The 60 Quotes about Love and Friendship

There comes a moment when love and friendship goes together and make something new, something that is above being just friends.
You level up into something crazy and beautiful or you either forget about your friendship or just move on.
The point is that the thin line between love and friendship is very thin and threadlike but everything is going to be just okay.
Here are some quotes about love and friendship that might be useful to you or you may relate to.

When you have love and friendship with a person you will have the best relationship ever.

Friendship without love may not be that at all, you need to love your friend to trust her, dear.

When you fall in love with your friend, your whole world will crumble, you will find it hard.

There is a fine line between loving your friend and being friends with your lover, that is true.

May you take a risk even though friendship is important as well because loving is about that.

I do not want to blame anyone in this world but myself because it is my fault I fell for him.

He was so nice to me, we were best of friends until that moment that I fell so hard for him.

It is sad when friendships are ruined because someone started loving the other so much more.

There is an imbalance in between loving someone you care for than just a certain stranger.

You should focus on being a friend to me instead of trying to look like a big lover of mine.

Lucky are those who can find love and friendship in one person, that is their soulmate, really.

Thank you for being there all the time, this is one of the reasons I fell for you so hard now.

Will you open the door of your heart for I am your friend through and through until now.

You have the freedom to choose who your friends will be and so I hope that you will realize it.

Exercise every right that you have, you will be okay, just love yourself and your friends more.


I’ve slacked off enough for you and now it is time to level up this friendship we have to love.

I think loving someone is getting more excited than them when you look for an exam result.

Scared is what I am of what is going to happen now that you know what you feel in reality.

Sometimes love and friendship can get confusing, you are unsure if you’re a friend or not.

Did I misunderstand something about love and friendship, why do I keep being friend zoned?

I tried all that I could but to no avail you still do not understand what I want to tell you dear.

I am willing to give you all that I have and will wish you that you will be arrangement.

No matter what happens right now I swear to you that you will be able to survive it.

Keep on struggling to be better person and so you need someone to actually day to you.

It is actually simple when you think about it you can’t be friends with someone you don’t love.

I want us to have something that is not in between love and friendship coz that’s confusing.

Sometimes it is hard to even get focused about some things because I’m thinking of you.

When we are together what I want to do is hold your face and just kiss you senseless, friend.

Let us stop trying to be each other’s best friend because the truth is I love you more than it.

Sometimes even when you try to do your best to get out of that comfort zone it is not enough.

You know my weaknesses, my failures and still you love me for who I am, that’s what I like.

It may seem so simple right now but loving your friend is as hard as it ever gets in this life.

I find it really hard to get out of that in between of love and friendship, I want to get out.

You took a picture of us and until now I still keep the picture on my night stand, go figure.

You helped me get out of the darkness I had once been in and that matters so much to me.

Recognizing my potential and emphasizing them is one of the best thing that made me love you.

You know me so well and still you tell me that you still love me, even when I snore out loud.

I have long thought that you are one of the most blessed things in this life and I love it most.

My friend, will we ever have a chance to actually be together someday soon, I want to know.

Let us go to an adventure we still haven’t gone to and just enjoy life to the fullest there is.

Take me back to that time when we shared love, I will never ever forget that, believe me.

Let us be together to figure out whether what we have is love and friendship & nothing else.

I believe in the power of love and friendship I know we will get through this thing just fine.

Let us take our moment to change what we perceive of life, that there are many concepts brought into one and that is amazing.

Being in a relationship torn apart because of love and friendship is something I don’t want.

How do I even begin to figure out what love and friendship really means to me right now?

I want someone to be there for me when I need him the most and you are that person.

You understand me in ways I don’t even understand myself and for that I fell in love with you.

The moment I met you I knew we were going to hit off and that we are going to be together.

No matter what the distance I will cross oceans and cross mountains to be with you, sweetie.

The truth is no one can ever skip death but I love you enough to be by your side when it comes.

Were did we leave off yesterday, I swear you get more beautiful as each day passes us by.

Nothing is accidental, I chose to be your friend and I am trying my best to prove just that.

It is so lucky to find someone who is a perfect match for your soul, when you do, don’t let go.

I promise to be the best person I can become if you let me love you even if we are just friends.

What we have is far more complicated than just being friends but I do not know what to do.

I fell in love with the person I thought of as my best friend, I guess love does not really choose.

I wonder if I were to choose between love and friendship, which of the two will I be picking.

If there is a chance that you will have to pick out of love and friendship, choose the latter.

I just want to be with you and that is the truth of it so why don’t you let me love you right now.

Is it awkward when your friend likes you and you know it but do not feel the same, I wonder?

If there is anything you would like me to help you with, I will be here for you with love, friend.

You are my other half, you are the one who completes me, and I keep falling for you.

One of the best things that has ever happened to me for as long as I can remember is you.

There is no one in the world I would rather be than beside you because I care for you.

I am more than willing to wait for you even if I am the most impatient person, I love you.

I want our friendship to grow into something that has more meaning, to being lovers that is.

I tell you that I love you and I mean it but you do not realize that and think I am joking.

Often I would look in the mirror and see if there is really general equilibrium state.

I think it is more important to save your love and friendship but more of being friends.

I guess it is heartbreaking to fall for someone who is your best friend, that is the reality of it.

What do I tell you when I say that I care about you a lot more than ever before, that I should.

You can never be just friends one more to the person you have fallen in love with already.

Seeing you makes me feel like I can do things better, greatly and bigger, that is what you do.

The moment you fall for your best friend, you friendship is definitely over than before.

Get a lover that can be your best friend as well, hit two birds with the very same stone.

The thing is that love and friendship are something that can be the same, loving your friends.

I am so comfortable with your presence, with the thought of you that it hurts a lot here.

You make me feel like I can dream for as high as I can and still be able to smile always.

It is going to be a lot of hard work, but if you are willing to do this, then let us start.

And so I decided that I am going to choose both love and friendship, no one has a say but me.

In this world that we live in, there is nothing better than to have love and friendship both.

You either have love and friendship or you do not have anything at all, it’s more of that really.

It is a tough choice between love and friendship and I do not know how to move on right now.

I want to be able to have love and friendship at the same time even if they turn out to be hard.

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