The 50 Divorce Quotes

Divorce is one of those things that most marriages nowadays end up with.
It is truly a shame to divorce someone especially if you love them but then again things get out of hand and divorce can become a good friend.
Sometimes, you do not have any choice left but to file for divorce before things gets any worse.
On the other hand, when there is no more love that is shared between spouses, a divorce is also necessary.
It can be hard on the kids, but it is a process, divorce is one of the ways of life.
Here are some divorce quotes that will help you understand more and appreciate what divorce is and what divorce can bring into your life.

People get divorce all the time, sometimes you feel that it is just a normal thing, after all.


There are really moments when what you need is a final separation from someone, that’s it.


You need to get away from the people who hurt you and just doesn’t care about your feelings.




The real tragedy in life is to stay in a marriage that is unhappy, that has no love left in it.


Teach your children that they should get out of something once there is no love that is left.


The trick in every relationship is find a reason to stay, if you can’t, then you should leave.


Sometimes, things don’t work out the way they are supposed to, divorce is there for that.


It does not have to be so bad, the truth is you just have to believe that things are gonna work.


Life will change you, will mold you, will try to set what is best for you but you need to start.


It is a sign, when you no longer want to stay with someone any more that you need to leave.


Maybe I have seen the signs long ago but decided to ignore them and make it work, I did try.


It is divorce that frees people up from abusive partners, it is a good thing, comes to that, boy.


I believe you should try your hardest, before you give up on something, that’s just how it is.


It can be as miserable as possible, your pride taken away from you but that is the reality of it.


When you both want to get away from each other, then maybe what you’re doing is right, girl.


If you just don’t feel happy anymore, you are free to leave what you have, that’s if you can.



There are so many things that can hold you back from taking the next step but you should.


Well, not all people have courage enough to file a divorce and end things the right way, girl.


When the fire starts you should get out of the house, don’t bother extinguishing it any longer.


You have to learn that there are times in life when you lack preparation and so you fail it.


If you aren’t given enough by your standards then maybe that means you should go elsewhere.


Just because you had a divorce does not mean it’s the end of the world, it’s a new start, dear.


If men tried to give some attention to their wives like they do to cars, things would be better.


You have to start somewhere, that’s about it and the thing is that getting out is the start of it.


One way or another one of you’ll be selfish enough to think more of what he or she deserves.


Divorce is somehow a nightmare, going through so many things but it gives you wonders.


When you finally have gone through it, you will realize what real freedom feels like, after all.


It is not even in the way that you do things or the way things happen but your choice of it all.


Sometimes, even 20 years after your marriage, things don’t work out and you get out of it.



Once you survive a divorce, there’s seemingly less of what you are, so just focus on yourself.


I believe there should be love between a wife and husband and if not, then you should stop.


You try to make things work because you love them, so when you stop doing that, you stop it.


It is silly to think that you marry someone coz of their beauty, you do so coz of love, I tell you.


Sometimes, divorce gives some trauma but most of the time, it is an escape out of a nightmare.


I believe in love and all its wonders and I think somehow, it’d be better to just have some fun.


There are times when I think about the consequences of loving someone not meant for me.


So what if he is just not the one for you so you decide to get out, but then again, what if he is?


Divorce is a form of war between spouses who have gotten tired of living together, after all.


If either of you have broken vows, I think that divorce is one way to deal with what happened.


You deal with your marriage, one way or another and divorce is just one of the choices there.


Instead of wondering about your what if’s years from now, you might want to take a big leap.


Sometimes, people are pushed in the wrong direction and they do things not meant for them.


When he cheats on you, do not be stupid and run as fast as you can, boot him out of the house.


You should never let your spouse cheat on you no matter what their reason is, no matter what.


Those who are discontented with their marriage will wheedle themselves into other’s bed.


Divorce can seem like a tragedy for some, something sad but mostly it is just and also fair.


There is nothing fair in this life except maybe the chance to go free of ties once more, again.


You can forgive him or her the first time but once he or she does it again, you need to stop.


Wake up and see what you can do if you are no longer happy with what you have, my dear.


I think it is such a failure when you try your best to just move on happily with your life, love.


The rate of divorce in most countries are high simply because people make mistakes always.


When selfishness comes before love, then there is no chance of getting back together, boy.


The death of a marriage is when one or the other cheats lies or just commits great sins, really.


When your love has finally died, what do you do, do you stay for it or leave to get a new one?


I have nothing against divorce but I firmly believe in trying to make it work as possible, man.


There is nothing justifiable of cheating even when your spouse does not do well in your bed.


It is no one’s problem but your own so settle it and do not take it out on your spouse, my boy.


You can’t wheedle yourself out of this one, so just be truthful and confess what is the truth.


If he hits you the first time, stay, if he does it once more, ready yourself for a divorce, girl.


If I figured out that you cheated on her and hit her, you will rot in jail for the rest of forever.


You try to get out of your marriage once he starts hitting you and I think that is justifiable.


To destroy a marriage does not just require one but two to take it out to court and fry it out.


Divorce is sometimes reasonable and I think that alone is enough to try it if it does not work.


The court will go out dissecting what it can from your time together then throw it out, really.


Sometimes, rarely, it is when you finally sign the papers that you feel more independent.


So you failed once, or twice but it does not mean you should not go for the third time, babe.


We all have this obligation to correct the mistakes that we have made once or twice, my girl.


Divorce is mostly a civilized way of saying you want nothing to do with the other person.


If the mistake was finding each other, let us not try to see each other ever again, I beg you.


We may have done our failures but at least we were strong enough to correct them right now.


I do not want you more than you do not want me and that is enough to just let ourselves be.


I think it should be the last option to completely separate but to try and make it work out first.


You may want a divorce now but think it through because your mind might just change too.


So we failed to make it work and now here we are facing our last choice, let us do it now, boy.


No one goes through legal separation with a smile on their face, it is like celebrating death.


There is nothing wrong with divorce especially when it is in the right place and direction.


I can see it in your eyes, you no longer feel the same way I do so I am letting you go now.


There is nothing left for me but you so I will now try to do what I can, to let you go, at last.


Honey, if divorce is what you really wanted, then you should have done so years ago, really.


I want this over as fast as can be, if not today, maybe tomorrow, whenever it is possible to.


If for nothing else but the fact that we are not meant I would rather we go through this legally.


We should try to shake hands, at the very least, to try and just do things the right way, okay?


Believe me, divorce is not the worst of it, there are far worse things in this shoddy life, babe.


Sometimes, it is the moments that we have least expected to bother us that will, that does so.

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