The 60 Best Serendipity Quotes

No one knows what is going to happen tomorrow, or for the next hour, minute or even second. There is this greater force that is making all the things that are happening in our life. Sometimes, we say that serendipity is what it is, luck, destiny, karma, fate are just some of the few names for it.
When by chance, something happens to you and you want to relate it to people;
here are some quotes that might help you with that:

Serendipity is just one percent of life, 99 percent of what we have is due to the efforts we give.


Reality states that serendipity is but another excuse of people to get out of their decisions.


You really cannot blame destiny if something bad happens to you.


Things may seem preconceived, but they just happen as you go.



You have the power to change whatever fate has in for you, you just need to work harder.


Maybe it was destiny that brought us together, but only the two of us can make us stay together.


Serendipity is basically finding something else when you were looking for something different.


When you realize that the thing you got is way better than the one you wanted.


People often blame fate for the things they do intentionally.


Stupid people say that you cannot blame yourself because it is destined to happen.


You need to rely on yourself if you want to fight with chance.


There may be preconceived paths, but in the end, you are the one who makes the decision.


Maybe lady Luck will have some mercy on you and make you happy.


Serendipity only works when you are looking for something particular.


Somewhere down the road, you are going to realize that everything happens for a reason.


The best way to fight serendipity is to be prepared.



Sometimes, the thing people call serendipity is just possibilities waiting to happen.


You look for a thing and then you end up with another thing, that is what serendipity is.


You hope to find an apple at the end of the road only to find trees.


Discovery is mostly serendipity in action.

On your plans, always leave some room for chance and serendipity.


If you are a believer, chances are serendipity is on your side.


Just keep in mind that there will always be things you cannot plan for.


There will always be things that are unexpected and just take you by surprise.


Serendipity works but you cannot just sit around and wait, that is not an option.


You think that they are all random now, but later on you will see they are all interrelated.


Maybe it is already there, just waiting for the right time to come out.


When you find something good when you are not exactly looking for it that is serendipity.


Let it find you, destiny has this way of finding you no matter where you may be.


Forget serendipity, the decision is still in your hands like it should be.


Just be open to the possibilities but do not forget that you are the captain of your life.


Make today happen just because you can.


You can choose who to be with for some time but you cannot choose who you fall in love with.


Destiny is finding the right person at the right time for the right reasons.


Maybe our paths will cross once more and you will see that I am not the same person as before.


Without risks, things are stagnant but without serendipity, life is boring.


Life is full of serendipity, things that turn up unexpectedly and all you really need is yourself.


I hope you are wise enough to believe in destiny and fate and know that you have a say in it.


Forget about what comes next, all you need is today and the chance to make your mark.


It is obviously just cause and effect, how a ripple from your friend coincides with yours.


Some people do not believe in luck, they make things happen.


You will never know what serendipity really is unless you start taking some risk in your life.


I was just thankful that serendipity has brought you into my life.


I can think of the places I will be if I never met you but they drift away whenever I see you.


You are the present from serendipity that I am most grateful for.


What is amazing about serendipity is that feeling of hitting the center of a target not knowing how.


When weird coincidences line up, they can be called a touch of serendipity.


If you have the whole world to look for something, you might as well just hope for luck.


It hurt me when you left but it hurt me more to know the reason why.


Destiny may seem trivial, like a child’s play, but the more you look into it, the more complex it gets.


I used to live for the memories but now, I just want to explore all the possibilities.


Chances are you’ll get back together or you will act as if you never knew each other.


If I knew this was what it meant to get hurt, I never would have fallen in love with anyone.


Regrets are just what ifs hanging over your head.


Forget the what ifs, the what could be and just focus on the what is and what you can do.


The choice between two things that matters the most is the hardest of them all.


You will always be a part of my life because you were destined to be in it.


You see serendipity in the street, every day, as you continue to love and live.


The person next to you gets hit by a car and you just got in front of him a second earlier, that is serendipity.


Was it the way you smile at me or the way you kissed me that made me forget all this destiny?


How do I know if something is real? When it is full of magic, I guess


I cannot see my life without you but then again, I never thought you’d be in it.


When you look at the big picture, serendipity is way more visible.


Every single thing you do affects your future.


Maybe we are in some alternate feature, forever trapped.


You would not even know how lucky I felt to be with you.


Serendipity is looking at the person you like and you see him smiling at you.


If I cannot do anything for my future, why should I bother?


There are billions of people in the world, and we met.


Never have I believed in serendipity until the day I met you and fell in love at first sight.


Things are going to get better, eventually, no matter what serendipity might show you.


There are people who still go for the pen and write love letters.


Maybe you were destined to be my one who got away, the one regret I truly feel.



Whatever brought you beside me, I am thankful for it even if it is serendipity.


When you think about it, serendipity practically runs this world.


You cannot just rely on luck alone; you need to work hard for it, to strive for excellence.


There are times when you work hard and still do not get the prize, maybe it was not meant for you.


When things do not go your way, do not blame it on luck, remember what you did before it.


And when a once in a lifetime chance comes in, you better be ready to make the right choice.


If destiny is real, then your choice would not matter because it would all eventually lead to one way.


One way or another, I assure you, I am going to get the best out of life.


There will come a time when you will feel that destiny is playing its tricks on you.


No one should blame fate if they feel unlucky.


I do not believe in luck, I believe that things can be achieved through perseverance.


Sometimes, all you have is yourself, so you might as well just keep on working hard.


There are things that could never be solved through rational thinking, just luck.


There are those moments that feel like luck has turned its back on you.


Maybe someday, we will find a way back too each other’s arms like we are destined to.


And in the end, luck is something that can never be predicted no matter how hard you try.


It does not matter what brought you here to me, may it be serendipity or not.


The way you make me smile is enough to make me believe in fate and destiny.


They say that when you meet the one for you, the world calms down and things would be more peaceful.


There is a thing called chance that just throws away all the logical explanation there is.


Serendipity may just be science’s worst enemy.


I believe that someday, we will meet again because we are fated to be together.


When you feel more alive when you are with him, that is when you know he is the right one.


I believe in the red strings of fate that are connected to my soul mate.


And one day, I’ll find him, the one who will make me feel like I am special.


I believe in destiny, in the fact that some things are preconceived.


It may be your choice, but it can also be just good timing or pure luck.


If you chose not to do that at that moment, would things be different?


Serendipity is something that can erase all your what ifs.


Tragedy is important for us to appreciate the beautiful things in our lives.


Nothing will last forever, so you might as well stop waiting for things to happen and start doing.


Today is another day, so let go of the things that have been long in the past.


When the day comes that I see you again, I’ll make sure you regret leaving me.


It was your choice to leave me, but it seems destiny wants us together still.

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