that being a child is the best season of my life, it was the one that makes me most happy.


The best thing about childhood is that it made you wonder, it made you believe the impossible.


I miss being the child whose eyes shone brightly at the thought of seeing the simplest of things.


The saddest moment in the world is when you realize that childhood is done and you move on.


People expect us to move on from childhood, but it really is impossible to do so, you know?


The point is that no one should ever have a childhood that he would not want to remember.


Later on, after you have a family, your children would have a life, and you have to give them the best that you can give them, give them a happy childhood.


There are still days that I wish that there would be a channel for all those old cartoons on TV.


Those childhood days were practically the best time of my life, I wish I was there right now.


Today marks the beginning of the days I would love to go back to my childhood days, sadly.


Even though my childhood days were not that exceptional, I would still like to go back there.


Who knows what my childhood life holds for me, no matter, I would want to go back to that.


I would never trade my childhood days for anything else in this world, remember that.


The day I can share my childhood with my kids will be the best day of my life, ever, I know.


I just know that one day, I will look back at my childhood days and realize how lucky I was.


I was lucky to have loving friends even back when I was still in my childhood days that still cares for me up until now and loves me as much as I love them.


Childhood is practically being drunk where you remember nothing but all of them do.


What is childhood but the most simplest and purest stage of life that people wants to go back to? Yes, it is practically the best moment of our lives, that is the real truth.


So let us go back to when we were kids and we do things that we can laugh about today.


I miss being a child, laughing about the little things, not caring about a thing in the world.


If I can travel back in time, I would go back to my childhood and be carefree once more.


Who know what a good childhood really is? As long as you were happy back then, it is.


I never would have thought I would come to a point in life where I would wish childhood back.


I wanted to be the person to give you strength but even as a child I had always been weak.


The us we were when we were children are still the us we are now that we are young adults.


Some habits never change, the ones that we carry from childhood still remains until now.


There is no turning back, I cannot even imagine what life would be like if I had a different childhood, had I grown into a different street and met different friends.


I wish that I could go back to when I was a child and that I can tell you that I liked you.


You are the reason I want to go back to my childhood, I want to forget you thoroughly.


There is no one I liked more than you and I would love to be with you all the time.


Even when we were kids, I have loved you and until now I will keep on loving you the same.


Our childhood days were the ones that I would put into frames if they were captured.


Had I know it would all turn out like this, I would have dragged my childhood for so long.


Maybe things are not going to be better, maybe they would, I do not really know anymore.


Is it possible to go back in time, to when things were far better, when I was still but a kid?

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