The 60 Friendship Love Sayings

Here is to the friends that you love, the ones you feel that you just cannot live without, here are some quotes that you can use to show them that you really do treasure them and that you care about them, here are some friendship quotes just for them.

A real friend is someone who would be with you even when no one else in the world would.

If you happen to live until one hundred, I hope I live a day less, because I love you, friend.

I like listening to all of your stories just like you do to mine, I promise to always listen.

You are one of the people I treasure the most in this world, I will always cherish you.

I thought I was the only one who feels the things I feel, how happy that you feel the same way.

True friends are what people call us because we are always there for each other, forever.

We may have silence between us but how amazing it is that we find it the most comfortable.

We are comfortable with each other and I guess that is the reason why we click as friends.

You are the river that flows and I am the moon that watches over you, that is our friendship.

Every memory we spend together, I treasure because they are very important to me, friend.

Do not worry if we do not meet as much as we usually do because the friendship will stay.

Every time we part, I feel sad but at the same time, I am happy to be with you, my friend.

You are the reason why I kept on holding on to life for so long although it is so hard to do so.

My inspiration to achieve better things in life is you and I am always thankful for that thing.

You welcomed me with open arms when the world has just shunned me from its surface.


There are no words to even describe what we have between the two of us, it is truly magical.

No matter how long we go without seeing each other, we meet and things are the same.

There are moments I wished you were here but you always find a way to make me happy.

You are the person who makes things better in my life and that is why I you are my friend.

You are the sun in my life, you make me see the light even in the darkness I am usually in.

We are both unique and so we clicked and we remain with each other up until this day.

Being interested in other people is the first step you can take if you want to make friends.

I will never force you to be anyone else but yourself because that is just who you truly are.

When you find a person that you are comfortable being with, never let go of that person.

Sometimes, you need to reach a hand out for the people who need help, you will feel better.

You should be with the people who try to bring out the best in yourself and not lower you.

It takes a second to find someone who just brings out something in you that you just cannot.

Stop trying to be an interesting person by changing yourself because what you have is innate.

Someone who understands your past and still loves you is one of the best friends you can have.

You need to find a person that will accept your flaws and still keep on believing in you.

You got to give pieces of yourself to other people if you want to make your friend love you.

It is not easy to keep a person interested in you unless you were a match in the first place.

Everything depends on how you look at them, so try other people’s perspectives for a change.

The ultimate bond is when the two of you gets each other without saying a single word.

If you want to know more about your friend, look for the things that make him happy.

You need someone who will oppose you when you are wrong and not just support you always.

Be thankful for that person who is always supporting you through all your decisions in life.

There are those people who prefer being the shadow, reach out to them and bring them light.

You enjoy the simplest things in life depending on who you are with, that is the real test.

When I first met you, I never would have thought that you would become a friend to me.

You were just someone that I wanted to be friends with until you really did become one.

What can I say, you just keep on blowing me away because you are you and I am me.

You let me be myself even when I am annoying you and you tell me the truth, thank you!

You may be mad at me a lot but you forgive me because you love me, that is our friendship.

I love how you always make me feel so special even when there is nothing special at all.

Our friendship is measured by just how much we truly do love each other, that is the truth.

There is no better way to test the friendship we have but to show the love we have.

There is no one else in this world I would rather share the friendship with but you, love.

Our friendship will work out for as long as forever because we love each other, my dear.

There is only one word I know, love, that signifies how strong our friendship has become.

Even when things fall apart the love we have will always protect our friendship, I know it.

Your love is what saved me but your friendship is what truly keeps me going in this life.

If I can just give you the world, I would but my friend I am poor and can only give you love.

Take my friendship, my love but never take away my friend from me, I would not survive.

Thank you and I love you for always accepting my apologies when I go out of line, friend.

Friend, there is no one in this world that I would exchange you for because I love you.

And when things go rough, expect me to be by your side because that is just how we roll.

You laugh though my joke is really bad and you sympathize with me and that is how I know.

There is something about you that makes me happy whenever I see you and I really like that.

It is so hard to explain what we have, we learn as we grow older, we learn things together.

There is so much about friendship that we have yet to explore and I am proud of that.

I want to know more about you, what you like to do, what you like to read, and it surprised me.

When we are not together, I miss hanging out with you and I wish that you miss me a lot too.

I know that you are a lot stronger than how you may seem to be and that is what I like, friend.

No matter how much time passes us by, our friendship will stay the same because I love you.

You are the sister I never had, that is what our friendship means to me, that is the truth.

Even though we are apart a lot of times, I will always be there for you, because I love you.

No one will be able to pull us apart from each other because our memories bind us together.

There is something about being with you that makes me feel invincible like I can do anything.

We grew together and though we are growing up apart we still have the bond between us.

You have beautiful eyes that always look at the bright side of things, I am happy to see you.

I missed that mouth of yours that can say nothing but kind things about me, I miss you so!

There is something about you that piqued my interest the day we met and until this very day.

It seems that no matter how long we talk, we would never run out of topics to talk about.

The friendship that is shared between the two of us is something to treasure, I love you.

My friendship with you is one of the things I love the most in this very world, my friend.

I can spend the entire day with you and keep on looking forward to the next one, my friend.

I love how you do not over analyze any situation we are in and that our friendship is strong.

Never stop being the person you are, reliable, happy, lucky and my dearest friend, too.

The bond between us is strong because of the love we share, my dear friend, I miss you.

I wish I could be with you during your toughest times in life, I miss you so much right now.

You never judged me for the wrong decisions I made in my life but you were there for me.

You do not idealize other people so they never have to live up to the things you expect.

You are one of the people that I love in this world, no one can ever change that fact, dear.

If I can do one thing for you, I promise to always remain by your side no matter what.

I can blabber nonsense and expect you to not fall asleep, that is how friends really are.

There is something about our friendship that I just love and cannot get enough of, dear.

You will always be good enough for me, thank you for the friendship and I love you so!

I will always hold our friendship near my heart because I love every moment spent with you.

Our friendship is one of the reasons why I decided never to give up on my life, I love you!

There is nothing wrong with our friendship no matter what other people say about us.

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