The 65 Inner Strength Quotes for Love

A calm mind will bring you self-confidence and inner strength.
Thus, it is very important that you have inner peace to achieve good health.
To find out more about the essence of inner strength, here are the inner strength quotes to keep in mind.

Nothing can dim any light that will shine from within.


Calm mind will bring inner strength and confidence. This is why having a calm min is necessary to achieve good health.


Go on with your every day life and always find the inner strength in you so the world will not end up blowing out your candles.


You gain courage, strength and confidence in every experience. Thus, you should do the things that you believe you are capable of.


If no one ever told me I’m ugly, I would not have searched for my inner beauty. And if they have not tried to break me, I would not know that I am unbreakable.


Life will test our will in so many ways, either by having nothing at all or by having everything happen all at the same time.


With all the things that have been happening around you, you will either feel sorry for yourself or treat what had happened as lessons to be learned. Consider everything as an opportunity to grow instead of an obstacle that will prevent you from growing.


Always believe in your self and have faith in all your abilities. Without a reasonable confidence in your own abilities, you may not be able to achieve happiness and success.


A positive attitude is a sign of a superior personality.


Consider today as a new beginning and a chance to turn all your failures and worries into achievements and sorrows. There should not be any room for excuses.



If you have enough courage to start your journey, then you definitely have the courage to finish it.


Courage is not about the absence of fear. Rather, it is the judgment that there is something else that is much more important than fear.


It’s not that things are hard that’s why we don’t dare. It is just because we never dare that things are difficult.


You need to follow your inner passion and figure out what it is that you really love. That way, you will know who you really are.


Only those who risk going farther can possibly figure out how far he or she can go.

Do not be afraid to take the first step in faith. You just have not seen the entire staircase yet. Just go ahead and take the first step.


People who have not gotten tired in trying even if they feel that there’s no hope at all have accomplished most of the best things in life.


Everyone must observe carefully the way his or her heart draws, and then choose such way with all his or her strength.

As we go on with life, we will realize that things are becoming more and more difficult. However, in fighting difficulties, the innermost strength of one’s heart will be developed eventually.


We have acquired the strength that we have overcome.


Always live in accordance to your strong points. You should magnify them and let your weaknesses shrivel up and die as a result of the lack of discouragement.


Life is not about having to wait for the storm to pass. But it is about learning how you can dance in the rain.


One could never consent to creep if one will feel an impulse to soar.


Life should be lived and curiosity must be kept alive. One should never, regardless of the reason, turn back his time.

There’s power in people who can dream big and tries even harder.


I was always looking outside of myself to seek the strength and confidence that comes from within. I know it is just there a lot of times.


You yourself have the power over your mind and not other people. Always realize this and eventually, you will find the strength that you need.


Strength does not come from one’s physical capacity. But it come from one’s indomitable will.


What we will achieve inwardly will forever change our outer reality.


If opportunity will not knock, then build a door for it.


Physical strength is often measured by what we are carrying. On the other hand, inner strength is measured by what we are capable to bear.


Every dream often starts with a dreamer. Remember you have in you the patience, strength and the passion to reach out for the stars and achieve things.


Spirit is actually fifty times the staying power and strength of the muscle.


In silence, the mind will be able to gain strength and learn to lean on him self.


Sometimes, our strengths will encourage us to move forward so we can no longer endure our weaknesses.


I love the light since it shows me where the way is. Yet, I will endure the darkness since it can show me where the stars are.


A strong man is someone who is capable of intercepting the communication between the mind and the senses.


Character is much more important than intellect. A good soul will be stronger to live as well as to think.


The world will break everyone, and afterwards, some will become stronger at the broken places.


He who will conquer others is considered strong, while he who conquers himself is stronger.


A woman can be compared to a tea bag. You will not know how strong she really is until such time that you put her in the hot water.


Within the depth of the winter, I have finally learned that inside me is an invincible summer.


Do not be afraid to confront the dark parts of yourself and work hard to banish them with forgiveness.


Courage is not about having the strength to move on, but it is about moving on even if you do not have the strength.


There is a saying that tragedy must be used as a source of strength. Thus, no matter how difficult or how painful your experiences are, do not ever lose hope because that is our real disaster.


Weak people will take revenge. Strong people will forgive. Intelligent people will simply ignore.


You will never find peace until you listen to what your heart says.


Your outer beauty captures the people’s eyes. However, it is your inner beauty that will capture the heart.


Do not settle for anything less than what you deserve. Always remember that you are the one who teaches people how to treat you.


Respect yourself enough to walk away from things or people that prevents you from achieving success.


Do not allow the noise of others’ opinions drown you out of your own inner voice.


Do not allow anyone’s hatred, ignorance, negativity and drama to prevent you from seeing the best person that you can become


Happiness does not necessarily come from owning luxuries, but it comes from attaining inner peace.


When there is no enemy within you, the enemy outside will not be able to hurt you.


Love and peace of mind helps protect us, for they allow us to go through the problems life throws us. They also teach us how to survive and to live with enough courage to confront our daily struggles.


Do not allow the behavior of others to ruin your peace within.


You will find peace not in rearranging all the problems you face in your life, but by knowing who you really are at the deepest level.


Peace is a result of re-training your mind to process life as it is instead of the way you want it to be.


Peace should be a daily, weekly and monthly process, while gradually changing opinions and slowly eroding the old barriers, while quietly building the new structures at the same time.


Peace is an everyday problem, a product of a multitude of judgments and events.


It is not enough that you talk about peace. One should believe in it. It is also not enough that one to believe it. But one should work at it from within.


No one could bring you peace, except yourself.


The life of the inner peace is being harmonious and without stress. It is in fat the easiest form of existence.


Do not be in a hurry. Instead, do all things quietly and with a calm spirit. Never lose your inner peace for anything even if your life may seem at the lowest point.


If you are unable to find peace in yourself, then you will not be able to find peace anywhere else.


We just do not realize that somewhere inside us, there is a supreme being who is eternally at peace.


Inner peace is always beautiful.


Always take care of your inner peace. Your calmness will reflect in your face.


Fitness should not only be about hitting the gym. It should also be about inner happiness as well as an overall wellbeing.


Success is not measured by power or money or by a social status. Instead, it is measured by your inner peace and discipline.


Being stylish is about living your life to the fullest and expressing your inner light.


I truly believe that there is an inner power, which makes people losers or winners. The winners are the ones who really listen to what their heart says.


The creation of something new cannot be accomplished by mere intellect but by the instinct within. The creative mind will pay with the object that it will love.


If an inner situation is not made conscious, it will appear outside as fate.


They say that everything that you have experienced in your childhood is what builds your inner strength and character.


Faith will give you enough strength and a sense of balance in your perspective in life.


The real progress of the aspirant is often measured by the extent in which he or she will achieve inner tranquility.


My faith has helped me to understand all the circumstances that do not dictate my happiness and my inner peace.


Inner beauty must be an important part of one’s self-discovery.


In order to hear the voice within us, we need to be in solitude.

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