The 70 National Siblings Day Quotes

National siblings day is one of the best celebrations there is in life especially if you have a brother or a sister.
So when National siblings day comes it is only important to be more aware of this and to actually greet your big brother or little sister “happy national siblings day” because it will make them feel a whole lot more important.
If you do not know how to greet your siblings on national siblings day, here are some national siblings day quotes that might help you.

National siblings day is the best way to celebrate life for having a sibling to count on always.

When you want to wrestle with me I’ll be there for you, I know you just want to hug me right?

We may fight a lot but it does not change the fact that we are always going to be allies, bro.

The truth is that we are all but brothers and sisters in arms no matter what other people say.

I want to be the person you will lean upon when you do not feel like things are going right.

Promise that I will be there when you need me, sis, when you just do not feel that fine.

The world will be quieter without you but it will surely be lonelier as well, I don’t want that.

I am comforted by the fact that I know that you will never ever leave my side no matter what.

There is nothing in the world that can ever replace you in my heart, you are my love, my bro.

I am glad that I have you, having a sister and a best friend in one body is too awesome!


And when the time comes that you are not feeling so well at all, I promise that I will be there.

There must be something wrong with other people if they hate their sisters, I love mine!

Some friends are like brothers and sisters to us, we open our hearts to them that way, right?

You can sit in a room with your brother and not say anything and yet feel comfortable same.

It is you who can handle my tantrums and I love you for that, thank you for all of it, brother.

Sis, I just wish that one day you will find the right person for you, that you are able to do it.

Today, I want to greet you happy national siblings day, brother because you truly deserve it.

National siblings day should be celebrated every day and show our bros and sis we love them.

When the time comes I just know that it will be alright, you’ll be okay, because you’re my sis.

I guarantee that my brother is truly one of a kind, he can do things not everyone can do.

I am proud of my brother because he’s able to handle tough situations as if they are normal.

When in trouble, I know you will always bail me out and for that I am very much grateful.

You became my brother because that is just the way it is meant to be, I am thankful for it.

I can’t be any happier knowing that you are both my brother and also my best of friends.

We resemble each other and yet we are different and still have a lot of commonalities, sis.

I would not wait for national siblings day to tell my sister that I love her with all that I am.

National siblings day is a nice way of telling the people dear to you how much you care.

You are the best gift that our parents can ever have given me and I am lucky to have you.

There is no greater present in the world than you, my dearest, most beloved brother.

Having you here by my side right now is why I am so happy even though nothing’s fine.

When the world tries to put me in despair, you are the one who pulled me out of there, sis.

It is better to have you in my life than any friends, you are all I need, my dear sister.

I love you and you have proven you love me too, and for that you will have my loyalty, bro.

I know that you will be there for me even in the near future and I am thankful for that, bro.

Childhood couldn’t have been happier for me because you were there beside me always sis.

We share a lot of private jokes no one else knows and I am happy to keep them that way, sis.

You always share the pain with me and so I will gladly share my happiness just as well, bro.

My brother, time surely flies, we have become grown-ups now and still you are there for me.

I wish I can tell you how happy I am that you were the one who became my sister, no matter.

You are both a gift to my life and to my heart, no one would ever be as dear to me as you, sis.

No amount of money is ever enough to replace you here in my life, you are just truly the best.

And in the end, I want you to know that I care about you in ways you will never understand.

Darling sister, I want to tell you that today is your day, happy national siblings day!

If it is alright, can I hold your hand and linger on the feeling that it brings to me, the warmth?

You are the best connection to the family that I have and I will always treasure that fact, sis.

I know all about your habits and that is one perk of having a sibling, someone knows you.

When the world tries to make you succumb, I will be there to protect you from it all, my dear.

Believe me, I will have died if not for you, of loneliness of being alone, but there you are, bro.

I shall cook your breakfast today, bro, since it is national siblings day after all, enjoy it.

Today I will lend you the remote because it is national siblings day, I hope you get happy.

I want to make you as happy as you make me, forget the world and everyone else, that I do.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I just love it, that is the truth of it.

Forget everyone else, I promise to be your hands, your eyes, everything, just tell me of it.

My sister, you are honestly the best person in the world for me, I love you so much!

You have always shown me kindness and in turn I promise to keep on paying it all forward.

You can lie to anyone else but your lies are but fools when it comes to your brother, really.

I wish I can show you how easy it is to get through this but the truth is it isn’t so forget it.

You may push my buttons a lot and yet I will still love you forever, you are my brother, still.

National siblings day is something that requires special attention, you will be fine, I swear.

Happy national siblings day, you may get into my space but note that it is just for today!

Thank you for making me feel so complete, I wish you to enjoy national siblings day.

There is nothing more I am grateful for than my brother, happy national siblings day to you!

You are always going to be my little sister no matter what happens, it is national siblings day.

When nothing feels right, do not worry, I will be there and I will hold your hand tightly, sis.

And when the time comes that you forget things, I promise I will be there for you, always.

I wish you could be here with me right now, brother because you are the one I rely most on.

Thank you for being the shoulder I can always cry on, for lending me clothes, for everything.

I hope you know just how much I appreciate you and everything you have done for me, sister.

You are the most amazing person I know, so just keep on being that person, you can do this!

I love you in the most innocent way, how the butterfly goes from flower to flower, my sister.

You are the one that I have given my trust to because I know you will never ever break it.

My loyalty has been and will always be with you because we are siblings after all, my dear.

What do I need to do to prove to you that you can trust me as much as you want, no worries.

How do I tell you that this day, national siblings day is always going to be in honor of you?

You create opportunities for me and how I wish we would always be together most of the time.

I know it may seem impossible but you are the one that I keep seeing in the future, my darling.

You will always be the one I remember when I am not feeling well, when I am reminiscing.

Time and distance may bring us apart but our hearts will always remain as connected as ever.

Do not be scared for I am here all the time for you, I will always be there for you, believe me.

Let me tell you that it is going to be alright, you can do this, you have the power to do it all.

Just letting you know that you can call me whenever you need me, it will all be alright, dear.

How do you know that you love your sibling? When they mean the world to you, simply that.

I wish you hadn’t passed away so early so we would be able to celeb national siblings day.

National siblings day is meant to be celebrated together, so come and let us celebrate it, bro.

I am glad that you’re here with me right now brother especially coz it’s national siblings day.

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