The 70 I’m Done Quotes

When you feel like you do not want to do it anymore, whatever it is you are going through right now, when you feel like stop trying to give effort in it, you should stop. When you are done trying to show the world just what you can do or show the person you love that you love them because they are just not responding to it anyway, here is what you should do, here is what you can try out. Let the world now that you are done with it all, with all the things that you do not like, that you will not let anyone trample on you anymore. Here are unique I’m done quotes to shout it to them that you are just so done trying and finished with everything else as well.

I’m done trying to pretend to be someone that I am not just to please everyone around me.


I am sick of trying to fit in the mold that you have made for me, I am going to break out soon.


No matter how I try for you, you just ignore my efforts so might as well watch as I leave you.


To the people who try their best to bash me, watch me ignore you with the biggest smile.


I am just too tired of being the one to pursue, to be the one who finds a way to communicate.


I tried my best but I guess it never was good enough for you so let me tell you I am leaving.


Should you realize that you still want me to be with you, find me because I am so done with it.


My friend, I’m done with you, with this measly relationship you call friendship that I am.


I cannot do this anymore, to be at you call every time, I want a life of my own so I’m getting it.


Stop wasting your time on trying to make people who’ve their mind set to change their mind.



This is who I am and I am just so annoyed with me having to prove that I am otherwise, really.


I am not perfect so I just want to pause for a moment, rest and stop thinking that I should be.


I’m done with you, if you really want me to stay in your life do something to make me stay.


What I believe in is that I meant for greater things but even that has been taken away from me.


I was not the person I am back then no longer am I pliable; I can now make my own decisions


You do not know me at all, I was done being the girl you thought I was before, I am not that.


I have longed stop what it was you thought we had because I honestly got tired of the drama.


The truth is I’m done trying to make up for the lost time, I just want to be with you, honestly.


I want to give up this time, I want to walk away even if that is not the natural thing for me.


I’m done trying to forget things that are just impossible to forget like my love for you my dear.


I must have looked like a mess back then but I have stopped being that I have changed, really.


No longer am I broken because I am not the person you thought I was before, that I am not.


I have met an angel one day and I cannot even express how happy I am for that encounter.


How do I tell people that I no longer want to be the mopey person that they all thought I am?


I’m done giving up something for someone else when all they do is keep on ignoring me, girl.


I do not want to listen to anymore explanation because I think I have given enough chances.


What I want is to be done with all the work that is waiting for me to start doing them, really.



Worrying about myself before other people is something I am starting to learn just right now.


Being is nice is something that I no longer plan to do because it makes me more vulnerable.


I’m done, that’s the truth, I do not want to do this anymore, I am tired of being that person.


Playing nice has brought me nothing but misery so I am going to stop doing that, I will stop.


There are so many people who do not deserve me so I am going to stop reaching out to them.


To all the people who were just using me for something else, I am finished with all of you.


You can walk out if you want because I am so finished trying to chase you to Neverland, I am.


I do not thing anything can be accomplished at all if there is no hope in your heart, honestly.


It may seem impossible to you right now but once I am finished with it, you will see it isn’t.


There are tasks that takes a whole team to finish, and maybe this is one of those things, really.


You think I am this when the truth is I am that so let me tell you I’m done not being true to me.


I’m done, you stopped caring for me and so I will stop trying to ask for your love, I want to.


Even when I gave it my all you ignored me and left me alone so I’m done with you I really am.


We were finished with each other and we have to accept it even though it is sad to do just that.


I am sad for all that I did but it does not change the fact that it already happened, it’s finished.


Once things are already finished, you should be ready for the responsibilities it will bring you.


I am so over being the good girl, from now on I will be the girl who breaks those guys hearts.


I’m done trying to fit in your life when all you want to be is away from me then until this day.


I would no longer be a goody two shoes, instead I would listen to this rebel heart of mine.


I am over you know, I will stop being the girl who keeps waiting by the phone for your texts.


From this day onwards, I will prevent myself from falling in love, I guess it’s too much for me.


Before, all I craved was your attention but now I’m done wanting it and all the drama with it.


I am sick of trying to make us work out when it’s clear that you just do not love me like that.


I do not want to curse or say bad words, so instead, I will just tell you that I am way over you.


I shall no longer seek other people’s approval from now on only my opinion will matter to me.


I’m letting go now for I’ve realized that the only one I can ever control is me and no one else.


You think you can still fool around with me, well I’m done trying to make what we have work.


Today was great, I have finished have of my work to which is due for next week, I am ahead.


There were failures in my life but I told myself that I am done moping around for those things.


I see that the future still holds a lot of chances for me so I am going to start letting the past go.


Never will I make myself that kind of girl again, the one whom the guy tosses away so easily.


I have liked you a lot but now I am over it like I was over you already, now I will just stop.


I’m done trying to get people to like me when they all talk behind my back at the end of it.


Trying to get you to come with me has always been a hard task but now I will no longer do it.


Let’s just point out the obvious, how I am not fitting in so well in your life that I have to let go.


I have long stopped trying to make everything right because the world is just so full of wrongs.


Even when I tried my best I never did succeed so I am just so sick of trying I will stop for now.


Everyone thinks they can just walk past through me like I don’t matter, I’m done proving.


I am sick of looking from your back, I will try my best to be in front of you this time around.


I just want to start over again, I’m done trying to fix what we had, what was broken apart.


There is just something about you that makes me want to stop being the person that I was.


I am going to get over this, what we had is now long over so I am finished with what I feel too.


Worrying does not do anyone any good at all so I’m done with worrying and the whatnots.


Some days, I still worry about you and where you are going but now I don’t even really know.


One day, these feelings will waver but the memories will hold but no longer will I keep it.


Let me tell you that I am over your cheating father so just go back to where you were before.


I want to spend my life with someone who accepts me for who I am I’m done with lying.


I’m done trying to find a place in your heart when all you do is close it up to me, dear girl.


I would not cry any more, I’m done with the heartbreak and all the tears that comes with it.


I’m done being that epitome of the perfect guy when I feel nothing but an empty shell, friend.


Look for me because when I’m done finding myself, you would not even recognize me one bit.


I’m done holding on to that sliver of hope you try to give me when I can have so much more.

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