The 55 Love Me Quotes

If it is just piece of cake to tell someone how much you love him or her then you would not be here in this website. In some cases you also want to indirectly say that you want to be loved back. We feel you, letting someone know how much you love him or her is quite hard but letting them know your wish to be loved back is way more difficult. It is one tricky task that requires lots of thinking and effort in your behalf. Worry no more because we have this perfect collection of love me quotes just for you.
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I want to stand at the top of the universe and tell everyone how much love I am feeling for you.

They said that people should not beg for love. But this feeling that I am having for you is starting to be more unbearable. If only I can tell you oh honey, can you please love me too?

Can I scream or shout? I guess I can’t. All I can do is sit here by myself and pretend that you love me too.

I am losing my faith. My faith that someday you will find your way in loving me too.

I thought I will just bend. I thought I will just sway. But I got broken, pieces of me shattered in the wind. Just as I thought that you will love me too someday, but all remains just in my thought.

I am contented in loving you but my heart is quietly wishing darling, when can you love me too?

I am having a hard time finding the point of me loving you selflessly and you not knowing my desire for you to love me back.

I wish I can just sleep then wake up to a wonderful and blissful morning where you already love me too.

How wish that when you love someone they will automatically loved you back too. Because I really love and I really do wish for you to love me too.

I cannot force for you to love me back but the very least that I can do is to let you know how I feel about you.

I wish I can just force myself to quit wanting and longing for you.

You are my best companion. I am secretly in love with you and my heart’s desire for you to love me back also remains a secret.

All I know is that you are my other half, so bad that you don’t know it yet.

Each time I try to comprehend what is the real meaning of love, the result often leads to you.

You hugged me. You kissed me like I am the only girl in the world. So bad it all happened in my dreams. When will you love me?

I already found you my one true love but the questions is, when will you find me?


My heart is trying to reach out to you. As I get a step closer to you, you moved hundred steps away from me.

I want you to touch me, hug me, kiss me and hug me like you do.

My friends said that I am like an apple in the tree sitting at the very top waiting for you to pick me but it is so bad that you choose to pick the apple rotting on the ground.

All I want is for you to love me. But I guess that is too much for me to ask you to grant what I want.

I did my best for you to love me back but I guess my best is not enough for you.

Can I ask you something? Will you please love me too?

The farther you go the harder it is for me to stop loving you and it is the hardest wishing for you to love me too.

Me loving you and you adoring me, is all that I want in this whole universe.

I told you I love you and you told me that it is good for us to be just friends. So we remain friends but my heart didn’t stop loving you.

I hope that someday I get the chance to spend the rest of my holidays with you.

I love her very much. I love her so much. But she did not know.

I can put up with physical pain no matter how painful it is. But knowing the fact that it is impossible for you to love me is something that I can’t handle.

I guess loving me is a difficult thing for him to do. How I wish I can do something to persuade him to do so.

I love you. You love me. Oh baby, we are so meant to be.

The best and greatest part of me loving you is you loving me.

I can’t forget the moment when I told you how much I love you and your reply was, I love you too as much as you love me.

Darling, my sun and my moon, thank you for loving me all these blissful years.

Knowing that you love me is beyond priceless and happiness.

You said that you love me. I believed in you but you chose to betray me.

The greatest lie of all which you have told me is that you loved me.

We would not have been in this situation if I haven’t fall for your stupid lies. Everything you told me are lies, including the one when you told me you love me.

My prayers were all answered when you my beloved star confessed to me that you love me.

I will be forever grateful with you for loving me but at this moment this is the part where we say goodbye to one another.

No one told me that the happiness that I have been long searching will only be found the moment you loved me back.

You said that you can’t tell me how much you love me. And all those words that you have said give tickle to my heart.

I thank God everyday because He sent you to love me. I love you my sweet cupid.

You love me because of the reasons that you do not want to tell me. But still, I love you too.

I can’t fathom how an angel like you fell in love to a miserable person like me. Thank you my angel for being with me.

Your love for me taught me how to see things around me in a positive perspective.

Despite my flaws, you still chose to love me and be with me. Thank you for accepting me during the times when I can’t even love myself back.

You took me for what I am and love me as what I am as well. I will forever cherish that dear.

I can’t thank you enough for loving me babe. I want you to know that I love you so.

Loving you caused me lots of pain but I know how much pain you endured through these years of loving me. So who am I to complain?

You are the answer to all the riddles and questions of my life.

You love me in a way that no one else can and no one else will.

Your smile is enough to let me know how much you love me.

The way you love me is like how fire give light to dark cave, it envelops it.

Your happiness my sweet darling is the source of my happiness as well.

I am so blessed to fall in love with a person as awesome and as wonderful as you are.


Love can’t be called love if it is not willing to make lots of sacrifices and endure tons of torture.

I want you to love me because I am me. I do not want you to love me because of my appearance and the cash on my wallet, the house where I live in and the car that I drive. Because if you love me with one of those reasons, it is not love that you have for me.

Love is something that we can’t rely on fate and destiny alone. It is our efforts that make love works.

I finally believed in love the moment you love me back after how many years of waiting.

The love that you have for me persuade me to pursue my dreams in my life.

Loving me is such a difficult thing to do that is why I want you to know how grateful am I that you are still here with me after all these years of our relationship.

Love is there to inspire us not to get us out of trouble we put ourselves into.

The love that you have for me is like the melody of my life. Sweet, passionate and gives out a calming effect. I love you honey!

I wish that will love me forever, eternally and until the end time.

You are my sun darling, the way this life of mine rotates to you.

Your love for me is like a prism. It reflects all the colors in my once dull and boring life.

I learn how to fall in love again when I saw you and fell in love with you.

I love you so much and the way how you treat me makes me love you more and more baby.

My love for you is not blind. It can see the truth but the only problem is it does not care.

Your heart sings a song only my heart can hear and that is when I was won over that you are finally the one.

Hearing you say you love me is the best therapy of my exhausting days and the days to come.

If you are not meant to love me then, why does your heart calls my heart? If you are not meant to be a part of me then, why do we always cross each other’s path? All I know is that I love you, but you do not know if you love me too.

Your love for me pierced the deepest core of my soul and touched the inner most corner of my heart.

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