The 65 Cold Hearted Quotes

When someone is cold hearted, it simply means that it seems that a person survives without ever feeling anything at all, may it be fear, sadness, empathy for other people, sympathy, love, and a whole lot more.
Not many can survive the world without ever feeling this but some people seems to thrive on being that way.
To be a cold hearted person means that you do not care about any other feelings but your own and that will make it very hard to make friends or amends with other people as they would mostly prefer another over you.
If you know someone who is cold hearted and you wish her to know, here are some quotes that might help you to say what you want.

Sometimes being cold hearted is what makes you sad, it makes people go far away from you.


The only person you can control in this world is yourself and your actions, so mind them, you.


I hope you never find a reason not to mind other people, may you always be kind and helping.


When you care for a person, find time for him, never let what you have grow old and cold boy.


It may seem so indifferent to you know but some questions are totally unanswerable, really.


My heart has been broken to pieces and I do not plan on giving it away ever again in this life.


Maybe you have been searching so desperately for things that are impossible to find, friend.


My love for you has not disappeared, you have grown cold and unwilling to receive it, dear.


Happiness will not fade in your life if you do not let it go that way, fight for what you know.


You may have given your heart to the wrong person at one point and now you are selfish.



There are times that I wonder how some people can be so insensitive and rude, honestly, boy.


At one point in your life, you may have been rude too so do not judge people just for that, girl.


In order to keep your sanity, you may have to keep your heart hard just like a stone, my dear.


What you need to do now is to trust in the Lord, to believe that He will find a way for you.


There are people who act to be cold hearted so that no one can ever dare to hurt them, right?


When you miss me, just remember what you have done to me, how much tears I cried for you.


You turned your back on me and you have let go of my hand so if I am this way it’s coz of you.


If you want the cure for a person with that a heart that is cold, share the warmth you have.


Sometimes, love is the answer but sometimes it is also the poison that turns everything cold.


You may seem cold hearted on the outside but I know just how lovable and caring you are.


Icey as you may seem, I know that deep inside, you are still that dreamer I once knew then.


The important thing is to trust yourself and never let go of what you have, stop ignoring them.


There is a threshold for the pain that a person can receive and there is only so much, really.


One type of girl is someone you cannot touch, whose veins runs with ice, just like snow, really.


There is never an excuse to playing a person’s feeling or tricking them that is the honest truth.


Whatever happened in your past, it is not enough to justify why you became cold hearted such.


Being hurt should never be used as an excused for any display of behavior you incur, my dear.


I bet it is very hard to change back to the way you used to be because you have turned like ice.


Go through whatever it is that is stopping you from going were you want, stop being so cold.


What is the point of being bitchy to people when you do not even really know who you are?


Find your safe place, a quiet place where you can just be yourself with no one else around.


Grasp that reality is not as awesome as you think it is so that you would not get hurt so easily.


When you are cold hearted, I bet the world seems to just revolve around no one else but you.


I want to help you but you are not letting me do so and you are the one who should take it boy.


I wonder how I am going to melt that heart of yours when you just keep putting defenses on it.


I do not want to get in a fight with you, what I want is to let you know that I will warm you up.


Never try to act cold hearted to the people that you love or else you might be just sad forever.


If I promise you that I am not like others, I will not let you go, will you melt that icy tone?


Even your words are icy so what am I supposed to do, how am I supposed to say I love you?


Reality is cold just like truth and you are the only person capable of changing your future.


You decided whether you want to keep being the person you are now or change for the better.


I believe that you have it in you to be a person that you want to be so thaw that ice a bit, girl.


Is giving alms a show of weakness of a show that you actually have a heart in your body?


Let me tell you that sometimes, the worst things happen for the best reasons, that is the truth.


There will be times when you have to give up what you know for what you actually need.


You shut yourself off to the world thinking you would be better for it but you actually don’t.


Sometimes, I feel like you are but a machine, one that is uncaring, one that do not feel at all.


Do you ever feel or are those blood in your veins just there for show, which is it, honestly?


May you never lose your morality no matter what happens in the world, do not ruin yourself.


I wanted to live a peaceful life but you came and ruined it now I am a vessel, no heart at all.


It seems that if you do not want to have your heart broken is to just shut the whole world off.


There are times when being with a person just warms the heart but often it makes it go cold.


Only people who are comfortable being alone enjoys solitude but those who aren’t are mad.


I feel that there are days when I am just too cold so I do not bother talking to anyone at all.


Why is it so hard to be that person that everyone wants you to be, why is it so hard to be that?


No matter how cold hearted you may seem, I bet there are still moments of weakness in you.


It is either you are cold or you die and I have long chosen to be cold as ice can ever become.


It may be cold but at least I have a heart, I do not murder, I do not impede at anyone ever.


They say that you are too cold hearted and serious but I know the real you, you are warm boy.


I never feel anything at all and most of the times people misunderstood this for being cold.


I became the way I am because of the people who separated themselves from me, that is why.


I do not believe in fairy tales no more ever since a man broke my heart into millions of pieces.


Why is it the hardest to forget the bad memories even if you cover it up with tons of good one?


There comes a time in life that you are forced to become the person you were meant to be.


Let me tell you that the secret to a life that is alright is never to let your heart go warm, ever.


Being in love makes you feel warm and that is a big no-no unless you want to get hurt, girl.


Little girl, believe me that love will only break your heart, stay icy, stay ignoring others.


The thing is I am not really cold, I am just as serious as can be, I take things very seriously.


I can never be perfect for anyone, either I am too silly, too serious, too cold or too warm even.


You may seem cold hearted but I know just how sensitive you really are, that is the truth boy.


When will people stop trying to find something in me that I honestly do not have, I wonder.


Even when you try to get any sympathy from me, you would not get it because I do not have it.


There are things you do not possess and recently it seems you do not have a heart at all.


Being cold hearted just literally means you hold hatred and grudges deep inside your heart.


I think that becoming a cold hearted person is just a way of showing how you lack courage.


When everyone around you seems so cold hearted, make the difference, go and melt the ice.


It takes someone real warm to actually try and melt a cold hearted person’s barrier, really.


Cold hearted does not need to mean that you are ill mannered as well, show some class, girl.


Are you really cold hearted or are you really just pretending to be, well tell me the truth, boy.


To the most cold hearted person that I know, I hope that someday you find it in you to change.


In one out of ten people, there is a cold hearted person just waiting for the right person really.


When you are cold hearted, the world may seem like something you just do not care about.


May people who are cold hearted actually learn to care about something in this vast world.

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