The 60 Gossip Quotes

People gossip all the time, some live for gossip alone, given that. There are some who drinks in gossip like it is water, some even spread it as fast as you can say the word gossip. The thing is that gossip can hurt people especially when it is spread the wrong way and when it is something bad about a person. However, people who gossip are truly unstoppable and one way or another gossip will spread. Here are some quotes about gossip that might help you understand exactly what gossip is and what gossip does to people’s life.

Gossip is one of the major reasons why some relationships get killed and it is just truly sad.


Talking about other people just behind their back is worse than gossip itself, that’s the truth.


I think you should not listen to hearsay especially if you do not know what the real deal is.


You should know better than to believe every single word that other people tells you about.


There should not come a time when you get to be in a mess because of the things you said.


Words can never be taken back so you should be really careful of them, of throwing them.


When you are mad, you might as well not just speak because you might say unpleasant things.


Gossip goes hand in hand with lying and cheating and more negative things, so beware of it.


There is no point in pointing out the flaws other people have unless you will help them out.


Words fly and so do news even if they do not have any wings at all, they fly across oceans.


You should never spread rumors about someone especially without asking that person on it.


No one ever apologizes for the things he does or the words he said without proof, that’s sad.


Do not make more enemies by spreading the wrong story, by messing up the lives of others.


I don’t support people who gossip, and I do not think I ever will, they are just truly annoying.


By criticizing other people, do you feel better about yourself, do you feel so much more?


Are you not curious about what ideas others might have instead of being curious of others?



Just focus on great things like gravity instead of how other persons are living their lives.


It is their lives, them to choose what to do, them to focus on what they want, after all this.


May you never try to defame other people just for your own benefit, just keep silent, my dear.


People gossip and sometimes it is just the norm for them that you can only look and pity them.


Why tear down what other people have tried so hard to build with just some simple words?


There is nothing that bad words can do but bring more chaos in what is already destruction.


I think that rumors should be stop but the problem is that nothing can really stop it after all.


No one tries to spread rumors about the good things out of people but only the bad ones.


I hope you notice the good in other people too, not just the wrong things that they have done.


When they have nothing to do with their lives, they will gossip about you in their free time.


It is their mistake, why make it into a bigger issue when they have done nothing bad to you?


All good things come in three or so they say but a rumor is one of the worst things in life.



How sad it is that one word from other people can ruin your image completely without fail?


I want to be someone who is capable of not saying anything even when I am raging mad.


No matter whether it is good or it is bad, a rumor is still a rumor that should never be had.


I find those who gossip pitiable because they have nothing better to do with their own time.


And what you cannot see with your own eyes you should not spread with your own mouth.


If you cannot say it in front of their face then you should not be saying it on their turned back.


It is truly a coward’s move to talk about a person that is currently not in the room, it really is.


If you wanted to talk about me then you should have done so when I was there, you coward.


Stop being ignorant and be more open minded that people do what they want to do with life.


I wish people would just stop trying to gossip about others and focus on their own lives.


I think you should have a better and more taste of freedom in the long run to understand.


The truth should be passed around like bread and the rumors be gobbled down the drain.


It is mostly the ones who have narrow minds that talk about people all the time, it truly is.


I want to tell you that the ones with great minds are the one that talks about ideas all the time.


I guess you have a lot of time in your hands if you can actually still talk about me, my dear.


The truth is that those who gossip are insecure of themselves, insecure about everything.


When people try to play safe and say they heard it from other people, they are mostly lying.


Stop trying to see the worst in people and try to see the good in them, it is not that hard.


If you cannot say that you are the one who said it then do not dare to repeat it, I tell you.


You are entitled to your own opinion but never to a say on another person’s life, it is his own.


I just wish you would keep it all to yourself, don’t bother to spread it, you are not pb and j.


They gossip and point out the flaws of other people to just try to feel good about their own.


Those who have loose tongues are the ones who should really have them cut off, that’s it.


And I just want to say that I hope you try to always input some integrity in your words.


And when you try to make a fool of other people, I hope you know you are being the fool.


When you make stories, sooner or later, people will find out and they will not believe you.


Stop using language as a barrier or as something to put up against people, be wiser now.


I think gossip is just mindless, they want to talk about people because they have small minds.


Before you spread anything, I hope you do think about how you would feel, roles reversed.


Live in a way that you will never have to be ashamed of something that you have said once.


Do not just jump into any conclusion without consulting the person you are assuming about.


When you say something based on speculation alone, you are not doing yourself a favor.


The most important thing is that you try to be strong, through what other people say of you.


They say gossip is a form of conversation, I think otherwise, I think it is very destructive.


Just remember that it is not their hand that has fed you when you were down and all alone.


Never forget about the people who stayed beside you and held your hand to be strong again.


When people are ganging up against you, be strong enough to tell them not to, you can do it.


One minute they will act as your friend and then your enemies the next second, it’s scary.


The world is scary and it has always been, but you have to stand tall and believe in yourself.


The worst kind of talk is gossip, I’m not with you to talk about other people, get a damn life.


I think you cannot call it a rumor if it is true, if it has been confirmed from the person itself.


The hardest part about being teen is that you get to handle all the bad things they say of you.


I think that all the doubts they have about you are lowering your self esteem and it is just sad.


I wish people would stop saying things about you when they cannot even prove they are true.


The hardest thing people have to deal with is false rumors the gossipers alone is hard enough.


The thing why gossip is bad is because the bad things you say about others cannot be recall.


Occasionally, there will be juicy and entertaining rumors, that are of animals not people.


I tried to take the tale the right way but it is not the truth, it was simply a story, I did not retell.


Every word that you will say will eventually find its way back to you so I hope you are careful.


For now, just focus on the good side of things and try to become a good and sociable being.


I wonder just how many lives were ruined and set into flames due to gossip alone, I really do.


If you do not have anything good to say, you might as well just close your mouth and shut up.


I think it is easier to stop a storm than to stop the rumors that are spreading about you.


And with gossip comes the feeling of being left alone, with being destructive and all that.


The problem is that gossip spreads too fast and that is just one of the saddest thing in this life.


How can gossip ruin your life? Well, it can spread the wrong things about you, make you sick.


Those who thrive in gossip, I silently curse, I wish they would just try to shut their mouths.


Gossip will still the joy in you, the happiness in you but try to criticize your every choice.


And those that spread gossip are even worse, trying to talk about people they do not know.


I bet you would like to hear me say bad things about you, I’ll be bigger and say nothing.

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