The 60 Great Love Quotes

There is nothing greater than love, because love is the most beautiful thing in this world, it is the one that makes people happy, it makes the world go round, it makes everything so bright, it hurts people but also bring them up, love is practically the best paradox there is in this world.
So cheers to all the great love out there, to all the people who had experienced being in love and being able to know how being in love feels. Here are to the people who want to show the world how great love is:

My love for you is so great, I decided that I can do anything for it, and who knew I was right.

There is no wrong kind of love, there is just love in so many forms, but never the wrong one.

Love is the reason why people feel special, why people smile, why they have twinkle in their eyes.

Practically, love is what keeps a person going when he has nothing left to give.


Love gives hope to the millions of people in this world and that is how great it truly is.

The greatest experience in this world is to share love with someone else and enjoy the feeling.

I cannot believe how great my love for you is, I am willing to die for you, to do anything at all.

I look into your eyes and I see the whole world and the person I want to be with forever.

Thank you for sharing this great love with me, for letting me part of your memories.

The times I spent with you are practically the most wonderful times of my life, I love you.

You will always be the person who has taught me how to love greatly without anything in return.

When you love someone you are willing to take all the risks just to be with them forever.

Being in love is one of the greatest risks in the world, to hand your heart for breaking.

You trust the person not to break your heart but it the end, all you can do is trust them not to.

Keep on loving people, keep showing the world that it has not ruined everybody.


There is still hope as long as you believe and that is exactly what love teaches people.

Love gives people hope in the midst of darkness and that is one of the greatest things about it.

Maybe tomorrow, things will be a whole lot brighter because there is a great love out there.

Sometimes, things look gloomy but with love, things will be a whole lot better.

Unique Great love quotes for her

I just want to tell you that love is the answer to every question there is in this world.

Love is great, love is the best, love is the one who keeps people alive in this deadly place.

If you think about it, love is truly amazing, it makes the saddest people be able to smile.

I find it funny how a person devoid of hope suddenly becomes optimist because of love.

Love is the best thing that can ever happen to a person and that is the real truth.

There are two types of people in this world: those who loves and those who expects love.

The secret to being happy and being able to face off anything in this world is to find love.

You will find love in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected time in this world.

When the world is a mess, love will be the one to clean it all up and make it look as good as new.

Stop hiding behind your walls and try to see love exactly for what it is: happiness.

Love may not always be unicorns and butterflies but I can assure you it will make you happy.

Truth be told, you are going to experience pain when you love but that is what makes love worth it so be sure to thank the pain later.

Years later, when the pain has faded away, you will realize that you want to love again, you want to try and be happy again.

Love leaves a feeling of longing, of wanting to experience it over and over again for the longest period of time.

When I had decided to fall in love, I took out all my courage and throw it at love’s face because I decided to face love head on.

Falling in love takes courage, it takes strength, sincerity and most of all, it takes all your heart.

Falling out of love may sound sad but if it is because of the wrong person, you should be grateful.

Love is a fascinating word that has millions of meanings depending on the person saying it.

Love is practically the most magical feeling in the world and only few people have ever felt what it really is.

Great love is love that is able to change the flow of the world, to make a ripple, a big one.

Sometimes, you just need to be able to open yourself up to the person you want to love.

There are pains that only love can heal, there are stories that only people who have loved can tell.

Love is a form of art, one that can be shaped, formed, transformed and saved.

The best thing about love is that it saves people, it pulls people out of the darkness they are in.

When you told me you love me, I was the happiest person in the world, so where are you now?

There was a time when love is the answer but nowadays, it is but a ray of hope in the darkness.

The longer you wait for something that is not coming back, the harder it is to fall in love again.

How can a person be calm when he is in love? If he is calm, then there is no way he is in love.

Being in love means panicking over the small things, looking past the imperfections and loving a person for who he truly is.

A great love is one that can defy all odds, may it be a person, a circumstance or nature.

If a love was great indeed, then it would be able to stand to the hardest test: the test of time.

Say, if our love survives the distance we are in, then I can truly say that this is a great love.

You decide whether your love is great, you say if it is because you decided that it is love.

If I can turn back time, I would, so I can rearrange the time we met, and make it right this time around.

There was once a time when I believe in happy endings but things change and only love remains constant.

Is it not amazing how people are so influenced and move by all those sappy love stories on TV?

There is nothing wrong with loving the person you are meant to hate the most.

Opposites attract and that is the most basic rules in the game that is also known as love.

If there was a chance to see your first love again, would you take the risk if it means your ruin?

Maybe tomorrow, I would finally be able to set free from these shackles that stops me from loving.

There is something in love that makes you feel all giddy and good on the inside.

Why is it that when I look at you, my heart feels heavy and warm inside my chest?

There is something about love that makes you feel all giddy and happy all the time.

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It makes people crazy, that is what love really is, a crazy feeling that drives people mad.

To be able to love a person with all your heart, you must be willing to have it torn apart.

If you wanted to be loved back, then you must do your best to show the world your soul

The heart is connected to the soul, so once your heart breaks, so thus the essence of your soul

Great loves are very hard to find, you need to let it come to you instead of searching for it.

There was once a person who stumbled upon a love so great, it killed him to see that.

If you could wish for one thing in this world: I suggest you pick being able to love and be loved.

There is nothing wrong with loving a person with all you have, there is a beauty in that.

Love makes you sacrifice the things that you have, just to be able to see your person smile.

Once the seeds of love have been planted, there is no stopping it from growing so big.

If ever there comes a time you experience love so great, it overwhelms you, just smile.

My love for you is as great as the warmth you will feel once you get too close to the sun.

Some days, I still wish I can go back to the time I met my greatest love and see him again.

To be here with you is one of the greatest mysteries of love that is still left untold.

How can I possibly love somebody so much that I am willing to sacrifice everything for them?

There is nothing greater than love because it is the emotion that keeps people alive.

If love was not here on the planet, there would be no one left in it because they are bound to kill each other.

There may be times when I would not be there for you, but it will be fine for you are the greatest love of my life.

Promise me that things are going to get better and I will make you believe in love.

What is it about love that makes people sad and lonely and happy and joyous on the next?

Love introduces a feeling in a person that makes him feel confused, lost and weird.

Once you have find your great love, you would be able to tell the difference between it all.

They say that memories are the best thing to hold on to, no matter what, do not ever let them go.

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