The 50 Love Quotes for Boyfriend

Your boyfriend is the other man other than your father that would love you dearly.
If you love your boyfriend, tell him in creative ways like cooking for him, singing to him or sending him one of these quotes:

I couldn’t believe how happy I am to be your girlfriend and if you think that we already, shared our happiest moments together, I swear I make tomorrows happier.

I love you so much that I will guard your heart against anyone else because I could never live without you by my side.

I love you and need you so much like you are the blood that runs through my veins and reaches my heart. You should stay there or else, I’d die.

Our love feels surreal that sometimes I feel like I’m in an enchanted kingdom far away where you are the King and I am the Queen.


It’s funny how we argue and make up like in the movies. I always knew we will find ways to go back to each other because our love is meant to be.

Our love is so random that we can never grow used to it. I love how exciting and challenging to be in this twisted relationship with someone who understands my insanity—you.

My heart, my breath and everything about me screams how much I love you. Don’t you ever let go because I won’t be able to survive the pain.

I thought I already knew myself, but then you came and it seemed you knew more stuff about me and I love how you teach me more about myself and love.

They say that change is constant. The only way y feelings will change for you is for the better. I’ll grow further in love with you each day.

I never knew that one person can actually change the entire world for me. Thank you for entering to my life and showing me love.

I never have imagined I am capable of loving someone as much as I love you now. Just imagine how much I will love you tomorrow.

I see love each time you look me in the eyes. Each time we hold hands. Each time you call out my name.

If your love is a sickness, I’d rather die with it than suffering a lifetime not knowing how it is to love.

I love you so much that I couldn’t even sleep at night thinking of you. How I wish you’ll be next to me when I wake up.

You mister, entered my heart. You think I could ever let you leave? You are staying here with me. And I will love you forever.

You are my boyfriend and you will still remain like that no matter what. Whoever comes. And wherever you are.


Loving you is not my choice. It is not my decision. It is my need. A prerequisite of living.

It feels like I don’t own my heart any longer. Because you already own it. Please take care of my heart.

Doctors and heart machine will never understand how my heart beats for you. I don’t even understand it myself.

We don’t have to be perfect in order to make our love story perfect. We just need to love each other so that we’ll be a perfect match.

I never knew that three words can be so much powerful to change my life and your life.

If one day, you’ll forget how much you mean to me, I’ll keep loving you until your heart remember what your mind forgot.

I have lived every day of my life showing you how much you mean to me, but just in case you are not realizing it, I am now telling you today how much I love you.

It’s hard to understand how your love make me strong to keep on fighting for it but makes me weak on my knees whenever you look at me.

People have different definition of what love is. Nobody can ever fully explain what love is. All I know is that whatever it is, that’s what I am feeling for you.

I love you so much that I would even hurt myself just for you to have the best things in life.

Our love is so precious to me and I am afraid that one day, someone might take you away from me. If that happens. I’ll look you in the eyes and if she makes you happy, I’ll let go.

I never knew the meaning and beauty of life until the moment that you took my hand and bring me to places I always dreamt of.

It feels like I was never really alive until you brought me life. I love you and I will stay with you forever if you would not let go of my hand.


They say falling in love will open doors for pain and hurts to get to you. I will still keep our love no matter what. You are all worth it.

I realized now that the purpose and meaning of my life is to love and cherish you forever.

I still get chills whenever you look at me just like the way you gave me goosebumps when I first saw you smile. I can’t believe you’re mine now.

I could not last a day without you. I always imagine your face, your smile, your touch and your voice whenever I am away.

I will never do anything that could destroy our beautiful relationship together. I know it’s not always about colorful rainbows but I’ll stay with you no matter what.

I hate that I love you so much I can’t even do anything without you. I am busy thinking about us even when we’re together.

I am not counting how long how we’ve been together because it feels like I have known you forever and our love has passed the test of time.

You are my boyfriend because I don’t have plans of loving anyone else aside from you.

I never expected to meet my dream guy in real life. Then you came to me and said Hi.

Time will keep on going and earth will keep on revolving, but my love for you will remain.

Tell me, am I dreaming? Every moment spent with you is so surreal that I wouldn’t want.

I don’t want to be rich or popular. All I want is to sleep and wake up each day with you.

The slightest gesture you make sends electricity that give me chills. Your love is so electrifying.

I thought love is so overrated and people are just being idealistic. Then you came and painted the sky red and took me jumping in cloud nine.

Sometimes it gets frustrating how I can’t get you off my mind. I end up not being able to do anything with you on my mind.

Please hold my hand and don’t let go. I don’t know if I will be able to make it without you.

You are the reason why I smile, I live and I exist. Please don’t leave and take it all away from me.

If given a chance to stay in just one place forever, I would choose to stay wherever where you are so we could live happily ever after.

I know that you want the best for me and I want the best for you too but if that means, letting you go. I’ll break my heart so you can keep yours.

Since, we started as best friends, I couldn’t remember the exact day I fell in love with you. But I will always treasure you as my best friend and love you as the man of my dreams.

God might really love me for him to bless me with you. Maybe you are his reward for staying a good girl all these years.


I really can’t get enough of you even we spend every hour of everyday together. I don’t want to miss a second to be with you.

I never thought I was lovable enough to have someone like you in my life. I know I am not perfect, but thanks for staying by my side.

It’s really troublesome for you to stay in my mind every second, but I would like you to stay like this forever.

I thought love is just created for those dreamy romantic girls and not for the likes of me. I knew I was wrong when I saw you.

I never felt this way before. Is this what you call love? Whatever it is, I like it. So let’s stay this way forever.

I can’t claim that you are the best boyfriend in the world because I haven’t been with anyone before. All I can say is that I feel perfect with you.

There will always be arguments because you and I are completely unique individuals who have different point of view. Funny how we try to work things out because of love.

What keeps me sane whenever we’re apart is the thought of meeting you soon.

There something about you that is so magical that I feel I am completely in an entirely different world because I am with you.

Whatever it is that we go through, I will always remember our good times together and my love for you will never be erased.

I don’t know how to describe the funny feeling I get whenever we are so close together.

I can’t find the right words to describe how you make me feel but all I can say is that I love you so much.

I know that what we have is special, almost felt surreal. But I also know that you are real and I love it.

I always meant it when I say I love you. There are times that we might argue and I may say things I never meant but always remember that I love you.

I am no fan of fairy tales because I have always known they’re not for real. But your love came and made me feel so genuinely in love.

You filled my life with happiness and love since day one. I wouldn’t want our days together to ever come to an end.

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